News : Ortega Ortega needs two races to aspire to everything in Tokyo

News : Ortega Ortega needs two races to aspire to everything in Tokyo

Ortega, in an image of Nacional de Getafe / EFE

It is truly impressive. After spending more than five months without competing due to an eternal pain in the foot and to which there was no solution, Orlando Ortega was able to compete again in the Nationals in Getafe. The most anticipated return of the great Spanish medal hopeful at the Tokyo Olympics. Spanish athletics was expectant and at a certain point concerned as the weeks and competitions went by and that long-awaited return from Orlando still did not take place.

“I have been very nervous and sad. I had all the support of my family, doctors and my coach who was always very close, but it was months of frustration and tests until I knew what I had. They found the problem and we were able to get to the Nacional on time“, Said the Cuban-born athlete after proclaiming himself champion of Spain with only one hundredth of a margin over Asier Martínez (our other representative in Tokyo in the 110-meter hurdles).

An impressive evolution

It was a happy return. 13.30 after so many months without competing was great news. But of course with a titan named Great Holloway doing this course 12.81 (one hundredth of the World Record), there was the fear that he would not be able to reach the height of the American in Japan. “Heading to Tokyo I feel good, I am happy with how I am physically and the foot has responded that it was my concern. This month I want to pick up pace in the races that I play in Poland and Hungary, and perhaps in the Diamond in London, although it is not confirmed by the Covid issue that we do not want to risk anything, and thus arrive as well as possible at the Games, “he added that day in Getafe.

Well, he is picking up a rhythm. In Hungary, at the Szekesfehervar Continental Tour Gold stop, he was second with a mark of 13.15. Serious thing now. More when he passed almost stuck with the first, which was neither more nor less with Holloway with 13.08. Orlando beat Olympic rivals such as Shubenkov, Levy or Bascou. He still needs to reach his TOP, but without a doubt the path is the right one.

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