News : Postponed and no venue for the NN Mission Marathon, the last Olympic train

News : Postponed and no venue for the NN Mission Marathon, the last Olympic train

The NN Mission Marathon (in which Kipchoge was going to participate), postponed / Twitter

It was the last door ajar to try to achieve the Olympic ticket for more than 70 athletes. An oasis in the midst of a sea of ​​race cancellations and suspensions. The NN Mission Marathon, which was to be held in Hamburg on April 11 on a circuit with four laps of 10.5 kilometers, has seen how the German authorities have prohibited its celebration because of the measures adopted in what they already call the third wave of a pandemic that seems to have no end.

For now from the organization, April 18 has been marked as a new date, but the problem is that they will also have to change their venue and it is still to be defined when there are less than three weeks left and many athletes had the tickets bought and their roadmap (PCR, forties, etc.) already designed.

Many illusions deposited

Organized by the NN Running Team and Global Sports Communication, the event has as we said with more than 70 confirmed athletes, some of them from the NN Running Team itself and others from many places on the planet in search of that last train to be able to be at the Games Tokyo Olympics. Among those confirmed names was that of an Eliud Kipchoge who is scheduled to be his last competition before facing an appointment in Sapporo for which he is already confirmed (Kenya recently presented their men’s and women’s marathon teams, the most powerful in the world). The ‘philosopher’ has not been in action since the London Marathon, where he registered the worst result of his marathon career.

The one who will almost certainly not be in the Olympic event is Kenenisa Bekele, who does not arrive for the Ethiopian trials in early May (the first three are classified directly).

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