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Postpartum tummy: Better exercises to eliminate it

Eliminating the postpartum belly is one of the biggest concerns of women who have just given birth and, contrary to what it may seem, it is not an easy or quick task. But it is not impossible either.

As we know what steps to follow to reduce this unsightly tummy left after delivery we have decided to write this informative guide to help you in this process.

You want to know what are the best exercises to lose the belly after childbirth and recover your previous figure. Here are some useful tips.

Postpartum and figure recovery

Taking into account that only the uterus already takes about four weeks to recover its original shape and volume and that hormonal changes are primarily responsible for these changes, the thing does not look easy when it comes to eliminating the postpartum belly.

But nothing is impossible and you and only you can do much to make the process faster and more efficient in terms of results.

Having a flaccid gut is something that happens to all women after childbirth. And is that the stretching of skin that occurs during pregnancy, by gaining so many kilograms, is latent once the baby is born and It results in a flaccid and droopy gut, as well as a wider hip and waist than they were if the birth has been vaginal.

How to remove the postpartum belly with exercises?

Leaving aside the issue of the postpartum girdle: mentalizing, eating healthy and exercising are the winning combination when it comes to burning accumulated fat and toning the muscles of the abdomen. This is stated in this article about losing weight after childbirth. Mother Millennial says that she even removed up to 30 kg in 10 months by changing her eating habits and playing sports. In fact, it gives some very useful advice among those found:

  • Performing exercises focused on working the abdomen area.
  • More generic cardiovascular exercises to burn fat: elliptical trainer, running, swimming ...
  • Low fat fitness diet.

Nobody says it's easy, of course. Moreover, many women see obstacles when it comes to recovering their figure due to the lack of time to exercise and the exhaustion of not resting at night in the first months of the baby's life.

Regarding how long it takes to lose the postpartum belly, it must be said that it is difficult to give an estimated date. What is certain is that some specialized health portals, such as Medline Plus, confirm that the best period to remove that belly and lose weight is between 6 and 12 months after delivery.

In addition, they recommend not skipping meals, making 5 or 6 meals a day, reducing sugary drinks such as soda, drinking lots of water and choosing foods with fiber and protein.

Better exercises to reduce it

As we have already commented above, the combination of Cardiovascular exercise to burn fat and perform exercises focused on the abdomen, as well as multiarticular exercises, is the ideal training to eliminate the postpartum flaccid belly and tone the entire abdominal area.

Therefore, activities such as running, elliptical, swimming and other more rhythmic such as aerobics, body pump, spinning and similar are perfect for this period in which you want to burn fat. That, coupled with toning exercises and a healthy diet will be your greatest guarantees to recover the pre-pregnancy silhouette.

When doing abdominal exercises, we recommend you also incorporate lumbar exercises that allow you to strengthen your back and tone all the affected muscles during the past months.

To synthesize, we recommend you take a look at our exercise guide to flatten the abdomen and this other article in which we tell you how to lose belly with exercise.

Low fat diet

In the first months after the birth of the baby many hormonal changes occur in the mother's body and one of the most important is the process of generating milk for breastfeeding.

The fact of feeding the baby means an extra burning of calories by the mother and that means an adaptation of the diet that not only must include healthy elements and banish fat and prepared foods, but also involves eating more: up to 500 kcal more up to date. Almost nothing!

Therefore, if it is decided to breastfeed the baby, it is not advisable to do any type of diet to lose weight, at least during the first 6 months. And, of course, your diet should exceed 1200 kcal daily because the key is not so much in reducing calories but in burning with exercise those that your body does not need.

Postpartum girdle, an indispensable

This element, which is so useful for many women, is the subject of criticism among many health professionals who do not recommend it at all compared to many others who do.

Be that as it may, the postpartum girdle is an ideal element to support the abdominal musculature, but also to contain and shape the figure after childbirth.

These girdles are designed to “hold” the muscles of the abdomen, back, hip and buttocks of the mother during the months after the baby is born.

Why use it?

Because after the increase and reduction of weight, all these muscle tissues are left without toning and even separated, as is the case with the abdominal muscles.

It is something that can influence even the position of the woman when walking or sleeping and that is why an elastic band can help in the recovery process.

More specifically, a postpartum girdle can have the following benefits:

  • It allows greater support of the abdominal, lumbar and buttock muscles, affected by pregnancy and childbirth.
  • It helps reduce mother fatigue, as well as reshape the figure.
  • It helps to maintain a correct posture.
  • It serves to reduce discomfort in the case of cesarean deliveries

Of course, it must be said that despite having multiple benefits, there is no postpartum girdle that allows toning the abdominal muscles because that is not the objective of this undergarment. You have to remember it so they don't try to “sell you the motorcycle”.

Which one to buy?

There are countless models of postpartum girdles and countless stores where to buy them, but Amazon is the giant in which it is easier to filter and find the one that best suits our needs. We have selected the best selling and best rated models by verified buyers:

Aigori postpartum reduction belt 3 in 1

post-partum Support

It is a one-size adjustable belly girdle that is divided into three: belly girdle, pelvis girdle and waist girdle, covering the entire area that goes from the lower area of ​​the chest to the hip.

It is a comfortable and durable reduction belt, of good quality and more than competitive price.

It is one size and corresponds to these measures:

  • Belly: 26 to 36.7 ”
  • Waist: 26 to 39 ”
  • Pelvis: 32.7 to 42 ”

Ponmoo molding reduction beltpost-partum Support

It is another one of the most sold in Amazon, although with a valuation somewhat lower than the Aigori that we mentioned previously.

This is a professional belt specially designed for postpartum recovery that is available in different sizes: M, L XL and XXL.

The tension is fully adjustable and its manufacturers ensure that it serves as a postoperative support for the back and abs thanks to its four metal brackets.

It emphasizes its comfort above all, since it does not have hooks or zippers, and also its perspiration.

It can be used up to 8 hours a day and its price does not reach 20 euros.

3-piece postnatal recovery support

It is another of the best selling on Amazon. These are three independent belts that, combined with each other, serve as support for the back and abdomen of the woman who has just given birth.

Its flexibility allows it to adapt to any body and stands out for its breathability and the high quality of its materials (elastic fiber and cotton).

In any case, it is always advisable to consult the purchase of a garment of these characteristics with your doctor or gynecologist, who will be the professional in charge of advising you if it really has benefits for your recovery or it is only an aesthetic issue.

We hope we have helped you to know how to eliminate the postpartum belly. Now you just need a lot of strength, mentality and thinking about yourself because if you are well, your baby and your family will be too.

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