News : Plenary of the 'Mareca Boys' with a great Carlos Mayo in San Sebastián

News :

Plenary of the 'Mareca Boys' with a great Carlos Mayo in San Sebastián

Carlos Mayo, upon arrival at goal / @asociacionANOC

Aragonese athlete Carlos Mayo surprised all the favorites in the 90 edition of the gymnastics test of 10 kilometers Gymnastic of Ulía, in San Sebastián, with an outstanding record and undeniable dominance in a career in which Elena Loyo won in the women's category.

This test, which has been reinventing itself in recent years and is one of the oldest in Europe, was looking for the successor of David Palacio, winner last year against prognosis with a time of 29:48 minutes, and Gema Martín and abandoned the mud circuit to be established with an urban layout through the center of the city of San Sebastian.

May, seventh mark of always

10 kilometers in which the weather favored the hundreds of runners, with an ideal time for brands, in a tour in which Mayo was always in the lead group with a high pace that only Toni Abadía, the main favorite, could follow at the end, who would rank second in goal to eleven seconds of the winner , when a kilometer and a half from the finish line he yielded to the May attack. ‘Charlie’ is placed seventh as usual in the 10 k en route, where the Abbey Record in Laredo is still in force.

In women there was even more excitement because one of Maijda Maayouf's favorites imposed a high pace that allowed her to travel a good part of the race alone and that seemed to decant the first place in her favor.

He did not manage his forces and reserves well and behind the current Spanish half marathon champion, Elena Loyo, calculated better and in her last attack completed an epic comeback taking the win.

They took part in this prestigious test, one of the most recognized at European level, other illustrious names of Spanish athletics such as Fernando Carro or Iraitz Arróspide, with a ticket to the Olympic Games of Japan, although at other distances other than these ten kilometers



1.- Carlos Mayo 28:15 minutes

2.- Toni Abadia at 9 seconds

3.- Chiqui Pérez at 48 seconds


1.- Elena Loyo 33:47 minutes

2.- Majida Maayouf at 7 seconds

3.- Gema Martín Borgas at 9 seconds.

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