News : Preview, schedules, television and athletes of the National Cross of Zaragoza

News :

Preview, schedules, television and athletes of the National Cross of Zaragoza

Ouassim Oumaiz, in an image of a cros / EFE

(RFEA) .- A total of 559 athletes belonging to 17 regional federations, will participate this Sunday March 8, in the Spanish Cross Country Championship which reaches its 102nd edition. It is one of the star events of the calendar of winter competitions of Spanish athletics and will take place in the Plaza Linear Park, with the presence of the elite of the Spanish fund, in which Aragon wants to be a protagonist especially in the absolute career of men with the presence of the Zaragozans Toni Abadía Y Carlos Mayo. In females, the best trick of Aragonese is the monsoon oscense Cristina Mirror.

Catalonia defends crown

In men defends the title Catalonia, which is also the federation with more titles (38), followed by Madrid (18). And everything points to a memorable hand in hand between these two federations, with permission from Castilla y León and to a lesser extent from Aragon, with a smaller wardrobe.

Catalonia goes out with Ayad Lamdassem -all guarantee for its regularity, as well as champion in 2011-2014 and 2018-, the obstacles Ibrahim Ezzaydouni and Ibrahim Chakir, with the last two Spanish champions of 3000 under cover, Artur Bossy (2019) and Adel Mechaal (2020) who won the cross title in 2017, and with the Moroccan national athlete Mourad El Bannouri. A great team

Madrid appears with Fernando Carro - Spanish record holder of 3,000 obstacles - with Jesús Ramos, Yago Rojo, Mohamed Jelloul and José España, five athletes with the common denominator of regularity. On the Madrid side, Sergio Jiménez also competes in an individual chapter, that is, he does not score for the team. Castilla y León has Daniel Arce, Raúl Celada, Massim Hassaous, Jorge Blanco and the marathon runner Daniel Mateo.

Aragon, with the two big favorites

Aragon will present a battle with two candidates for the title, Toni Abadía - champion in 2015 and 2016 - and Carlos Mayo, both in an extraordinary moment of form, completing team with Fernando Gil, Víctor Puyuelo, Jesús Ángel Olmos and the Moroccan Omar Oughzif.

Other prominent athletes who lead their respective federations are Chiki Pérez (Castilla La Mancha), Houssame Benabbou and Ricardo Rosado (Extremadura), Alejandro Fernández (Galicia), Camilo Santiago (La Rioja), Iván Fernández (Basque Country), Sebastián Martos (Andalusia) and the three-time world triathlon champion, the Balearic Mario Mola, who in 2009 won the U20 title in the edition held in Albacete and a year later the silver medal in the U23 category in La Coruña, before moving definitively to the sports discipline that has given it deserved worldwide fame.

Yes, Ouassim Oumaiz will participate, current champion, who was going to end the winter season, but he has rethought and will be at the starting line.

Sánchez-Escribano, favorite in females

In women, Castilla y León won a year ago, which already has 13 golds per team, three more than Catalonia (10) and one more than Madrid (9), but in Zaragoza the favorite team is the “other castile”, the most south, that is, Castilla-La Mancha that takes in its ranks the "boss" of the Spanish cross country, the Irene Sánchez-Escribano, unbeaten before Spanish since he won the runner-up a year ago in Cáceres, in addition to three other athletes who wear gals, María José Pérez, Ana Lozano and Dunia Mahassin. A fearsome foursome.

Castilla y León will defend itself with the always solvent Blanca Fernández de la Granja and Gema Martín as the main assets of a team in which they close with Estela Navascués and Lidia Campo.
Attention to the Madrid team with a training in which Azucena Díaz, Elena García Grimau, Lucia Morales, Diana Martín and Clara Viñaras are ranked as the most outstanding athletes.

On the Aragonese side Cristina Espejo shines, although the host team does not add the numbers as well as men. Another formation that will speak is that of Asturias, which includes Paula González, winner in Soria, and Beatriz Álvarez as spearheads, as well as Tania Carretero and Teresa Urbina by Extremadura. In the team of Navarra appears an athlete that could disturb Irene Sánchez-Escribano, we refer to the champion of Spain of 3000, Maitane Melero.

Other renowned athletes are: Isabel Macías (Aragón), Zulema Fuentes-Pila (Cantabria), the Spanish marathon champion, Marta Galimany (Catalonia), Carolina Robles (Andalusia) and Laura Méndez (Valencian Community). While the two most significant absences are the Basque athletes Elena Loyo and the six-time champion Trihas Gebre (2014/2019), already back in Spain, but out of shape as a result of a long stay in Ethiopia, his country of origin, for a serious family matter.


11:30 - U20 Women - 6,300 meters
12h00 - U20 Men - 6,300 meters
12h25 - Absolute and U23 Women - 10,300 meters
13h15 - Absolute and U23 Men - 10,300 meters

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