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Polar Ignite, analysis and offer of the little beast


If you did not finish fitting the new Polar Vantage range because you need something less specific, you are in luck because it just came out of the oven Polar Ignite, a sports bracelet that mounts GPS and heart rate monitor on the wrist.

This new Polar proposal would be competing with mixed activity bracelets with GPS such as the Garmin Vivosport, Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro or even Fitbit Versa or Fitbit Charge 3 although the latter do not mount GPS. Nor should we rule out a comparison with Vivoactive 3.

Garmin Vivosport - Sport Bracelet with GPS and Heart Rate Monitor, Gray, S / M

Price: EUR 99.99

You save: EUR 30.00 (2. 3 %)

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro - 1.5 "Fitness Bracelet (4 GB, 1 GHz, 0.5 GB RAM, Tizen), Water Resistant, Red Color - Spanish Version

Price: EUR 144.95

You save: EUR 84.05 (37%)

Polar Ignite, general characteristics and novelties

Polar Ignite roughly

Polar Ignite is not a watch although it seems, but a sports bracelet. Three fundamental characteristics that define it are that:

  • It is submersible
  • It has a heart rate monitor or heart rate sensor on the wrist
  • Has integrated GPS

If the Vantage V and Vantage M were high and medium-range multisport watches respectively, Polar Ignite is a fitness tracker and daily activity bracelet. The objective of this bracelet is to help to have a healthier life by following the daily activity, and also with specific activity tracking functions for fitness.

Therefore we can say that it is a gadget complementary to the Vantage series and not at all a line or model more mediocre or reduced in features: we talk about another concept.

The appearance is of undeniable clock, although concept is of bracelet. Definitely the roundness in Polar is imposed, leaving the straight lines in the immediate past of the brand that for the time being will be buried in the mausoleum of the Polar M430, sales leader and mirror in which almost all the competition is watched.

Polar M430 Running Watch with GPS, Unisex Adult, Black, M / L
Price: EUR 139.99

You save: EUR 90.01 (39%)

Polar Ignite, what good news do you bring me?

At first glance we can say that it is a bracelet of cutting-edge technology that takes advantage of features that Vantage handle but in a more subtle gadget or focused on a less professional training. FitSpark and Training Load Pro They are very powerful tools in a bracelet, which are dedicated to planning workouts and finding the balance between effort and rest respectively.

The design is also innovative, and for the first time Polar presents a bracelet with GPS. Polar A370 was the alternative in bracelets for Polar, but it could only synchronize the GPS signal of the phone.

Polar Ignite White "width =" 400 "height =" 214 "srcset =" 400w, https: // 300w "sizes =" (max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px

Polar Ignite, functionalities and technical specifications

What can you do with the Polar Ignite?

  • Obvious that when mounting GPS antenna you will be able to register the routes that you do with speed, distance and altitude, as well as the FC. Something newer is the so-called Nightly Recharge, which for those who are broken with so much anglicism, is nothing but an indicator of how much you have recovered during the night. And continuing with the night and English, Polar Ignite offers the Sleep Plus Stages; This is a tool that analyzes the phases of the dream so you can have an idea of ​​the quality of it.
  • The aforementioned FitSpark is worthy to be mentioned again, because a training plan is the fundamental pillar for any runner who wants to optimize their capabilities or, at least, not hurt or overtrain. Your efficiency is about to be tested when we do the analysis of this bracelet, but these tools are important in our runner world and are always welcome. With FitSpark you will have daily training plans as you recover and always taking into account your training history.
  • Another tool already offered by the Fitbit is breathing time, in the case of Polar Ignite patented as Serene. Objective? Relax body and mind mediate breathing exercises. Honestly, to follow these relining routines you have to be motivated and propose it, because without a good load of will and without someone guiding us, the abandonment in the middle is usually something according to the voice of the experience.
  • Follow-up of sports activities: this bracelet supports more than 100 sports. They can be added from the Garmin Polar Flow platform. As an interesting note for water lovers, it records swimming metrics.
  • Smartwatch functions: as usual, you can connect the wristband to the phone and receive smart notifications; Incoming call notification, messages, emails, calendar, etc.
  • To finish this section I make a list of specific training features that are worth citing:
    • Smart Calories Polar uses an algorithm that processes the data to have a more accurate value of the calories consumed. Remember that the calories consumed is usually an approximate number, an estimate that serves as a reference.
    • Activity Guide. This is a motivational tool for you to maintain the activity during the day. Do not be scared, do not drill with phrases of cheap instagramer type "nothing is impossible if you want it enough" or other motivational farces, rather go to throw practical advice and activity objectives.
    • Fitness Test. It is a proposal to determine your level of fitness in 5 minutes without making any effort. This really I want to try it ...
    • Running Index. Estimate the VO2max in the race and see your performance in the race.
    • Running Program. Personalized training plan, neither more nor less.
    • Training Benefit. It is an assessment of your training session after finishing. Always in a motivating frame; you will never receive a "for this you have done better go and have a beer".
    • Training Load Pro. This is a somewhat more complex tool that also use the Vantage, which is to determine the effort that your sessions require your body. It is about finding the balance between training and rest.

These are the specifications of Polar Ignite

I imagine that you are about to know English with so much Anglo-Saxon terminology, so we can go into the most intimate details of the bracelet.

  • Size - 43 × 43 × 8.5 mm
  • Weight - 35 g
  • Color touch screen, resolution 240 × 204 pixels and dragontail crystal body.
  • Battery life: up to 17h in training mode (GPS and wrist heart rate monitor) and 5 days in clock mode with continuous FC recording.
  • Materials - Polymer box reinforced with fiberglass. Bezel and stainless steel button.
  • Strap - Thermoplastic polyurethane and stainless steel closure.
  • Antenna - GPS and GLONASS
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Clock - Time and date, alarm, stopwatch and countdown.
  • Sensors - Compatible with Polar BLE heart rate sensors.
  • Water resistant (30 m) (ISO 22810, suitable for swimming)

Polar Ignite, price

It is not unreasonable: € 199.90. Remember that the price of the Garmin Vivosport bracelet was exactly the same (although we can already find succulent offers) being direct but older.

We will have to wait for the price to fall so that it is worth buying against the Polar Vantage M, which is already at a super competitive price. Here you can find the best deals, stay tuned!

Polar Ignite - Fitness watch with integrated GPS, wrist heart rate monitor, training guides - male / female - black M / L

Polar Ignite, initial assessment and conclusions

In two words: I like it. Polar has achieved a very wearable, simple and not excessively sporty design. Feature is that perhaps pulls back many people at the time of purchase in very sporty watches because they look for something for day to day.

Polar Ignite It sports many high features and features that could make it more expensive. Remember that it has a touch color screen ... touch! Vantage V is next in Polar with touch screen and is worth more than double. In addition we can say that it has even more functions than the Vantage, which came out a few months ago.

Another thing that I like is the follow-up of the dream that, in the absence of an analysis, promises to be very deep and detailed, beyond the simple graphs that have been commonplace.

And something that I find more than interesting is that the FitSpark tool plan the training taking into account the sleep data. At last! This is a really interesting leap in the quality of the planning and, moreover, it escapes any conventional coach because they can never measure the rest of their athletes.

Another quite surprising thing is that, not only support the swimming activity with specific metrics, but also have activity monitoring in open waters. Definitely a watch (or bracelet, as you want to call it) complete and cheap.

Cons? It has no contactless payment or music or maps ... But who cares if it's worth € 200 out ?!

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