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Polar Vantage V, Analysis and Opinion

I bring you the analysis of the top of the range of Polar, the Vantage V. It is a premium or first-line multisport GPS watch, designed for professional levels. You can see the general and comparative description with the Vantage M in this article.

Polar Vantage V, general features:

  • It measures 46 x 46 x 13mm
  • It weighs 66 g
  • The battery lasts up to 40 hours with GPS.
  • Stainless steel bezel
  • Screen: 1.2 ”with res. 240 x 240
  • Corning Gorilla Glass lens.
  • GPS and GLONASS antennas
  • Barometer
  • 24/7 daily activity tracking and sleep tracking
  • Water Resistant (WR30)
  • Training and recovery functions
  • Starting price at € 499, and already with offers on this link, and here with chest band included.

To get straight to the point with the analysis, I also give you the option to see the description and more features in the video I made of the unboxing:

Vantage V, issues to highlight

Vantage V exclusive features

It should be noted that unlike Vantage M, which needs external sensors, Polar Vantage V combines the data of the new concept Training Load Pro 3-layer ™ (Cardio, Muscle and Perceived) with daily and long-term recovery levels (Recovery Pro ™). This aims to control the balance between training and recovery, and thus try to identify our limitations.

The theme of the running power. Polar Vantage V is the first multisport watch that measures running power from the wrist, and you have to recognize the merit. Running Power measures your external training load, and does not replace but complements heart rate monitoring, as it responds to changes in intensity faster than heart rate.

In practice, it is impressive to have specific power data directly, which in order to obtain external sensors it is necessary to synchronize external sensors as we say. Then there is the issue of how much one needs that data and, since it is very specific information for people who spin very fine, it may be an area in which everyone ends up acquiring external sensors because they invest fully in these aspects.

Overtraining Alarms

The issue of balance between training and recovery is not exclusive to Vantage V but is also available in version M. I have been able to verify that it works correctly, since by duplicating my sessions the clock identified an overtraining and accompanied it with a warning of possible Consequences and some advice. I liked this a lot and I find it very positive.

Tracking routes in Vantage V

It was very surprising that this watch did not have track tracking when it came out, because the disadvantage against the competition was terrible. However, since the first update that issue has been resolved and it is a fully functional tool. In this video I explain how it is done.

Vantage V, the complex made easy

If we swim in the description of data provided by this watch, functionalities and other features, it might seem that it is something unattainable that we can never master. However, the positive surprise is that the clock manages this information alone and determines for example if you are training too much or too little. Similarly suggests a personalized daily training. It must also be said that this is a concept that Garmin or Suunto have already been implementing from their platforms and with their GPS watches from a medium quality.

Polar Vantage V Offer

The starting price of the Garmin beast was € 499, although a titanium version for € 599 also came out. It is the price of a top-of-the-range GPS watch, neither more nor less, but we all know that the penultimate versions of the range stops work perfectly and do not have as much technological difference as to justify the price difference with the offers of the old ones.

However, you can already invest in this watch because there are more than interesting offers. Here you will always have the freshest and most updated.

Polar Vantage V Heart Rate Monitor, Unisex Adult, Black, M
Price: EUR 429.00

You save: EUR 70.90 (14%)

Polar Vantage V HR - Premium watch with GPS and Heart Rate - H10 Sensor - Multisport and triathlon profile - Running power, ultra long battery, waterproof - Black
Price: EUR 426.45

Polar Vantage V, analysis

Let's talk first about the physical, the ergonomic, the organic ... how does this watch feel? The truth is that it looks quite robust for its materials and may not feel as light or comfortable as the Vantage M. However, it is not at all uncomfortable, except for the strap, which in my opinion is difficult to introduce by the obstacles and it is a bit annoying. As for the weight, the titanium version will delight the most gourmets, here on offer. That said let's go fat.

Polar Vantage V FC sensor

I have wanted to illustrate this question as well as what refers to routes with images, because the perception of the results is much more direct. We will observe in a couple of sight strokes what happens with this new Polar Precision Prime heart rate sensor.

We see in the graph the comparison with a chest band (garnet line) that throws a minimum error. We can observe some oscillations and especially the difficulty in reaching the real pulse at start-up, which has been common in HR sensors in the wrist.

Here we see how in this training there was more discrepancy with the chest band. I have to say that of all the comparative workouts this was the worst stop, reaching an average pulse difference of 15 beats more than the chest band.

The behavior of the barometric altimeter can also be analyzed. The graph below shows that it works very tightly. The difference is only because of the starting height, which does not matter. The significant thing is that the final height difference is zero and that the reactions to the level changes are even.

Vantage V, GPS analysis

This section is a little worse stop than the previous one, because it does not turn out to be more accurate than his little brother Vantage M. Observe the captures:

vantage v gps routes "width =" 400 "height =" 379

The yellow line indicates the actual route, and the green one the round trip marked by the GPS at full clock performance. In the open sky it has a lot of accuracy, but among the buildings it does what its predecessors have always done: adjust as it can.

vantage v gps routes "width =" 500 "height =" 282

In the upper and lower images we see his behavior in a short circuit of turns, where he came to have quite significant lags.

vantage v gps routes "width =" 400 "height =" 296 "srcset =" 400w , 80w, content / uploads / 2019/08 / vantage-V-routes-02-100x75.jpg 100w "sizes =" (max-width: 400px) 100vw, 400px

Vantage V, conclusion

Why do I like this watch? Because it's purely sporty, and in my case I don't need a smartwatch or I'm not a fan of them. If you want features that are closely linked to the phone, this is not your world; It is a clock to train in a very focused way and with a good stream of data and specific information.

I also like it because it is well built and because it weighs less than other top ranges. In addition, durability is more than enough, unless you do extreme activities that exceed 40 hours of autonomy. As a triathlon watch it is a very good proposal, but I wouldn't consider it a mountain watch.

There are things that I especially like, such as asking for a pulse oximetry test asking for specific relaxation conditions, and repeating the test several times; this means that the data it throws is serious. Garmin plants you a number with which you put your finger on the sensor ...

However, I think they have a way to go with the firmware to take advantage of the potential. The training proposals are basic and the power data may not reach the level of the external sensors, but everything will work.

Polar has decided to pull the purely sporting way to get rid of the competition, which is including non-stop smartwatch functions such as music, contactless payments, etc. In that sense maybe they should have included maps in the route tracking ...

Very good watch with more features and data, but in the basics it is not better than the Vantage M (for example); Each one will have to decide if that sum of functionalities and characteristics (such as the quality of the materials) justifies the price jump. I leave here the video review:

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