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Polar Grit X, Analysis and Opinion

Polar finally gets on the mountain wagon. With their top of the range Vantage V they had covered the terrain of the multi-sport top of the range, with Vantage M the mid-range and with Polar Ignite the fitness world. But they did not have a good sword to jump into the circus with the Garmin Fenix ​​6 or Suunto 9, robust and specific mountain or outdoor watches, if we want to start embracing these terms.

Polar Grit X, the penultimate piece of the puzzle

Why the penultimate? Because Polar would still have one box to fill in, the one for the pure smartwatch. I'm talking about music, contactless payments, casual wear (or diary clock) and all those characteristics that surround the Fitbit, iWatch or the Garmin Vivoactive. It is also possible that they do not want to enter that battle and the brand continues in its purely sporty line.

At first I tell you that, it looks good but it was the last to arrive. It was also born in the midst of confinement and from my point of view with an unfortunate presentation when you still couldn't even go outside. Instead there is no obstacle that you cannot overcome a good product, and so at first and in the absence of a physical test, it seems that is what we are dealing with.

Grit X Overview

This watch is still a multisport but oriented to the outdoors. A more robust design and more autonomy are some of its aces up its sleeve. This watch has been successfully tested in some tests of the North American military standard MIL-STD-810G which includes low pressure, extreme temperatures, shocks, humidity, etc.
Now we will go into detail but one of the things that has caught my attention the most is that they have achieved a weight of 64 grams in a mountain watch, impressive and far from the competition.

What's New in Polar Grit X

I will talk here about functional novelties, since being the first of its saga this gadget is a novelty in itself.

  • Hill Splitter: new tool that allows you to see the performance on the ascent and descent of your route. It is interesting that it allows you to compare statistics specifically regarding the ups and downs of your different sessions. It collects distance, speed and altitude data and automatically detects the unevenness and performance that you have while facing them.
  • FuelWise: a feeding assistant. If you stick a donut you get a cramp on the wrist. Just kidding, although everything will work. What is true is that during the session this assistant will give you instructions or advice on how to feed or recharge, which can be more than important in tests such as an ultra.
  • They are not new but I quote them because they are quite new things in Polar and this Grit X includes them; Nightly Recharge and FitkSpark They are tools that allow you to assess how your body recovers at night after sessions and plan personalized workouts based on that recovery.
  • Komoot. Interesting agreement with this orientation app (free by the way). With this tool you will have a GPS that will give you directions at every turn on roads and trails in real time; The story is that you plan the route in the Komoot app and then load it on the clock so that it gives you directions, this looks pretty good.
  • Climatology. The watch informs you of the current time as well as a forecast for the next two days.

Features and technical specifications

You see that it is a watch with all the usual buttons, five. Also with a touch screen, and in that line we can say that it has a great similarity to the Vantage V.

  • Dimensions. 47 x 47 x 13 mm
  • Weight. 64 grams (44 g without strap)
  • Materials. Stainless steel case and bezel with fiberglass polymer back cover.
  • Screen. Touch, color (always on) with Gorilla Glass lens with anti-fingerprint coating; 1.2 ’’ and resolution of 240 x 240.
  • Autonomy. Up to 40 hours in GPS and FC training mode, and up to 100 hours with energy saving features.
  • Sensors. GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and QZSS (with assisted GPS for quick location); barometer; compass (with magnetometer); Compatible with running HR, cadence, and power BLE sensors, and cycling speed, cadence, and power sensors. Polar Precision Prime FC Sensor.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • WR100 waterproof.

Main features of the Grit X

  • Hill Splitter. Performance information on ups and downs. Automatically count the repetitions of climbs that you do.
  • FuelWise. Guide and reminder to eat during long sessions.
  • Route tracking and planning with Komoot.
  • Consultation of weather conditions in real time and two-day forecast, which in the mountains can save you the ass. However nothing of storm warning is commented.
  • Fitspark. Training guide.
  • Nightly Recharge. Assessment of your recovery during the night.
  • Sport profiles. More than 130 activity profiles, but what interests us most, with specific metrics for swimming (including open water), running, cycling or multisport.
  • Running Power. Measure your running power from the wrist with an algorithm based on speed and altitude gradient.
  • Estimate of the energy sources you are consuming, whether they are carbohydrates, fats or proteins.
  • Smart notifications. What little you have of smartwatch is summarized in call notices, messages, emails, calendar notices, etc.
  • Strava. Supports Strava Live segments with real-time information during the segment.

Training functionalities and others

Training Load Pro, Running Index (VO2max estimate for running), free training program, Smart Calories (calculates calories based on numerous factors), Sleep Plus Stages (aka sleep analysis), Serene (breathing exercises) and Fitness Test (meter your fitness level in 5 minutes without moving).

Polar Grit X Price and Offer

€ 429.90 output is to blame. It comes to be the cheapest option of the top mountain watches although, yes, with less functionalities if we compare it with the Fenix ​​6, and less capabilities if we compare it with the Suunto 9.

We can say that it is a purchase option with less pharaonic characteristics than the top of the range of other brands but that it can fully cover our needs.

Stay tuned because in this post we will update the best offers available.

Polar Grit X Outdoor Watch, Unisex Adults, Black, M / L
Price: € 429.90

Opinion and conclusions about the Grit X

Earlier I commented that it is a good piece and that is why it will probably overcome the current circumstances, but perhaps I would have expected more contrast with the Polar Vantage V.

Polar Grit X vs Polar Vantage V and the competition

I think it is very convenient to compare features with the Vantage V (here on offer for less than € 320) since they are very close.

Polar Grit XHill SplitterFuelWiseNoKomoot routesNo
Polar Vantage VNoNoRecovery ProNoOrthostatic test
Polar Grit X40-100h240x240WR10064g
Polar Vantage V40h240x240WR5066g
Suunto 9 Baro25-120h320x300WR10081g
Garmin Fenix ​​636-72h260x26010atm80g
Garmin Fenix ​​6X60-120h280x28010atm93g (steel)

As you can see they are very shallow differences. Both with touch screen and a design of similar qualities. The issue of autonomy is interesting since 40 hours are very worthwhile and allow you to cover very long competitions, and with the maximum energy saving functions (spacing the GPS signal, turning off notifications, etc.) it can reach 100 hours .

The good and the bad of Polar Grit X, pros and cons

All right

They have given one more twist to the wrist heart rate sensor and one of the subtleties that is observed is that it changes the color of the LEDs. This is because each color reacts better to a skin tone, and thus more possibilities are covered and performance is improved.

It includes barometric altimeter Like the Vantage V, this tool is in fact the foundation of your Hill Splitter. In the same way, this sensor also collaborates in another of the more than interesting metrics that this watch provides: the running power. Until now Vantage V was the only watch that measured running power without external sensors, and now two do.

I would say going back to the round buttons is a positive pointas well as reverting to the quick-fit interchangeable straps that I felt were a setback on the Vantage V.

The price is a pro without a doubt, although it may be worth waiting for the sales, but it is a more than competitive outlet in the market for its characteristics.


There is nothing profoundly bad or decisive to say against this Grit X, although perhaps something more is missing from the smartwatch vibe. I no longer say contactless payments, but music playback, quick responses to messages, etc.

If you are a pure mountaineer, you may miss some specific functions for that environment that the Suunto 9 Baro or Fenix ​​6 do provide.

We were almost used to color maps by now, and the monochromes that the Grit X offers may be frowning at us.

It might also be nice if it included ANT +, a signal that has proven to be more accurate than bluetooth.

Polar Grit X, conclusions

At the moment and with the Vantage V for almost € 100 less, the latter is convenient until the first offers begin, since I do not see such abysmal differences that it is worth the economic sacrifice. Here offer with chest strap included:

Polar Vantage V HR - Premium GPS Watch with Heart Rate - H10 Sensor - Multisport and Triathlon Profile - Running Power, Ultra Long Battery, Water Resistant - Black
Price: € 421.97

You save: € 127.93 (23%) (2. 3 %)

It is true that the new features are creamy, especially the new navigation and the Hill Splitter, and maybe if you are a one hundred percent truck driver, this part can compensate you, but for most of us a Vantage V or Vantage M if you hurry me) it will make us the accoutrement.

On the other hand, I consider this watch to be a tailor-made suit for the trail and ultratrail, without being a specific mountain watch. Outdoor yes, but trail running more. In any case, very good watch.


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