News : Olympia: Dispute between DOSB and Interior Ministry

News : Olympia: Dispute between DOSB and Interior Ministry

Alfons Hörmann, President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB), is an avid supporter of major sporting events – especially when they take place in Germany. And the mother of all sports competitions are the Olympic Games.

You have to convey the “advantages of the Olympic Games” to society, said Hörmann in an interview last week, and “you shouldn’t discuss the topic of finance too easily”.

In the coming weeks, decisions will be made that will shape Germany’s sports policy for decades. And for this, large sums of money from tax revenues are needed. Formally, it is about the adoption of the “National Strategy for Major Sports Events”. It revolves around the question of what the federal government wants to spend on hosting international competitions such as European and World Championships – but at the core it is about the Olympics.

Questionable approach

The negotiations are complicated. Internal papers that SPIEGEL was able to see prove the questionable actions of the DOSB and, above all, of its president. In the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI), the main public sponsor of top-class sport, Hörmann is suspicious of the files not only when it comes to working together on the “National Strategy”, but also when it comes to the question of how to apply for the 2032 Summer Olympics in Westphalia wants to advance.

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