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Overcome confinement: the theory of three 8

the theory of three 8

The uncontrolled schedule and the lack of organization are being, these days, a real problem. Confinement by Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on our health, our economy, and now our emotional stability as well.

Going days without leaving the house is boring, heavy and increasingly mentally hard. It is true that home workout routines and the Challenge of Instagram help to liven up the evening a little, but the days are getting longer and the tiredness and the coexistence begin to take their toll.

In this anomalous situation, it is best to try to organize as soon as possible. This implies not only having a healthy diet and the most active lifestyle possible, but also a clear and structured time control.

For this I propose you to continue the theory of three 8. A conceptual principle that aims to help maintain a physiological, psychological, social and emotional balance. The three 8 theory makes a lot of sense during the confinement period, but it could well continue to be applied when the situation is normalized.

8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work and 8 hours of leisure.

The three 8 theory consists of fragment 24 hours a day into 3 blocks of 8 hours. These blocks will be rest, work and leisure.

First, we must dedicate, whether we like it or not, 8 hours to work. Full working hours are of this duration and unless you are on vacation, during confinement you should keep your working hours to the best of your ability. In most jobs it is proven that working more than 8 hours implies a decrease in productivity. Focus on doing your job as well as possible but don't get obsessed with marathon days. Periodically take mini breaks to help you disconnect.

In the second point we have at 8 hours recommended to dedicate to rest. Sleeping less can lead to health problems and doing too much can increase the feeling of laziness and lead to a negative attitude due to lack of mood. Listen to your body and rest what is necessary. Some people have enough 6 hours of sleep, while others need practically 9 hours of sleep to perform day by day. Each organism is a world and in this sense there is nothing better than knowledge itself.

Finally we will have 8 hours not only to dedicate to leisure, but also to carry out the chores and complete some tasks of own affairs that are always pending. 8 hours go a long way and although it may not seem like it if you organize yourself properly you will have time to do things that you did not have before. Life is constant organization, planning and restructuring. Join the 8-hour theory and perhaps all this will help you cope better with the days of confinement due to the Coronavirus.

What do you think of the three 8s theory?

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