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Physical exercise and menstruation: problem or solution?

mensuration and sport

If we heeded the alleged popular wisdom about physical exercise and menstruation the truth is it would be practically impossible to find women practicing sport during the period.

The menstrual cycle is something absolutely natural and although for many years many people have been determined to think and defend before everyone that the physical exercise and menstruation they are not compatible terms, science and the scientific community seem to have finally agreed to deliver a coup of authority on the table.

Physical exercise and menstruation: Can I play sports during my period?

Everyone knows the benefits of practicing sports for health. Physical exercise must be part of our “modus vivendi” and together with a varied and balanced diet, they form the two fundamental pillars to guarantee a healthy lifestyle.

If sport is good for your health, why shouldn't it be during menstruation? The rule it is natural and as such it does not have to lead to bigger problems.

The truth is that menstruation is something very personal and it is that each woman affects it in a different way. Given this situation, it is true that it would not be correct to decide something firmly, since pain and discomfort can vary greatly depending on the particularities of the organism.

In any case, as supported by the following scientific study from St Mary’s University in Twickenham, in collaboration with Strava and the FitrWoman App, sport relieves menstrual pain.

More than 14,000 women from all over the world have participated in the study and practically 80% say that when they practice physical exercise they feel significant relief from the discomfort associated with the menstrual cycle.

In addition, about 70% state that they do not have any prior knowledge about physical exercise and menstruation.

The study does nothing more than confidently form what has lately become an open secret. Women can and should do physical exercise during menstruation. The rule is not in objective terms any impediment to stopping sports activity.

How does menstruation affect physical performance?

Once it has become clear that physical exercise can be done during the period, it is time to ask how the menstrual cycle affects the athlete's performance.

The previous study confirms that 80% of women feel physical weakness at some point in the menstrual cycleHowever, it is not at all clear that this involvement has a permanent incidence during the 3 or 7 days that the bleeding process can last.

It becomes very difficult to pass a verdict on this issue and it is that each woman is affected by the rule in a completely different way.

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menstruation should not be an impediment to sports

Muscle weakness and lack of strength and energy, especially in efforts at maximum intensity is very common. The most recommended, unless you are a professional athlete, is that you choose lower the intensity a little of the activity. You can continue practicing sports but it doesn't make much sense that during menstruation you try to push your body to the limit. Learn to listen to your body and beyond what the healthcare field advises, make a decision based on your own "feeling".

By resting or practicing softer sports once a month you will not be ruining all the planning. What is really important is that you take a exhaustive control of your menstrual calendar.

Women who practice sports routinely and in a fairly intense way can sometimes present cycle dysfunctions. If you perceive any alteration do not hesitate to put yourself in the hands of a specialist.

Sport to combat menstrual pain

Menstruation or menstruation is nothing more than normal vaginal bleeding that occurs as part of a woman's monthly cycle.

This process can cause major aches and pains that sometimes even hinder the normal rhythm of life.

Over a long period of time it was thought that sport It only made these symptoms worse and that sports activity was detrimental to menstrual pain.

Currently the trend seems to have reversed and the scientific community, at least that of the previous study, confirms that almost half of women feel significant relief from the discomfort associated with menstruation during sports.

Sport will not only help you in terms of health and to disconnect for a good period of time, but also can momentarily relieve discomfort such as pelvic or abdominal pain.

The dysmenorrhea It appears in women during menstruation, it is estimated to last about 24 hours and can cause nausea, vomiting, dizziness, or pain much like that of a cramp.

None of these symptoms should be considered apparently alarming and if you are women I imagine that you will know perfectly what I am talking about.

In short, it seems that it is becoming increasingly clear that physical exercise and menstruation are perfectly compatible with each other.

The most recommended sports practices are those that do not require exercise at maximum intensity. Riding a bike smoothly, taking a walk, swimming or jogging are physical activities that can be done at any stage of the cycle. Sports that require maximum strength or that involve a very high heart rate are not as recommended.

Meditation or yoga are also disciplines that can help you better cope with menstrual pain.

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