News : Preview, schedules, television and details of the 2020 Valencia Marathon

News : Preview, schedules, television and details of the 2020 Valencia Marathon

Valencia will live a race of a brutal level / Valencia Ciudad del Running

It has made us suffer. Until a few weeks before it had not been possible to have the total guarantee that it would be possible to dispute and, above all, how. The uncertainty due to the evolution of the pandemic, the will to rush to the maximum to dream that the popular could also be part of the party. The Trinidad Alfonso EDP 2020 Valencia Marathon will be held on the scheduled date (December 6), but only elite athletes will be able to be at the start. At the same time, a virtual version will be held for the popular ones, hoping that the waters will lower calmer in 2021. To understand the dimension of what this edition will be, in which the poster is undoubtedly the best in history, we chat with Juan Bottle, the manager of the organizing club, the SD Correcaminos.

It has been a difficult year. We are not going to complain because it has been for everyone, but it is true that we have had to make provisions for many race alternatives and it has been very difficult to see the immediate future that awaited us. Pro had the faith and the conviction that the correct way was to continue doing the event, with the restrictions that it had. Limit, we would see how according to the evolution of the pandemic. In September, after evaluating the situation, we already knew what was the model that we could have, restricted to the elite, limited, and that our illusion should be to maintain an event that has taken many years and effort, to give it international prestige. . It must be a real punch in the face of the coronavirus, an event held in order to continue to keep the flame of sport alive and help international athletes. If we can cooperate in the athletics environment, to achieve those minimums for Tokyo, obviously better.

What a crazy year, Juan. I imagine that for the organizers it will not have been easy at all …

“Several factors coincide that make this marathon a unique event. Of course, what marks us the most is the coronavirus, we must ensure that the event is not a problem or a risk for the participants and volunteers or for the city of Valencia. They will see us from many parts of the world and we must set an example of responsibility. The coronavirus world is joined by the fact that we are going to have a career as big or bigger than an Olympic final. This influences the individualized treatment of athletes ”.

Marathon and a half the same day and, in addition, with a brutal poster both.

“We already had a 10k parallel to the marathon, which precisely this year stopped running, to allow a small city like Valencia to focus only on the Marathon and make room for more people. It is not new for us to have a parallel career. What it is is to make it at the level of what this average will be. It is a tremendous challenge in both categories, men and women, to get closer to the world records. From the first minute we were clear that this parallel half marathon had to be held because we had the possibility of hiring athletes the size of Rhonex Kipruto, Kiplimo, Gidey or Teferi, which last year won with 1:05 in Valencia. We had to take advantage of that confluence of stars in an athletics day that we as fans would love to see. They will grab the attention of sports fans internationally. It is our illusion to build tests like this ”.

What a ‘gig’ the international coach Marc Roig will have had to choose the athletes …

We would have liked to say yes to all athletes. To start with, there were the 30,000 who had signed up and made a commitment to Valencia. We have the undone soul of saying no to people. With the elite equal, we could have had another marathon with 200 or 300 people in competition. But you have to be selective. The Games have no more than 130-140 participants and we cannot overstate a race that will be unfeasible with 600 participants ”.

“But in the end, they have chosen athletes who interested the organization because they are capable of reaching the goals we set ourselves: trying to break the test records: Alayew (2:03:51) and his compatriot Dereje (2:18:30). We want athletes who can get close. We have also taken care of Spanish athletics, we have many more than normal. And also give priority to those athletes who have previously committed to Valencia. Many have knocked on the door this last month, but we already have a full quota with those who initially committed to Valencia. On December 6, let’s not forget that a race is being held in the midst of a pandemic and that it requires the cooperation of all ”.

What circuit will the participants meet on December 6?

The circuit eIt is very similar to the World Half Marathon, which was very fast. Despite the hurricane wind that it made, the women’s record was broken. We hope that with a more favorable weather and with the elimination of a couple of curves it will be possible to run even better. The athletes will go downhill from the Monteolivete bridge. It has a small incline, the first kilometer has five favorable meters. This is a first kilometer for the leading group, which will surely go about 2: 55 / km, they will do it with the feeling of doing 2:57 or 2:58. It is something perfectly regulatory since the difference between start and finish in both 21 and 42 is 13 meters. We have tried to polish all the edges of the circuit to make it faster than ever. The last five kilometers in the half marathon are very favorable and normally at this time of year we will find ourselves downwind, with our backs turned. From km 6-7 to 10-11 hi if we could find some headwind ”.

What a constellation of stars they are going to meet …

Is a level of a London or Berlin marathon and even with much higher density. Are you talking about what there is practically 24 athletes who have accredited less than 2h07. There is also a newcomer like Jemal Yimer who has an average of 58:33 and is in a magnificent state as we are told. You’ve named some like Legese (third best world record ever), Alayew last year won the marathon and has not competed since. He is still a young athlete because he has not been so crushed. We must not rule him out to walk around 2:03. Gebreselassie is an old acquaintance because he won in 2018. 2019 did not go well for him, but they tell us that he has trained under very favorable conditions in recent months ”.

“Lawrence Cherono has won Boston and Chicago in the last year. The American circuit runs a lot, they don’t have hares. He hasn’t made any flash marks, but he’s a real killer. Desisa is a winner in New York 2018 and world champion. Kiprop, who has only done one marathon in his life (2h04: 40). We are in a brutal cast. Nor do we talk about Abel and Geoffrey Kirui or even covered up like Kibrom, who is doing training to be in 2: 03-04. Some others like Chaludeso, Kemboi, Ayana… people who are training at the 2:03 level. Then obviously the competition puts you where it puts you.

The international women’s marathon

Something similar happens in women. The two tests are very, very open, the level is very even. There are five that are down from 2:20. On the list is Jepchirchir who is in a state of grace. There is Joan Chelimo, who is a 2:05 average runner. Chemutai debuts, who gave a lot to talk about two years ago in a half marathon and who has had many injuries since then. In short, a tremendous group. There are two to watch out for, Yimer, and Azemiraw. Very young, 21 and 22 years old, who have only done one marathon in their life and they have done 2h19. The level is of a depth that gives vertigo. It is a career that I am excited to talk about because I would love to enjoy it on the couch.

National athletes

We shouldn’t be surprised if Spain’s men’s and women’s records were broken. There has never been so much Spanish talent in a single marathon on Spanish soil. Hamid Ben Daoud is the best credited athlete with 2:07:33 and we know that he is in good shape and is very aggressive and passes the first half very quickly. The day that comes out can be at 2:05 perfectly. There’s Lamdassem, who just made a personal best in a half marathon at 39. He has 2:09, watch out for him. Ivan Fernández, an athlete who finally managed to get down from 2:10 in Seville. Camilo Santiago, who was the great winner of the last marathon in Valencia and it will have a lot to say. What to say about Dani Mateo, who in recent international competitions has been the best Spanish. Toni’s debut, his training partner Chiki Pérez …

In women here yes what the figure of Marta Galimany and her state of grace dazzles us alls. We hope you will be able to update Ana Isabel Alonso’s old and respectable record of 2:26:51. In case I didn’t have an inspired day, there is Elena Loyo, Alicia Perez, so many runners of the highest level… Gema Barrachina after her motherhood, the debut of Tere Urbina, Nuria Lugueros…

A Media that has nothing to envy

The debut of Rhonex Kipruto, which we already saw in Valencia in January at the 10k Ibercaja that feels like a fish in water, has a gigantic dimension. It is considered that the hares will take him between 27: 35-40 to try to approach or beat the record from Geoffrey Kamworor’s world. But there are more candidates. Jacob Kiplimo, still younger than him, born in 2000, he just won the world championship on his debut in Poland. He did 58:49 going quite slowly for the first 5 kilometers and he looked fresh as a rose. This summer on the track he has gone off and is a bad travel companion if you have not released him before to fight them in the last kilometers. Kandie, someone else you name is going to be in the race. He is the only human that this year has dropped three times from 59:00. He is a ‘front runner’, he always shoots, he is not afraid of anything. And he knows what it’s like to beat Kiplimo at the San Silvestre de Sao Paulo. Then Ngueno, Mutiso, Wanders, Philemon Kiplimo, Koech… a very important cast ”.

“As Spaniards we have Javi Guerra, Tariku Novales, Carlos Mayo, a very promising Valencian athlete like Nacho Giménez. We have to regret the loss of Adel Mechaal, who has notified that he will not be able to be due to physical problems ”.

The female average

“The gidey’s debut outshines everything in the women’s event. Along with her, the debut of Dibaba, the world record holder of 1,500, is to tremble as well. We don’t think he’s capable of beating Gidey. It is 5.00 world runner-up0 and it will surely make people talk. There is Teferi, who won last year, who by the way has passed the coronavirus a few months ago. Along with them are Laura Mendez, Elena García, Mariajo Pérez. It is a reduced test, with few people, where the objectives are clear: to get closer to the world records. It will be another great incentive ”.


“We want to give the half-marathon a leading role for many minutes so that it can be enjoyed. At 8 o’clock the marathon will start, at 8.30, so when the men and women of the average are arriving there is a long marathon to enjoy ”.

“The only thing I have left to tell is that we hope that in normal weather conditions, on a good day, we could have 75 athletes below the Olympic minimum for Tokyo.”

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