News : Peter Wright Private: Incredible Transfiguration! That's how Snakebite lives as a private citizen

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Peter Wright Private: Incredible Transfiguration! That's how Snakebite lives as a private citizen

Anyone who ever intentionally or accidentally when TV zapping during the live broadcast of a dartsTournament has caught on and Peter Wright has spied, will have rubbed his eyes in amazement - after all, the native Scot, who is in the darts league PDC under the nickname "Snakebite" at the start, not only stands out precise accuracy from the crowd but especially by his freaky outfits.

Peter Wright aka "Snakebite": That's the distinctive look of the darts chameleon

While Peter Wright's darts colleagues step into the outfit in functional outfits according to the PDC regulations, "Snakebite" jumps into the paint pot before each match: The wilder and the more colorful the outfits, the better. The shrill looks of the darts chameleon are complemented by freaky hairstyles, of which Peter Wright presents a new variant at each match. His hair is wearing in March 1970 in Livingston in Scotland born darts player, who has been living in England since his fifth birthday, styled to a mohawk, the left side of the head adorns regardless of the current look a green snake head with bared teeth and red tongue - a tribute to Peter Wright's nickname "Snakebite" to German Schlangenbiss.

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Peter Wright: Why is the darts star called "Snakebite" nicknamed?

His nickname as a darts professional Peter Wright owes not a preference for reptiles, but his favorite drink, which goes in England under the name "Snakebite" on the counter and is a mixture of beer and cider. For the artful interpretation of the snake bite on Peter Wright's head a very specific person is responsible: Joanne Wright is the hairstylist who decorates the mane for two hours before each game. Peter Wright himself once called his "transformation" a "war paint". But Joanne Wright is not only a hairdresser, but also the wife of Peter "Snakebite" Wright and on top of that the manager of the darts chameleon.

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Peter Wright and wife Joanne: She has the life of "Snakebite" under control

Anyone who wears pants in the family of Peter Wright makes "Snakebite" again and again unequivocally clear. No matter if journalists want to turn to Peter Wright for interviews or to invite the darts superstar to an event - the Scot always sends everyone on to "the boss". Joanne Wright is on her husband's side of every tournament, fingers crossed and behind the scenes, allowing Peter Wright to focus on his sport. Whether scheduling or chauffeur services, Joanne Wright is undoubtedly the strong woman behind Peter "Snakebite" Wrightwho would have been left without a driver's license without his wife.

Peter Wright private: This is how the darts legend is ticking as a private person

Peter Wright's private life is just as unusual when the shrill Bird of Paradise does not throw darts at darts tournaments. Because without colorful outfits and crazy hairstyles is Peter Wright as a private man, the complete opposite of his darts-me. According to private sources, Peter Wright is a timid contemporary who lives in seclusion with his wife on a farm in Mendham in the English county of Suffolk. Wild parties to sounds like "Do not Stop The Party" by Pitbull, the inlet music of Peter Wright? Privately you will probably never see "Snakebite" escalating like that like his walk-ons, Incidentally, the next generation of darts heroes is already in the starting blocks: Peter Wright, as the crowd pleaser once said in an interview with the British "Sun", has six children, including daughters Mini and Jessie, and son Tristan.

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