News : Preparation of the Mareca Boys in Bronchales for the Nacional de Cros

News : Preparation of the Mareca Boys in Bronchales for the Nacional de Cros

Mayo, Chiki and Nacho, training hard and enjoying in Bronchales

In the same way that Carlos Mayo, Camilo Santiago and Toni Abadía prepared their set-up for the Valencia Marathon at the Bronchales ‘training camp’ and explained the details of that coexistence of more than a month in this small town in height in Teruel, now they are Mayo himself, Nacho Giménez and Chiki Pérez. All of José Luis Mareca’s pupils, Carlos, Nacho and Chiki have once again chosen this ‘sanctuary’ as a prelude, in this case, to the Spanish Cross Championship to be held in Getafe next Saturday, February 28.

Plan for the Getafe National

Both Carlos and Chiki, who had a minimum for the Torun European Championship in 3,000 after an exhibition at the International Meeting in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago, decided a long time ago to choose to prepare the Nacional de Cros before fully entering the Fight for the Olympic qualification for 5,000 or 10,000. We wanted to investigate a little more about the sessions of the Mareca Boys to prepare the appointment.

Chiki, Carlos and Nacho landed in Bronchales on January 25 for that specific preparation for the cross. From January 25 to February 24, when they headed to Madrid to take the PCR and travel to France to run the Meeting in Toulon.

Long series and slopes

“The training that Pepe gives us for the cros are hard, that in the end you run in all disciplines. We move at a volume of 10-12 kilometers in series. When you prepare a 3,000, you are doing maybe 3-4km of volume and all hell out of it, ”says Chiki Pérez.

“I spent a couple of weeks alternating physio with light training after Valencia, but little by little Pepe is already putting the plan for the Nacional de Cros into me. What usually sends us on Tuesday changes of 1 ′ or 30 ”but many. Between the recoveries and the changes, perhaps it puts us a volume of 10-12 kilometers. That one day a week. Then another one likes to get us uphill with series and then another makes us go down to the Teruel track and puts us in maybe 10 × 1,000 or so, something more powerful ”.

We are going to take some specific sessions from specific days to reel off.

  • 02/11: “Today we have warmed up in the morning 6km then 25 × 30” (rec. 30 “, in total 7’4km) and then release. In the afternoon 5km of heating and then 10 × 200 uphill (about 4.3km) and then release. In total 28km. Yesterday we did 18km on 3’48 ″ ”. Everything, let’s not forget between 1,300 and 1,500 altitude rhythms and changes with unevenness in general. Also, in an area with very windy days.
  • 02/12: Shooting of 12km at 4: 01 / km.
  • 02/13: Dubbing: Day of series on the track in Teruel in the morning (10 × 1000) + training on slopes in Bronchales in the afternoon.
  • 02/14: Long run: 21km at 3:53 / km.
  • 02/15: 16km race at 3: 54 / km
  • 02/16: Dubbing: Morning: Warm-up (6km at 4:05 / km) + series (6 × 1 ′ rec1 ′ 8 × 45 ″ rec 45 ″ 10 × 30 ″ rec 30 ″ between 1’30 ”blocks). Afternoon: 10km (4:05 / km), from less to more pace.
  • 02/17: Running from 16km at 4: 00 / km

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