News : Peter Sagan, favorite to win Milan – San Remo according to the bookies

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Peter Sagan, favorite to win Milan - San Remo according to the bookies

On August 8, one of the most popular professional cycling races at the international level is held, the Milan - San Remo. Also known as The ClassicissimaIt covers a route that completes the distance between Milan and San Remo, which has become one of the classics that awakens a greater attraction with a historical character. Being part of the official calendar of the UCI WorldTour.

Initially, the race was scheduled for March 21. However, the emergence of COVID pandemic 19 forced to postpone it until this August. For this edition, there are many names that stand out when it comes to winning the title. Among all of them, we find the one of Peter Sagan, one of the top contenders for the title from a large number of houses in cycling bets. After him, some of the most famous names are Caleb Ewan or Mathieu van der Poel, among others.

Bookmakers on the hunt for the best odds

A tour through the main bookmakers Specialized internet is enough to get a global perspective on predictions from different specialists. In the case of Peter Sagan, Both Luckia, Interwetten and Bethard currently maintain a € 7 fee. An amount that gradually decreases to € 5.50 offered by bookmakers such as CGMapuestas, Suertia or CBapuestas.

Caleb Ewan, Another of the strongest candidates to win the title, maintains a € 7.50 quota at Marcaapuestas, Luckia or Bethard. A figure that, as happened in the previous case, begins its descent to stand at the € 5.50 that can be obtained by betting on CBapuestas, CGMapuestas or Suertia.

Complete the podium for the best odds the Dutch Mathieu van der Poel, reaching a quota of 7.50 in the case of MARCAapuestas, Luckia or Bethard. Decreasing until the 7.25 of Interwetten or the 5.50 that can be found in CBapuestas, Suertia or Cbapuestas.

As you can see, there are many specialists who bet on these three brokers as the fittest candidates for get up with the title. However, the good level of runners who have already confirmed their presence in the race makes this edition one of the most disputed in recent years. With a large number of options that will allow us to enjoy one of the closest editions of recent years.

Peter Sagan, an increasingly media figure

The one who is considered one of the fittest cyclists In the field of cycling, it has established itself as one of the most media figures in the sector. A sample of this can be found in his participation in the last advertisement of the next Giro d'Italia, which will begin on October 3 and has also been postponed as a result of the emergence of the coronavirus. This edition is also especially important for the career of the Slovak star. Since it is his first participation in one of the most emblematic races in cycling. Whose spectators will be able to enjoy one of the cyclists who is called to mark a before and after in the history of modern cycling.

He triple world champion of road cycling he appears in the ad singing in his own shower and, later, become an opera tenor performing on the stage of Milan's main opera. His good sports results and his ability to empathize with his audience have been two of the ingredients that have made this athlete one of the most recognized faces in cycling today.

He slovakian runner It has had to carry out an important challenge when it comes to balancing all the actions it intends to carry out in its competition calendar. An especially complicated situation if we take into account the innumerable features that the 2020 season has, forced to modify a large number of changes in order to save some of the most important cycling tests that are celebrated throughout the world. And that it has already forced some of the most prominent proper names on the scene to have to cancel their participation in different tests due to compatibility problems with their respective agendas.

As we have seen, the Peter Sagan's presence In the next competitions to be held around the world it has not gone unnoticed by anyone. The main bookmakers that are located around the world already anticipate the presence of the cyclist as one of the names called to consolidate in the Olympus of cycling. His presence in the Milan - San Remo It will be the beginning of one of the most promising seasons for the cyclist.

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