News : Portland opens a new era in the background on the track: Two American Records

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Portland opens a new era in the background on the track: Two American Records

Mo Ahmed, great protagonist in Portland

It seems that a new era has begun. A time when the famous magic slippers not only have an important impact on the route, but also on the track. At least that is what is extracted from the stratospheric brands that we have experienced this Friday night at a Meeting in Portland. It has started a revolution in the background on the track and the clearest example has come shortly after the coronavirus crisis has subsided a bit (that to subside in the United States sounds more like a joke than anything else) and has allowed us to see the first great competitions.

Ahmed blows up the bench

In Portland Intaesquad Meet II (Bowerman TC) have lived two records of America of the highest level. To begin with, the most notable, the Canadian of Somali origin Mo Ahmed, which has reduced the American record by more than six seconds in 5,000 (it was 12:53:50 by Bernard Lagat) to put it at 12:47:20. Ahmed, 29, has achieved the best mark in history on American soil, which was from Mo Farah in 2012 (12:56:98). In addition, that registration allows the North American position ourselves as the best athlete in the history of 5,000 if we remove Ethiopians and Kenyans. It has sneaked into the top 10 brands ever (the world record remains in Kenenisa Bekele's possession since 2004 with 12:37:35).

The women's event is also unleashed

By the way, López Lomong was second with 12:58:78, which is not bad either. In the female sphere, another mark for history and that also meant an American Record, in this case for the American Shelby Houliham, who stopped the clock in those 5,000 at 14:23:90 ahead of his compatriot Kenissa Schweizer, with 14:26:34. The focus of this so-called ‘new era’ is towards these new Nike Viperfly, which may not have generated as much noise as the AlphaFly but, apparently, will mark a before and after.

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