News : Preview, schedules, duels and where to see the 10,000 Spanish Championship

News : Preview, schedules, duels and where to see the 10,000 Spanish Championship

Chiki Pérez, one of the favorites in the 10.000 Torrevieja / LBDC

The outdoor athletics season heats up with the celebration, this coming Saturday, of the Spanish Championship of 10,000 meters (absolute-sub23) and 5,000m (sub20-sub18) in Torrevieja, in which it will be the first track racing championship of the season, in the return of this specialty to the tartan after a year 2020 in which it could not be celebrated due to the pandemic.

The Daniel Plaza Athletics Stadium is hosting the competition this Saturday, which for the first time in history, since this championship is held separately from the group of its category, is held in Alicante.

Eight titles at stake

In total, eight national titles are at stake in the absolute and sub23 categories over the 10,000 meter distance and sub20 and sub18 over the 5,000 meter distance. The tests will begin at 3:30 p.m. with a RFEA control in 3,000m obstacles (women and men) and, then, and continuously, the afternoon session will begin where race after race will be held until the last test scheduled for 19:55 hours

The event will have strict health and prevention measures against COVID-19. The use of masks, mandatory in all facilities, the protocols for cleaning, disinfection and hygiene in spaces and competition equipment, taking the temperature at the entrances and the minimum safety distance of 1.5 m throughout the stadium are some of the measures to be carried out. Likewise, there will be a “COVID-19 Protection Team”, whose mission will be to ensure compliance with the AntiCOVID protocol.

Without the current champions

In absolute category The current champions, Antonio Abadía and Trihas Gebre will not be present, who achieved the title in 2019, although the list of entries is remarkable with their mind set on the preselection to configure the team that will participate in the 10,000m European Cup to be played in Birmingham (GBR) on June 5. It will also be a great opportunity to achieve Olympic minimums for Tokyo 2020 (Men 27:28:00 / Women 31.25.00).

The men’s event is headed by the one who was champion in 2017, the manchego Juan Antonio ‘Chiki’ Pérez, which a little less than a month ago achieved fourth place in the Spanish Cross Championship held in Getafe. On the track, Chiki is a consummate specialist, not in vain accumulating three second places in the European Cup of 10,000.

The range of rivals is wide and of enormous category, such as the current 5,000m champion of Spain Abdessamad Oukhelfen, who was already champion of Spain under 23 in 2019, Yago Rojo (29:10 en route), Jesus Ramos (28.22.42) Spanish leader in 2020, Ismael Quinonez (29: 14.78 in 2018), Raúl Ambush (29: 09.56 in 2018) or the veteran Jose Spain (28: 51.66 MP in 2012.

Melero and Galimany, favorites

In the women’s event, all the prominence falls on the two athletes with the best resumes of those registered: the Navarrese Maitane Melero, twice champion of Spain of 5,000m meters and who arrives with a personal best of 32: 27.00 achieved in 2019 in the European Cup, and the marathon Marta Galimany, Spanish time record holder on the track last year and with a personal mark of 33: 34.73 also in 2019 (and 33.29 in 10km route), immersed in his Olympic preparation for Tokyo, where he already has the minimum in marathon.

Both start with guarantees of opting for the title in a test in which the names of Claudia Estévez (33:46 in 10km route), Meritxell Soler (34:11), Alicia Pérez (34:13), María Ureña (34.32) also stand out. ) and Yésica Mas (34:45), among others.

Category sub’23

In the sub23 category, taking into account the registration marks, they start with options Fernando Rial (29.58.23 in 2021), Alejandro Onís (30.23.29), Eduardo Menacho (30.42 in 10km route), Antonio Joan Solergibert (30.47), Diego Menéndez (30:47) and Miguel Baidal (30:53) and, in women, a very open range of candidates such as Laia Casajoana (16: 57.0), Carla Arce (17: 07.84), who was champion in 2019 in the sub20, Alicia Berzosa (17: 24.82), Irene Lorenzo (17: 28.62), Naima Aït Alibou (36: 43.0) or Carlota Rodes (36: 44.00).

Category sub’20

In the sub20 category, men stand out Manuel Jiménez (14: 51.83 in 2020), Jaime Migallón (15: 03.93) who was the champion of Spain sub18 in 2020, Gerard Ribé (14: 59.66) or Forsido Tabernero (15: 00.82 in 2021) , while in women the current Spanish cross champion of the category, Carla Domínguez, starts as a great favorite, who will make her first “cincomil”. Among her most dangerous rivals are María Forero (17.30.70), champion in 2020 in the sub18 and the obstacle player Nara Elipe (18: 04.01), runner-up in the sub18 last year.

Category sub’18

Finally, in the sub18 category, the protagonist of exception will be the Aragonese Sergio del Barrio, a record collector last year in the sub16 category who will debut in a distance in which Mesfin Escamilla appears (14: 46.03 in 2021 which places him eighth Spanish of all times) as his great rival, although Ronaldo Olivo (8: 38.27 in 3,000m) can also be dangerous.

In women, all the ballots point to the Asturian Mariam Benkert (17: 07.11 in 2021 who is placed second of all time), who was second last year in Tarragona, after the now sub20 María Forero; To surprise, there are the sisters San Román, Ania (17: 31.56) and Lydia (17: 58.62) or Aroa Calvo (18: 09.56)

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