News : Plane crash with Emiliano Sala preceded poisoning

News :

Plane crash with Emiliano Sala preceded poisoning

The crash that left football player Emiliano Sala and his pilot dying in January may have come about because toxic carbon monoxide gas leaked inside the machine. The pilot and Sala could have been poisoned by it. This was announced by the British investigators who investigated the crash of the plane on January 21st. Thus, they found in the body Salas high concentrations of the gas.

The 21-year-old Argentine was on his way from France to England when the light aircraft crashed into the English Channel. Previously, his move from the French first division Nantes to Cardiff City has become known.

The investigators assume that the pilot has inhaled the gas and therefore could not control the machine. In aircraft of this type, pilot and passengers are not separated by a partition. The corpse of the pilot, however, unlike that of Sala has not been found to date.

However, it is still unclear how the gas could reach the interior of the aircraft. This will be the subject of further investigations.

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