News : Preview about Nerja Meeting with Fernando Carro by personal brand

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Preview about Nerja Meeting with Fernando Carro by personal brand

Fernando Carro, after his Record of Spain in Monaco

After the aperitif that Toni Abadía, Carlos Mayo and Chiki Pérez offered us last week in the Challenge 2000 promoted by the ár Cárnicas Serrano ’club in Valencia, this July 4th we will have the first official meeting covered by the RFEA in Nerja. It is a meeting full of incentives and in which we will be able to say 'goodbye' at least in some way to these months of pause and uncertainty due to the coronavirus. It can be followed live by streaming through the Facebook page of ‘RunOnline’ Magazine.

The Andalusian town will host with the patronage of the Pulguilla and Ayo Restaurants, the one that popularized the Verano Azul series, the Nerja 2020 Challenge, which will start at 20:00. With a truly luxurious poster, there will be no shortage of the national record holder of 3,000 obstacles Fernando Carro, Kevin López, Ignacio Fontes, Ouassim Oumaiz, Sergio Jiménez or Abdessamad Oukhelfen, some of our best long-distance runners and runners.

300 people in the stands and strict security measures

The great novelty is that public access (limited to 300 people) will be allowed, while safety standards will be strict with temperature measurements and limitation of participation of athletes (nine in 1,500 and 12 in 5,000 with hares included). In the female field, the current Spanish champion of cross Irene Sánchez-Escribano will dispute the 1,500, while the other tests will be 400 (with Laura Bueno) and the long jump.

Car, ‘plugged in’

At the Stock Exchange of the Corridor we have chatted with Fernando Carro, who has told us how he faces this first official appointment after the long journey of these months. “I've been training these months quite well because I had the feeling that although the world seemed to be falling apart if you looked through a small hole you saw that in other countries the situation was different. I knew the day would come when this would open and so it has been. There were doubts about whether there could be a regrowth or anything, but once I found out about the meeting because you already train differently. ”

"I am to make a mark in 5,000 because I don't have a very exaggerated brand either (from last year's Barcelona Meeting in a pouring rain). I have enough margin, so if there is a good hare and a good race more or less in my brand I will be around or do something better, for sure. Then it is clear that you have to remove ‘charcoal’ after so many months. We are still doing the Thursday series in the field, for example, because some colleagues still do not have access to the Blume. You never know, maybe we even do better because I'm running at track rates, but in the field right now. ”

An interesting summer ahead

“The truth is that before the Spanish Championship in September there will be several meetings of this type that will undoubtedly help us. Also in my case I have several confirmed dates of the Diamond League that are very very marked in the calendar. Without a doubt we are going to have several opportunities to make a better personal brand in various scenarios ”, concludes a highly motivated Fernando Carro.

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