News : Outrage and rage in the athletics world for ‘Lo de Eufemiano’

News : Outrage and rage in the athletics world for ‘Lo de Eufemiano’

Eufemiano Fuentes chatted with Jordi Évole in a controversial program

It has been one of the current aspects that has most ignited social networks (always restless) in recent times. Few are those who got lost this Sunday Jordi Évole’s interview with the doctor Eufemiano Fuentes, who revolutionized the world of sports with his doping techniques.

The figure of Eufemiano and his significance in the last 15-20 years is self-explanatory, but the well-known presenter of the La Sexta program wanted to investigate a little more and elicit an unknown statement from an enigmatic man whose silences and smiles carry more weight than anyone else’s. Because you cannot affirm much of what you know for fear of being processed again, but you can make certain things clear just by shutting up or answering with questions.

Raising dust

In any case, beyond judging the tremendous damage it has done in all levels of Spanish sport (with a lot of collaboration and predisposition, things as they are), the world of athletics set fire to Twitter and the main social networks to assess the answers and an interview that many have classified as completely precooked and in which everything was agreed in advance so that nothing would transcend limits that could not be crossed. Probably because if it had not been, Fuentes would have totally refused to speak.

One of the main criticisms of ‘Lo de Eufemiano’ has been precisely that, the feeling that everything was controlled at all times. That Évole neither wanted nor could extract more from him than was already known. Without affirming it (but as if he had) Fuentes left the name of Fermín Cacho in a very bad place.

Because to the question on whether any Spanish medalists doped in Barcelona’92 under their ‘protection’, Fuentes was saying no to the names that were coming out: “There were Olympic medalists. Daniel Plaza, on the go? No. Antonio Peñalver, in decathlon? No. Javier García Chico in Pole Vault? You make it very difficult for me, but let’s just say no. Fermín Cacho in 1,500? If I tell you that I don’t remember, you won’t believe me. Out of three I’ve told you no, but if I say yes, I can’t prove it ”.

As we said, the interview raised a stir. Athletes, trainers, people from the world. The general feeling was one of total shame. We are going to leave some comments here.

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