News : Perfect abs in no time, yes or no?

News : Perfect abs in no time, yes or no?

perfect abs

Having perfect abs in no time is not just a matter of aesthetics. That they are toned helps prevent ailments, since the muscles that make up the abdominal area serve to support the spine and facilitate correct posture also when sitting.

Also, toned abs help the proper functioning of internal organs. Respiratory muscles such as the diaphragm and intercostals develop and act as protection.

In the aesthetic section, sculpted abs are highly desired, especially by men because they tend to accumulate more fat in the area.

How to get perfect abs

A toned abdomen is characterized by having the classic tendinous inscriptions with three or four transversal and one vertical, which is the one that separates from the contralateral rectum. In this way, the rectus abdominis has between three and five pieces that make it look like a chessboard, although it is more common to compare it to a tablet.

Well, for a perfect abs it is necessary to maintain two fundamental pillars: diet and exercise. Quality rest helps to maintain habits.

Necessary exercise each of the parts of the belly correctly, alternating the exercises for each muscle to work evenly. But it is very important to eat healthy, it will be of little use if you exhaust yourself in the gym two days a week and then spend the other five lying on the sofa filling yourself with sweets.

Exercises and recommended routine

The important thing is the good execution, so you can place one of your hands on the muscle to feel the contraction. You do not have to work yourself to exhaustion, find a suitable number of repetitions for you and then work your way up little by little. You are not in a competition, but try to hold out until the last one costs you.

It is advisable that you combine strength exercises with aerobics, which will help you burn fat. Especially indicated for the abdomen are high intensity circuit training.

Routine for perfect abs

An interesting routine to do from home in just six minutes, and that varies the times to adapt to the beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

If you are a beginner, try to hold on for 20 seconds. In case of being intermediate or advanced, do it 30 or 40 seconds respectively.

Also, after each one you have a 10-second break, except after the second and fourth you can rest 20. You must respect them whatever your level.

We review the exercises:

  1. Abdominal halo

You must place yourself on the floor, lying on your back on your back, and raise your legs so that your body forms a right angle.

Elevating the hips and pelvis, you should complete a circle with your legs, keeping the feet up with the soles facing the ceiling. Go down and back up to complete another circle in the opposite direction.

  1. Seven in reverse

It is a rotation exercise with which you will also use your legs, and in which the starting position is the high board typical of push-ups.

Alternately elevate one foot and the other so that your knee can draw a seven in the air: first it goes to the other knee, then parallel to the opposite side and then back, to put the foot on the ground and start the same process with the other leg.

  1. Side plank obliques

Remember that the side plank is done with the side facing the ground and the forearm and feet supported, although if you are beginners you can also support the lower part of the legs.

To complete the exercise, you must lower trunk and legs until touching the ground and get you up again. At the same time, you have to do a twist, that is, turn the trunk until it faces the ground. You can rest a hand behind the neck and open and close the elbow on the face to help you.

Then you must place yourself towards the other to work the opposite, and perform the exercises in the same way.

  1. Bear jump

The starting position is at quadruped with the knees elevated, so that they do not touch the ground. From that position you have to jump up to stretch your legs, and then another to return to the starting position.

  1. Alternating thigh touch

You should position yourself on the floor, face up and with your legs spread beyond the width of the shoulders. To complete the exercise, raise the torso and alternately bring one hand and the other towards the opposite knee, first one and then another.

  1. Power lifts

The exercise also begins on the floor and on your back. From that starting position you should raise your torso and knees at the same time, so that they meet slightly in the center before going back down. To help you gain momentum, you can also raise your arms.

Diet to show off a perfect abdomen

From Nutrition Pereira they remember that abdominal fat is made up of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. The first, also called peripheral fat, is under the skin and is what you see. It is stored in adipocytes and, when they fill up, outside the tissue.

That’s when there is risk: ends up depositing on the body’s organs and it becomes visceral fat, like the liver, kidneys and pancreas. And it increases the risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases, diabetes, in addition to metabolic syndrome.

Stress, not sleeping enough hours, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, a sedentary lifestyle and a poor diet influence the accumulation of fat. Regarding the latter, giving the body more calories than it needs, abusing trans fats and sugars are decisive.

So what foods are good for shedding belly fat and preventing its accumulation? No surprise around here: fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy, and legumes, as indicated by the experts of Nutrition Pereira.

Example of a healthy diet for perfect abs

The graduate in Human Nutrition and Dietetics Marina Espinosa shares menus for a whole month in Alimmenta, the portal that gathers dietitians-nutritionists for dissemination.

The breakfast It consists of milk or skimmed yogurt and orange juice or a piece of fruit of your choice. It will be accompanied by a toast of wholemeal bread of about 60 grams, to which you can put a tablespoon of oil and cold cuts of turkey or ham. You can also opt for margarine and a teaspoon of light marmalade.

TO mid-morning and snack you can choose: a large or two small pieces of fruit, a skimmed yogurt, a toast or biscuit with fresh cheese or cold turkey, black coffee or infusion.

Espinosa indicates that it is advisable to consume two or three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil a day, as well as a handful of natural nuts three times a week. Fried, coated in honey and sugar and other processed foods are excluded from the latter.

As for lunches and dinners, let’s look at some examples:

Day 1

Food: salad of lettuce, carrot, white asparagus, tomatoes and raisins. 150 g of chicken breast and 30 g of white rice. 40 g of whole wheat bread. A piece of fruit and an infusion.

Dinner: Zucchini puree with a portion of skim cheese. 125 g of hake baked with tomato and oregano. Skimmed yogurt or bifidus.

Day 2

Food: Italian salad with mozzarella, tomato and oregano. 150 grams of sole baked with spices and vegetable stew. 40 g of whole wheat bread. Macedonia and infusion.

Dinner: grilled baked eggplant with French omelette. Skimmed yogurt or bifidus.

Day 3

Food: salad with the same ingredients from day 1. 60 g of chickpeas with spinach. 40 gd whole wheat bread. Fruit and infusion.

Dinner: beans with potatoes and egg. Skimmed yogurt or bifidus.

Day 4

Food: mixed salad. 125 g of turkey with grilled mushrooms with garlic and parsley. 40 g of whole wheat bread. Macedonia and infusion.

Dinner: spinach with ham, raisins and pine nuts. A piece of fresh cheese. Skimmed yogurt or bifidus.

Day 5

Food: onion soup. 150 g of grilled emperor fish with asparagus. 40 g of whole wheat bread. Fruit and infusion.

Dinner: brussels sprouts with ham and apple. Skimmed yogurt or bifidus.

Final advice

Having perfect abs is the result of aligning your habits to configure a healthy lifestyle, and we cannot give you any other quick fix because we would be deceiving you. So that time depends on you and your will and perseverance.

On the one hand, follow a diet like the one in the example, low in fat and carbohydrates and high in protein, in addition to avoiding alcohol and hydrating well.

On the other, do a general training that also includes aerobic exercises. Between three and four times a week you should do abdominal exercises if that’s where you want to focus, and it is advisable to do it between 10 and 25 minutes. However, you should alternate with other muscle groups to compensate.

Definitely, have perfect abs in a short time it depends on the state you are in. If you play sports sporadically and don’t take good care of your diet, the first thing to do is convince yourself of the importance of making changes in your life. If you are already in the line of taking care of yourself, be patient and persevere without obsessing over it.

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