News : Pol Oriach: breaking records at 18 with 72 km per week

News : Pol Oriach: breaking records at 18 with 72 km per week

José Ramón, who is the father of a 19-year-old athlete who aspires to be a great mediofondista, reproached me in a good way:

– You have hardly said anything about Pol.

– Now that you mention it.

– I do not blame you, I say it as constructive criticism.

What would you have asked him? -I retorted.

– I would have asked him how much he trains at that age to do the marks he does.

The conversation was days before Pol Oriach broke a new Spanish record: 7’55 ”in 3,000 meters on the track this time.

– For those brands you have to train very very hard – added Joserra-. Does it compensate at that age? Sight, The first thing his coach asks my son, before planning each week, is when he has the exams.

“Well, I’ll ask Phondy,” I said.

“But I don’t think a man from his experience is going to burn an 18-year-old athlete,” I added.

– Well no. Of course not – Phondy answered when I asked.

– Don’t bother but not all can be polite questions.

– No, it does not bother me. But what I’m saying is that Pol does what corresponds to his age and his sporting projection.

“He wasn’t going to tell me otherwise, of course,” I replied.

– No, no, it’s just how it is. Pol trains 6 days a week, from Monday to Saturday, a daily session, Sundays rest, and with intensities and volumes corresponding to it.


WINTER. Months October and November Pol Oriach:

Monday: 20 ′ warm-up + Fartlek: 8km alternating fast km / slow km + 3km release

Tuesday: 20 ′ warm-up + Interval: 10 × 400 + 10 × 300 + 1000 + 3km drop

Wednesday: 15km jogging + GYM

Thursday: 20 ′ warm-up + Resistance Rhythm 1000/2000/3000/1000/1000

Friday: 15km jogging

-Saturday: 15km from Fartlek

-Sunday: Rest

TOTAL – 92km


Phondy agreed to my offer to tell us about a Pol Oriach type week first in winter (He will tell us about it later in the spring).

– Pol has a very good response to training that is not excessively demanding as I was with Elíseo Martín – he added.

Phondy is a coach who has spent half his life serving athletes in Monzón, traveling to the World Cups, the Olympic Games, thinking, studying.

– I always give absolute priorityand I look for the sporting longevity of my athletes – he justified-.

And he added:

– I do not force any situation beyond achieving the minimum for international championships that I understand must be a procedure if you want to achieve results of repercussion.

But the repercussion is total.

Pol makes marks at 18 that neither Reyes Estévez, paradigm of talent, he achieved in his time.

“He won’t tell you he doesn’t train,” Joserra had told me.

“What I’m telling you is that in the end everything is based on short-term and long-term planning,” insisted Phondy. Short-term is the annual planning with the objectives set for each year, both technical and physical and results, and long-term planning, which is how I distribute the work annually in order to grow and evolve, adapted to changes in category, distances, age, etc.


SPRING. Months May and June Pol Oriach:

Monday: 20 ′ warm-up + 6 × 500 + 2km drop

Tuesday: 20 ‘warm-up + Interval: 8 × 400 with hurdles + 2km drop

Wednesday: 15km jogging

Thursday: 20 ′ warm-up + 4 × 1000 with hurdles + 1 × 400 + 2km drop

Friday: 15km jogging

Saturday: 15km from Fartlek

Sunday: Rest

TOTAL – 72km


– But I see you train hard.

– Light man. Of course he does train. Even cadet more or less can be worth the natural conditions that athletes have. But starting as a youth, he who does not train within what corresponds to him, do not expect to grow and evolve

Nothing more to add.

Time will tell.

Thanks Phondy for the kindness and thanks Joserra for allowing us to go further.

After all, journalism is also curiosity: one more tool.

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