News : Outrage over racist murder of runner Ahmaut Arbery in USA

News :

Outrage over racist murder of runner Ahmaut Arbery in USA

Ahmud Arbery was brutally murdered while running

The images are shocking. They have been hidden from the world for months, but a leak has allowed us to see how African-American runner Ahmaut Arbery is vilely shot to death point-blank by a father and son waiting for him in a van while playing sports. In the middle of the street. Completely premeditated. The two accused of killing Arbery were detained Thursday after social pressure and protests in the United States took effect.

He used to run around the residence area where his mother lives

As we mentioned, the event happened months ago. Specifically on February 23. But it hasn't been in the public domain until the video has been leaked to the media. Arbery, who would have turned 26 on May 8, He was running through a residential area of ​​Brunswick, Georgia when he was approached by two subjects. According to Gregory McMichael (one of the detainees and former police officer), he saw Ahmaut and thought that he was a thief who had robbed homes in the area. He and his son took up arms and approached to question the boy, who did not want to stop and, also according to Gregory, attacked his son (something that the video has ended completely denying).

Arbery's mother, Wanda Cooper Jones, explained that the police told her that her son was involved in a robbery before the incident, to which the family replied that they did not believe that the enthusiastic runner had committed a crime and that he was also unarmed. The victim's father told the show Thursday Newshour from the public network PBS that her son used to exercise in the area daily and that he stayed at his mother's house, across the street. "I don't know why they racially prejudged him and ended him like that, when all he did was sports and running and taking care of his body because I had dreams ”, regretted Marcus Arbery.

Citizen response

President Trump spoke this Friday about the incident on Fox, where he explained that he saw the recording and that he thought "disturbing". The president specified that the state governor, Republican Brian Kemp, investigate the case "vigorously" with the security forces.

Gregory and Travis McMichael, 64 and 34, have been detained as previously discussed and taken into custody on charges of manslaughter and aggravated assault, the Georgia State Bureau of Investigation reported.

The American runner community runs through his memory

A campaign has been launched in the United States to honor Arbery's memory. Olympic athlete Kara Goucher, for example, has echoed the hashtag #runwithMaud, which even has a website with the initiative.

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