News : Preview, schedules and participants of the Monaco Diamond League

News :

Preview, schedules and participants of the Monaco Diamond League

Cheptegei, Hassan and Lyles, three of the great stars who will participate in Monaco

At a time when, regrettably, it seems that the great international competitions are neither abundant nor it seems that they will do so, having days like the one we will experience on August 14 are a blessing on the horizon. The Monaco Meeting, encompassed within a Diamond League that has seen half of the events fall due to the coronavirus crisis, will bring together many of the great stars of international athletics. It will be a kind of informal World Cup in 2020 where we have neither had the Games that were supposed to be played in Tokyo nor the Europeans in Paris. Athletics specialist Óscar Fernández (@gabyandersen) tells us what to expect from a historic day in Louis II of the Principality.

“It is the first great international meeting. So far we have had domestic tests, Nike was the one that best rode it in the United States with tests with great results. We have seen the American speed at a high level, with Norman, with Bromell, then the brushstrokes that have been in Europe, especially what we have seen from Warholm, which makes a very good impression on us. Monaco is the first major event of this post-lockdown.

A Diamond League that has lost half the calendar

“There have been quite a few test suspensions, we have run out of half the calendar. Some have looked for alternatives, like Oslo or Zurich. We have Stockholm, Rome, Berlin, Brussels and Doha ahead of us, which have already postponed it. It is not a very complete calendar, but it is attractive. What Monaco is at a very good squad level, very complete, I think it's the World Championship this year ”.

5,000 viewers and a strict protocol

"From what you see, it goes forward with all the laws, they have their own protocol already confirmed, with 5,000 people in the stadium with almost 20,000 capacity, security measures ensured, guaranteed distance between athletes and the public ... It seems that it will be the big event in anticipation. There are very big losses, Zurich and Oslo had their grace what they mounted, but obviously it is not what we are used to. It is the hope that we have, that the athletes arrive well. That is another, eIt's very difficult to get to the first big competition and perform at your best”.

The unknown with TOP athletes

“There is a great unknown after the confinement. Many people have complained, for example Hassan, who was confined to the hotel in Ethiopia without being able to leave, almost unable to do anything. With a depression and an obsession to clean everything. There are athletes like that who have been affected a lot, but then there are cases of Bromell, Brazier, Cheptegei, Warholm, who have shown that they are in shape, that they have trained quite normally. There are people who are fine. Duplantis is taking shape little by little; he has complained about his stay in Louisiana. It is difficult to get to this first level competition because athletes get into shape based on competitions and going little by little. Cheptegei has done previous tests, Duplantis also, Ortega ... to get in. It is complicated especially in technical tests ”.

The 110 hurdles: Three world medalists in Doha

Holloway, Lagarde and Ortega were medalists in Doha. Holloway is at an optimal level, not butt obviously. The problem is also a bit to see how they get motivated without that goal of the Olympics. The psychological part is tough for many athletes. That uncertainty also affects them. There is no margin for much failure, correction, because if you fail it is over, there is not much less. It is not a long season that will allow you to make modifications or changes. That single shot is what makes the competition more unpredictable ”.

1,500: Cheruiyot vs. Ingebrigtsen

“In 1,500 the duel between Cheruiyot and Ingebrigtsen is not something to take into account. He has lost Manangoi, who is the one who was pulling him; Let's see how the loss of a training partner affects him psychologically. The Ingegbrigtsen have shown that the first part of the season has gone well for them, especially for Jakob. Now it is the cornerstone, to arrive at a meeting like Monaco with the tradition of 1,500. They will not have many more shots of this level, with hares, and it is a little that attracts the most attention ”.

Duplantis vs. Kendricks on pole

“Kendricks for what he showed in the duel they did in the home gardens is far from his best. Duplantis was in Louisiana, the facilities were closed, she went to Sweden, but the problem is that her father, who is American, did not let her leave, so it was her mother, who is the one who takes physical preparation, who was guiding her . For two months as he said he played more golf than athletics, we have even seen him compete in this sport. Now he has resumed, he has competed in several competitions, he is going to more and the expectations are good for the future, but without being at the level that we saw him in winter in Torun and in Glasgow with world records ”.

Female height, among Ukrainians

“Johnson-Thompson is very good at contests. Normally the profile of the heptathletes almost all are good in competitions. She is more focused on heptathlon obviously, but she is a top level athlete. The two Ukrainians, Levchenko just jumped two meters, Mahuchikh has also jumped this winter I think more than twice over the two. We saw her fight face to face in Doha with Lasitskene (They finished both at 2:04). It's funny because the female height is going through a bad time and the male is not at the same level ”.

The female 100, Elaine Thompson thing

Elaine Thompson is doing great. She is an athlete who has suffered many injuries, especially in Achilles, in recent years. I think she is showing us now that she is very well and a priori she is the great favorite, without a doubt, she has no color in the case of 100. Then there can always be surprises and there can be problems of jet lag, changing countries, traveling, change schedules. It can affect Americans because it is the first long trip they are going to make”.

Muir goes for 1,000

“Muir comes from doing 1:59 in Trieste. It's very good. The case of the Ugandan athletes is that the facility was closed to them and they have not had a tartan and we do not know if she (Nakaayi) or if Cheptegei will be able to arriveThey have asked the government to mobilize so that they could travel and have had to be more aware of the bureaucratic issue. It is difficult to know what could happen because we are in a time of the pandemic full of uncertainties and politicians can change the regulations from one week to the next. We are not scientists and we cannot know anything. With the Africans there will be doubts until the last minute ”.

“Warholm must be highlighted, who from 7th Street (he always asks for it, it is his fetish street) will try again to look for a great brand in the 400 hurdles. It will be a meeting of level in an emblematic place that will help us to take off our overalls ”.

The Spanish

At the Monegasque appointment we will have several Spanish representatives. In the 3,000 obstacles there will be up to three: Fernando Carro, Daniel Arce and Ibrahim Ezzaydouni; In the 110 hurdles Orlando Ortega will be one of the favorites; Esther Guerrero will participate in the 5,000; Jesús Gómez will run the 1,500; Ouassim Oumaiz will participate in the men's 5,000.

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