News : Polar Vantage V2, Analysis and Opinion

News : Polar Vantage V2, Analysis and Opinion

The day of the beast has come! 👹 Polar presents the compendium of all its technology, its flagship from now on, the Vantage V2. If you freak out analyzing your training data and you’re a tech and gadget gourmet, you’d better stay.

A server was really looking forward to this premiere because its predecessor, the Polar Vantage V (here its analysis) came out in a somewhat hasty way and later it was including functionalities such as, for example, route tracking.

Now it’s another story, the new Polar technologies are already developed, well implemented, and this piece promises. Personally, it generates many expectations. And I’m shut up … let’s get on with it!

Polar Vantage V2, news and features

For people who do not know this watch is a premium multisport, a specific top of the range for training of any discipline including triathlon, duathlon, etc. And to summarize, this piece focuses on the exhaustive recording of the information of our body when training, to give us simplified data that helps us to better plan our workouts and to recover better.

There is something that does not quite enter our heads, especially popular runners, and that is recovery and sleep are the cornerstone of performance. If you train and don’t assimilate it, it’s like pouring flour into a torn bag. By the way, the Fariña series is great.

Polar Vantage V2 vs Vantage V, news

Actually the concept of the Vantage V was already in that line of optimization, so let’s see what’s new.

  • Lighter. 52 g and 66 g respectively.
  • Better reception of the GPS signal thanks to the new design.
  • Aerospace aluminum case. Vantage V is stainless steel.
  • Autonomy. 40 hours with the GPS at full capacity (like the previous one) and, beware, up to 100 hours with lower precision.
  • More accurate HR optical sensor. It has inherited that of the Polar Grit X, with 10 LEDs and various lengths of penetration into the skin.
  • New performance tests.
    • Running Test. With the running power values ​​on the wrist this test gets very interesting; It gives us data on Vo2 Max, maximum heart rate, or aerobic speed and power. This is interesting for training in high areas, uneven routes and other circumstances in which HR is not enough and you get a bit sold.
    • Cycling Test. People who ride bikes will already know that the issue of power is their daily bread. Well, this test will give us the functional power threshold (FTP) which, to summarize, I tell you that it is the measuring stick to place the workouts.
    • And finally the Leg Recovery Test… alias “tell me if my legs are messed up”. It’s great to have a specific recovery test, to me this seems like the path of good. It is combined with the Training Load Pro and Revcovery Pro functions that the Vantage and Grit X already brought, and ultimately what it does is assess the muscle recovery of your legs and helps you decide if and how much you can train again. Unfortunately, there is still no catch out of the clock to prevent you from training when you are not recovered and it will continue to be our decision.
  • Test Hub. This goes outside of the performance tests because it is a tool that collects all the data from the tests that I have mentioned above. That everything is well ordered, hey.

Polar Vantage V2 Features

I have already told you about many of the functionalities in the news section and I do not want to repeat myself as a gazpacho loaded with garlic, but we cannot fail to mention the specific functionalities that although they are not new, it also includes, such as those relating to recovery for example.

  • Nightly Recharge. It gives you a “very good” to “very bad” rating of how you have recovered during the night. To do this, it combines sleep data with the response of the autonomic nervous system. Right away I can think of some friends who would be at both ends …
  • Sleep Plus Stages. We will end up learning English; This feature specifically assesses sleep quality, not recovery. It gives you a score and you can compare it with other nights.
  • Also mention some other very interesting things that Polar has been putting and that have been new in the Grit X, the Ignite, etc.
  • FitSpark, which is a daily training guide.
    • Fuelwise. It helps you decide what and how much to eat based on effort.
    • HillSplitter. All the data you can imagine regarding the level change truck training.
    • Komoot. I didn’t say it has route tracking, right? Well, you have it, and with turn-by-turn directions through this app.
    • Weather and weather forecast. It is what has to mount a barometric altimeter.
  • Smartwatch functions. Of course you have them, music control, mobile notifications, etc. But it is still not betting on the smartwatch, because this is a watch for training ladies and gentlemen.

Price and offer Polar Vantage V2

The most tense moment has come, that of loosening the chip. Well, peace of mind because it is not so bad either, since with a starting price of € 499.90 it starts to compete with the Suunto 9 or Fenix ​​6 without having to wait for offers, which you will always have updated in this article as they come out. . I leave you for now offers the Polar Grit X and Vantage V. Also say that there will be a purchase option with the HR sensor in the chest H10 for € 549.90.

Polar Grit X Outdoor Watch, Unisex Adults, Black, M / L
Price: € 429.00

Polar Vantage V Heart Rate Monitor, Unisex Adult, Black, M
Price: € 399.00

You save: € 100.90 (20%) (twenty %)

Vantage V2 Models and Colors

At the moment we will have it in black, green and lime-gray. Here I leave you pictures so that you get the idea of ​​how your dolls will look.

Opinion Polar Vantage V2

My opinion is that I like what I have in my hands (the clock has already arrived, don’t think badly) and that it is a joy for those of us who like to train and enjoy the data and graphs.

Although I will say that Polar has managed to make it simple to be able to take advantage of all that data without having to break your head or make it necessary to study a master’s degree in information interpretation.

Besides, for me it is almost a socio-sporting task to appeal to recovery and performance optimization, because it is the basis for enjoying this sport and not getting hurt.

Going to specific data, I find the weight loss and the increase in autonomy very interesting in order to consider choosing it. Analysis and more updates on this article will be coming soon, stay tuned! Thanks for reading and see you very soon.

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