News : Pelé: Maracanã Stadium renamed because of him? – fans protest

News : Pelé: Maracanã Stadium renamed because of him? – fans protest

The football temple, which opened in 1950, is currently officially called “Estádio Jornalista Mário Filho”, in memory of the sports journalist Filho, who campaigned for the construction of the stadium in the Maracanã district in the 1940s. The new law passed by parliament stipulates that the sports facilities around the stadium will be named after Filho.

The stadium itself will be called “Edson Arantes do Nascimento – Rei Pelé”, the real name of the former striker and his nickname “King Pelé”. According to the Brazilian media, the governor of Rios, Cláudio Castro, has yet to agree or has 15 days to veto.

Renamed “a fair tribute to a person recognized for their legacy in Brazilian football”

Pelé is considered by many to be the best football player of all time. The 80-year-old is the only player to have won three world titles. “This is a fair tribute to a person who is recognized worldwide for their legacy in Brazilian football and for the provision of relevant services to our country,” the news agency “Agência Brasi” quoted on Tuesday evening (local time) André Ceciliano, the president of the state parliament of the state of Rio de Janeiro, which approved the renaming. Pelé’s team was initially unavailable for comment.

Many social media fans and journalist Filho’s family are upset. “This attitude is unfortunate. A barbarism. You took it (the name) away with the stroke of a pen. I will not fight with those who do not know Mário Filho, do not know anything about sport, “said his grandson Mário Neto, also a journalist, according to” Agência Brasil “.

In 2014, the German team celebrated their World Cup victory in Maracanã

The stadium, which holds around 78,000 spectators, is home to the Fluminense and Flamengo clubs. In 1950, the Maracanã was the scene of the painful defeat of hosts Brazil in the decisive World Cup game against Uruguay. The German national team celebrated winning the World Cup in the stadium in 2014. Two years later, the opening and closing ceremonies of the Summer Olympics took place there.

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