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Polar Unite, fitness watch review

If you thought that Polar had finished with fitness, you were wrong because after Polar Ignite they give a twist with this Polar Unite, a watch practically traced to Ignite but without integrated GPS. Let's see what is behind this proposal.

Polar Unite, general features and news

The key concepts that Polar wants to convey at Unite are progress, balance, style, simplicity, and affordable price. With this, it follows that it is an aesthetic and easy to use watch, which will try to control our activity and propose intuitive personalized workouts. According to his campaign, he intends to “discover the full potential of each individual”.

Polar Unite in broad strokes

We are talking about a watch but it could very well be called an activity bracelet. The lightness is very important and the design is very careful in order to sell it as a daily clock. It is compatible with Polar Flow, which is a plus and makes it more versatile.

  • It is submersible
  • Has a heart rate monitor or heart rate sensor on the wrist
  • It does not have an integrated GPS but it can be connected

Polar Unite is a fitness tracker and daily activity bracelet. Its goal is to help you have a healthier life by monitoring daily activity, and also with Specific fitness activity tracking features.

The appearance is exact to the Polar Ignite, leaving the straight lines in the brand's immediate past that for now will be buried with the Polar M430.

Polar Unite, news

Undoubtedly the absence of GPS (although you can use the GPS signal of the phone) and precisely for this reason the increase in autonomy, although it also increases in the Ignite if you turn off the GPS antenna.

A high-tech bracelet with Vantage functionalities but in a more subtle gadget or focused on less professional training. FitSpark and Training Load Pro They are very powerful tools for planning workouts and finding the balance between effort and rest.

This watch would be the evolution of the Polar A370, the mythical polar bracelet with connectable GPS of the phone.

Polar Unite, functionalities and technical specifications

What is the Polar Unite capable of?

  • Without a GPS antenna, you can only record the routes you take if you carry your phone.
  • It features Nightly Recharge, an indicator of how much you've recovered during the night. It also has Sleep Plus Stages, a tool that analyzes the phases of sleep so you can get an idea of ​​its quality.
  • The aforementioned FitSpark is training planning, a fundamental pillar for any runner who wants to optimize their capabilities. It is especially practical if you do not want to complicate yourself with calculations, since it gives you everything chewed. With FitSpark you will have daily training plans as you recover and always taking into account your training history.
  • Serene. A tool to relax body and mind through breathing exercises.
  • Tracking sports activities: this bracelet supports more than 100 sports. They can be added from the Polar Flow platform. Suitable for swimming.
  • Smartwatch: you can connect the bracelet to the phone and receive smart notifications; notification of incoming call, messages, emails, calendar, etc.
  • Now a list of the specific training functionalities:
    • Smart Calories. Polar uses an algorithm that processes the data to have a more accurate value of the calories consumed. Recall that the calories consumed is usually an approximate number, an estimate that serves as a reference.
    • Activity Guide. This is a motivational tool for you to stay active throughout the day. Do not panic, it does not drill you with cheap instagram phrases like "nothing is impossible if you want it enough" or other motivational farces, it is rather about throwing out practical advice and activity objectives.
    • Fitness Test. It is a proposal to determine your fitness level in 5 minutes without making any effort. In practice it takes a long time but it is worth it to have a value closer to reality and updated.
    • Running Program. Personalized training plan, no more, no less.
    • Training Benefit. This is an assessment of your training session after finishing. Always in a motivating framework; you will never receive a “for this that you have done better go have a beer”.

Polar Unite Specifications

  • Size - 43 × 43 × 10.4mm
  • Weight - 32g
  • Color touch screen, resolution 240 × 204 pixels and Asahi glass lens.
  • Autonomy: up to 50h in training mode (connected GPS and wrist heart rate monitor) and 4 days in watch mode with continuous HR recording.
  • Materials - Fiberglass reinforced polymer case. Stainless steel button.
  • Strap - Silicone with quick release.
  • GPS via mobile.
  • Connectivity - Bluetooth Low Energy and usb adapter for charging and data synchronization.
  • Clock - Time and date, alarm, stopwatch and countdown.
  • Sensors - Compatible with Polar BLE heart rate sensors.
  • Waterproof (30m) (ISO 22810, suitable for swimming)

Polar Unite vs Polar Ignite

If we dig well we can find a few differences between the two:

Polar UnitePolar Ignite
GPS connectedGps
-Race cadence from the wrist
-Training Load Pro
-Running Index
Asahi Glass LensDragontail glass lens
Fiber bevelSteel bezel
Silicone strapThermoplastic polyurethane
USB adapter-
Battery 50h17h battery (GPS)
Weight 32gWeight 35g
43.4 × 43.4 × 10.4 mm43 × 43 × 8.5mm

Polar Unite, price

The cheapest from Polar: € 149.90. If you do not want to spend a little more on the Polar Ignite (here the best updated price) it is a very tempting starting price.

Polar Ignite - Fitness watch with integrated GPS, heart rate monitor, training guides - men / women - black M / L
Price: € 199.00

Polar Unite, initial assessment and conclusions

Her older brother Polar Ignite is impressive, and this one is no less. Portable, simple and for the day to day.

Polar Unite enjoys high performance and features they could make it more expensive. With a color touch screen and Vantage functionalities.

He sleep tracking Polar has proven to be one of the most accurate on the market, and it is no less in this part.

That with a starting price of € 150 have FitSpark to plan the training taking into account sleep data it's pretty impressive.

I could say that the absence of a GPS antenna is a drawback, but that's what the Ignite is for. This watch is intended for those who do not need that tool and do not want to pay for something they will not use. It is also very simple in terms of smartwatch capabilities if we talk in general terms, but if we look at the price again there is nothing more to say.


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