News : Olympic winner Klete Keller: Video shows swimming star storming the Capitol

News : Olympic winner Klete Keller: Video shows swimming star storming the Capitol

Klete Keller is said to have been involved in the Capitol storm.
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January 6, 2021, a day that went down in history and will be talked about for decades: angry Trump supporters were on Wednesday last week – after an inciting speech by Trump – during a session of Congress penetrated the Capitol and wreaked havoc and destruction there.

Donald Trump threatens impeachment after Capitol storm

Several people were killed in the riots. The unprecedented outbreak of violence in the political center of the United States caused a shock both nationally and abroad and the outgoing US President Donald Trump is threatened with impeachment proceedings.

Olympic winner Klete Keller involved in Capitol storm – video shows swimming star

As currently reported by the US magazine “People”, an Olympic winner is said to have been involved in the violent storming of the Capitol. Accordingly, swimmer Klete Keller (38) was identified in video recordings of the riots. Klete Keller is an Olympic gold medalist. At the Olympic Games in 2004 and 2008, the American won gold in the 4 × 200-meter freestyle relay (with Michael Phelps, among others). He also won bronze over 400 meters in 2000 and 2004.

Klete Keller is said to be an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump

According to People, Keller didn’t get violent in the recordings. He walked through the Capitol in a jacket from the Olympic team. His mere participation in the Capitol Storm could now have consequences for Klete Keller. According to “People”, it cannot be ruled out that the US judiciary will prosecute him. A number of Keller’s former teammates and coaches had identified the 38-year-old in the video footage and shared a picture of the swimming star on social media.

Klete Keller’s social media accounts have been deleted, but according to “People” the swimmer is said to be a supporter of Trump.

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