News : Pau Capell's advice on trail running up and down technique

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Pau Capell's advice on trail running up and down technique

Thanks to the initiative of the section of trail running of the BCTEAM runners and runners club We have had the opportunity to enjoy a complete and very interesting training with Pau Capell, the 2019 champion of the most famous trail running race on the planet, the Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc.

During the training Pau Capell delighted us with a talk about trail running career technique. He advised the participants how to get on and off in the event that a long ultra trail or a faster and shorter race is being played.

He also gave us a small master class on the use of canes in trail running, and how depending on their good or bad use, they can benefit or harm in our career.

Technique of descent in long races Ultra Trail type (minute 0:30 seconds)

  • Lower the ass very down as if we were half sitting down the center of gravity
  • Very flexed legs without reaching 90 degrees
  • Attack with the entire sole of the foot (heels)
  • On wet ground heel about 5cm from the tip of the heel
  • Strengthen core and abdominal work
  • Lower your ass more in difficult terrain

Downhill technique in short trail races (minute 2:00)

  • Technique indicated for runners and fast runners
  • Raise your ass and increase speed
  • Attack without practically supporting the heel
  • Use arms to gain stability

Use of the sticks for the climbs in Ultra Trail (minute 3:17)

  • Use 3 or 4 seatposts to weigh less
  • Do not use the poles in descents if you are not very expert
  • Put the tape down and raise your hand so it is not necessary to grab the cane if we are tired
  • Collate, the cane on the other side where you are heeling
  • Stretching the entire arm back to the end, the cane whenever it is in front of the body slows us down
  • The cane always has to be behind to provide us with inertia
  • Using both canes at the same time provides much more momentum
  • Use the canes every two steps
  • Well used canes remove 20% load
  • Use the sticks to overcome obstacles by releasing the load on the legs
  • Try not to go too back or too straight, looking for a comfortable position

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