News : Preview, schedules and television of the Spanish Athletics Championship of La Nucía

News :

Preview, schedules and television of the Spanish Athletics Championship of La Nucía

María Vicente, during the Madrid Meeting / Twitter María Vicente
María Vicente, during the Madrid Meeting / Twitter María Vicente

Highlights After a meeting in Madrid in the new Vallehermoso stadium, the thing is still premiering and the new and lustrous track of La Nucía, in Alicante, will host a spectacular Spanish Championship and that it will be the best prelude to the Doha World Cup, the great athletic event of this 2019. The best national athletes of the moment will attend this weekend in what will be two days of passion and high level. It will be, eye to data, also the last train to find the minimum for the competition in Qatar.

The list of registered includes all the stars of the national athletics, with the exception of Bruno Hortelano, that with some problems in the Achilles heel he cannot be competing and defending what was achieved last year in Getafe. Nor will the marathoners be, since its championship of Spain already disputed previously.

Ortega and Peleteiro, headliners

However, it will be Ana Peleteiro, which this Thursday competes in the final of the Diamond League in Zurich against the best in the world. He will also compete in the spectacular track of La Nucía (Alicante) Orlando Ortega, He has an impressive 2019 with seven wins in his last nine races. It must have no rival.

They will also be on this date Héctor Santos and Eusebio Cáceres competing in the long jump, while Pablo Torrijos returns in the triple jump. The eternal Angel David Rodriguez It will be one of the referents in the 100 meters, while the 200 seem something of Pol Retamal. Husillos is the great candidate in about 400 meters in which Lucas Búa will be missed.

In the 800 meters Álvaro de Arriba He is the big favorite, but he will have to deal with great athletes like Adrián Ben, Mariano García or Ignacio Fontes, while Kevin Lopez party as sole candidate in the 1,500. The absence of Mechaal leaves the 5,000 much more open, with Sergio Jiménez, Juan Antonio ‘chiqui’ Pérez and Tariku Novales as candidates for the final triumph.

Sergio Fernández should have no rival in the 400 hurdles, as well as the enrachado Fernando Carro in the 3,000 obstacles. The hammer seems a thing of Javier Cienfuegos, the height of Miguel Ángel Sancho, the record of Lois Maikel Martinez, the weight of Carlos Tobalina and the pole of Adrián Vallés.

In the decatlon Jorge Urena will look for the title and the minimum to be in Doha, while in the 10,000 meters march the three representatives will compete in the next World Cup, that is, Miguel Ángel López, Diego García and Álvaro Martín.

Great 1,500 women

With regard to women, there will be many more sources of interest besides Peleteiro. Paula Seville he will look for the double in the 100 and 200 meters, although in the double hectometer they will have to do with the young woman Jaël Bestuand. Auri Lorena Bokesa is the great star of the 400, while the 800 has been somewhat orphaned with the final departure of Esther Guerrero to 1,500, which will be one of the star tests. In addition to the Catalan athlete, the classics will also be Marta Pérez and Solange Pereira.

Maitane Melero it seems the best in the 5,000 while Charity Jerez Aim for the title in the 100 meter hurdles. Irene Sánchez Writeor part as top candidate in the 3,000 obstacles, Saleta Fernández In the height, Look Bartholomew in the pole and Fatima Diame in length

In the releases, on the other hand, the eternal Úrsula Ruiz will look for a new crown, Berta Castells It is the great reference in the hammer, June Kintana on disk and Arantza Moreno in the javelin.

Maria Vicente you must master the heptatlon, leaving an exciting 10-kilometer march test that will feature María Pérez, Raquel González, Lidia Sánchez Pueblo and Laura García Caro.

In short, between Saturday and Sunday, the best Spanish athletes of the moment will vibrate in La Nucía, in a spectacular setting where everyone will give their best.


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