News : On penalties against FC Chelsea: Liverpool win Supercup

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On penalties against FC Chelsea: Liverpool win Supercup

Liverpool have won the Uefa Supercup for the fourth time in club history. In the final against Chelsea, the team won in Istanbul on penalties 5: 4. At the end of regular time, there had been a draw after goals from Chelsea's Olivier Giroud (36) and Liverpool's Sadio Mané (48). It was also after the extra time, in the first Mané met again (95th), before Chelsea Jorginho equalized by penalty kick (101).

For Liverpool it was the first title of the new season. Ten days ago, the Reds had already denied a final, but lost on penalties in the Community Shield against Manchester City. This time it went better - and that was also due to goalkeeper Adrián.

Just over a week ago, Liverpool had signed on to the Spaniard as number two behind goalkeeper Alisson. But because Alisson had injured in the first game of the season and will now be missing for several weeks, Adrián was directly in the spotlight - and convinced. After all the penalty takers of both teams had been transformed, Adrián held the crucial tenth attempt by Chelsea's Tammy Abraham and decided the game. "It was a crazy week," Adrián said. "I am really happy for the team, for Liverpool and for the fans."

Chelsea surprises Liverpool

It had looked at least a half long not necessarily as if Liverpool could win this title. Chelsea coach Frank Lampard played an attacking 4-3-3, his players went early in the pressing and played after ball winning unfussy forward. And presented Liverpool with problems.

It was also the blues that made for the first real excitement. After a one-two with Olivier Giroud Pedro came to the ball, moved from the left into the box and fired. However, he hit only the crossbar (22).

From then on, Chelsea was the superior team until the end of the first half - and that should pay off. At the height of the center line Jorginho took the ball, and then everything went very fast. Too fast for Liverpool's defense: N'Golo Kanté played to Christian Pulisic, who sprinted towards the goal with a lot of speed and then cleared Giroud with a fine pass. It was followed by a look from the Frenchman and a low shot, just in the bottom right corner - the lead for Chelsea (36).

The double mané

However, Chelsea did not succeed in the second half to connect to the appearance of the first. Liverpool came into the match and scored the equalizer in the 48th minute: Fabinho picked up the ball with a great deal of sentiment, as substitute Roberto Firmino came in front of César Azpilicueta to serve Mané. 1 inserted.

Because Liverpool was then playfully superior, but no further hit scored, the game went into extra time. When Mané met there again (95.), many spoke for a victory of the Reds. However, shortly thereafter, Adrián Chelsea's Joker fouled Abraham, referee Stephanie Frappart decided on penalty and Jorginho converted (101 ').

Liverpool FC - Chelsea 2: 2 (0: 1, 1: 1) after extra time and 5: 4 on penalties
0: 1 Giroud (36)
1: 1 Mané (48.)
2: 1 Mané (95.) 2
2: 2 Jorginho (101., penalty kick)
Penalty shoot-out:
1: 0 Roberto Firmino
1: 1 Jorginho
2: 1 Fabinho
2: 2 Barkley
3: 2 Origi
3: 3 mount
4: 3 Alexander Arnold
4: 4 Emerson
5: 4 Salah
Adrián holds against Abraham
Liverpool FC: Adrián - Gomez, Matip, van Dijk, Robertson (91st Alexander Arnold) - Henderson, Fabinho, Milner (64th Wijnaldum) - Oxlade-Chamberlain (46th Roberto Firmino), Salah, Mane (103rd Origi)
Chelsea FC: Kepa - Azpilicueta, Christensen (85th Tomori), Zouma, Emerson - Jorginho, Kanté, Kovacic - Pedro, Giroud (74th Abraham), Pulisic (74th Mount)
Referee: Frappart
Yellow cards: Henderson, Alexander Arnold / Azpilicueta

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