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Patrick Mahomes: It's time to chop wood

Munich - At the very high level, it's all about the little things in the end. They make the difference, they separate the wheat from the chaff or the top quarterbacks from the world-class playmakers in the NFL.

Means: Especially those who understand that even after a mega season on the details must be worked on, the small screws must be turned, can take the next step, even if they may be so tiny.

The man of the season

Patrick Mahomes is Most Valuable Player. Say: He was the man of the season. 50 touchdowns, the top value of the league. 50,097 yards, second place. A quarterback rating of 113.8, also second. With the Kansas City Chiefs he failed only in the AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots. 31:37 after extra time.

A game as an example. Because it was the little things that missed the big litter, so the Super Bowl.

That's why an MVP Mahomes has to work diligently in the offseason. Because despite the strong values ​​of the 23-year-old is of course far from perfect after his first season as a starter. But he is on a good way.

Offensive Coordinator Eric Bieniemy explains how the best player of the past season is working on himself.

Detailed in the little things

"Pat understands that it's all about getting back to basics and detailing the little things we expect from him."

Specifically, this means, "We're focused on keeping his presence and footwork consistent in Pocket, and there are many different nuances to stick to."

The good: Mahomes is sensitive to instructions, knows what it's all about and what matters. "If you beat him hard, he understands, then he knows: Hey, it's time to chop wood." To separate the wheat from the chaff.

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