News : Panic again to go downstairs the day after

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Panic again to go downstairs the day after

We are dying to suffer again

Now that it seems that the great moment is finally approaching. Feeling free again and ‘floating’ on our roads, streets and fetish landscapes while we rattle with our legs that are hardly going to respond to our stimuli these first days. Now that little by little and if we all put a little on our side, they will return this unique and indescribable feeling that is running, training progressively and checking how the rhythms are improving (or not, what difference does it make right now) and that makes us feel best. We are in a different mood, we channel some frustrations and anger and we need it to face the rest of the day. Because there are hard days, many hours at home even without being able to carry out our favorite customs.

Between the tickle and the anguish

Well, in this moment of impass and expectation, in which the pulsations accelerate without hardly moving because our subconscious knows that it is imminent to do something again that generates so much suffering and so much pleasure at the same time, we must think of What will that first day be like? Probably most can compare it to past situations before. The first day after a hard injury, the first day after a long vacation. That tingling that does not let us sleep at night, leave all the outfit that we will wear ready and reviewed millimeter the night before (let's not fool ourselves, many of you have already fantasized about what you will wear, you have visualized yourself and the most 'instagramers' even they will have already made a firm decision about where that photo will be that will accompany the first 'post' back to running).

Masocas by decree

We know that these 'reruns' make us go up adrenaline, bilirubin, endorphins, hormones (experts in physiology and biomechanics, world scientists, don't kill me), but we are also fully aware of one thing: the day after we love each other To die. Yes, friends, we are masocas by decree, no one compels us but we are doomed to extreme suffering. Because on Sunday, when we step foot out of bed, we will see the stars. For example, I see them more two days later, the laces come with a delayed effect. So in my case that ‘via crucis’ I imagine will arrive on Monday.

Be that as it may, those infernal shoelaces that make us panic to go down some sad stairs (because when they screw up the most, everyone will agree, I imagine) they will return with more harshness than ever. Quadriceps, twins, hamstrings, adductors, probably not a muscle will be saved from 'burning'.

But it will also probably be the laces and panic to go down the sweetest stairs of our lives. This is just around the corner and sorry we got so melodramatic, I suppose that we are all with our emotions on the surface and from some sad stairs we can get a reflection of almost 500 words. One, which rolls up like stairs ... I say blinds.

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