News : Peace and love for acute injuries? New injury treatment proposal

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Peace and love for acute injuries? New injury treatment proposal

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Hello to all the friends of the Stock Market of the broker. Do you think we have gotten some smoke from a "laughing cigar"? What do we live in a Reggae festival? Relax, we're good! (Even if they cancel all the races we have and there are). In this post we will talk about How to Approach Treatment for Acute Injuries to Battered Muscles, Tendons, and Ligaments of the corridors' little bodies.

Classically for soft tissue injuries, an acronym (for its acronym in English) has been recommended by doctors, physiotherapists or podiatrists, which is RICE; Rest (break), Ice (ice), Compression and Elevation. However, according to the most current evidence, this protocol has become obsolete. Also, who goes to a professional to tell them to stop running?

A new treatment proposal has been established by Dubois and Esculier in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, called PEACE and LOVE (PEACE AND LOVE). Here you can see that we are not as bad as it seemed at first, eh? 😉

These authors propose the following approach (PEACE) for first days of injury; Protection (Protection), Elevation (Elevation), Avoid anti-inflammatories (Avoid anti-inflammatories), Compression (Compression) and Education (Education).

  • The protection, or restriction of movement for 1 to 3 days would aim to minimize possible bleeding and avoid further distension of the affected soft tissue fibers.
  • The elevation of the affected limb above the level of the heart, favors the exit of fluids out of the tissues and their subsequent reabsorption by the lymphatic system.
  • I know advises against the use of anti-inflammatories because various phases of inflammation help repair tissue damaged by injury. In this way, if we act pharmacologically in this phase, it can have a negative impact on the long-term healing of the tissue.
  • The compression, using bandages or tappings They help limit intra-articular edema and internal tissue bleeding.
  • Finally, the education provided by the professional, regarding the management of the load in the injury, can help an active recovery and avoid over-treatment. Sometimes it is common to have patients who are treated by 2 (or more) professionals at the same time, sometimes with highly technological treatments but with different objectives. A realistic recovery period expectation is better than chasing a miraculous recovery.

As you can see, this protocol commands to the bench to the ice, in the treatment of acute injuries. Although ice is analgesic, in these early stages it would have the same effect as anti-inflammatory. The cessation of acute pain will mark the time to move on to the next phase. After these first few days of PEACE, the lesions need LOVE, which would indicate Load (Load), Optimism (Optimism), Vascularization (Vascularization) and Exercise (Exercise).

  • The load, Through controlled exercise it should be performed as soon as possible and normal activities resumed as soon as symptoms allow and provided they do not worsen the pain.
  • Here comes one of the psychological aspects of this word, such as the optimism, since this is associated with better results and recovery forecasts.
  • The vascularization, or performing aerobic exercise during this process increases blood flow in the damaged area, improving the repair phase.
  • He exercise, or activation of the injured area, helps restore mobility, strength, and proprioception to the injured area. At this time, the exercise should be pain free to ensure optimal repair of the damaged area.

So, dear runners, if you have a soft tissue injury; muscles, tendons or ligaments, avoid anti-inflammatories first, load the zone when the sharp pain is gone, and leave behind splints, casts and the damn rest and take the thing with optimism, which never hurts. And if we cannot run, do another exercise, to keep the active movement of the area. Your recovery will be much better and more satisfactory. See you for the races… virtual.

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