News : One year now since a 'Battle tank' took the Louis II of Monaco

News :

One year now since a 'Battle tank' took the Louis II of Monaco

Fernando Carro poses with his Record of Spain in Monaco

It was one of the undoubtedly most exciting moments of Spanish athletics in 2019. That year that seems to be so far away after all the carousel of things that have happened in a 2020 full of anguish and from which we will undoubtedly also get positive things, about all in a sport that is rising with everyone's effort.

Especially from athletes who have continued to pound themselves many times with more science fiction than reality goals. One of them is our protagonist of what is already an ephemeris that will remain for the annals of Spanish athletics forever. Fernando Carro is an example of tenacity and enthusiasm for seeking goals, however small or far away.

From Rome stomping

Carro arrived just a year ago at the Louis II stadium in Monaco after doing 8:15 at the Diamond League Meeting in Rome and showing that he was, at 27, at the best moment of his life. It undoubtedly promised strong emotions in one of the mythical stages of world athletics, the "Champions".

"In a country of obstaclers like Spain, Fernando Carro has just become the best of all time: 8’05 ”69. It has taken ten seconds off the brand it made in Rome a month ago! It is incredible but it is true. And not only that. He has also returned to the past and has fought with the Africans as in the times of Elíseo or Berlanas, who tonight has said goodbye to the record of Spain that accompanied him since 2002: 8'07 ”44 ″, wrote that magical night our partner Alfredo Varona in a delicious chronicle that became a posthumous tribute to Madrid.

Let no one discard anything

Fernando made us live eight minutes in which we went from nerves to ecstasy, from goosebumps to disbelief. Let no one rule out that one day, sooner rather than later, he will lower that barbarity he achieved in the Principality. He already demonstrated a few days ago in Nerja that he has not been neglected precisely in recent weeks and that, if they leave him, he promises to give us a license to dream again very soon.

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