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Preview, schedules, television and details of the Valencia Marathon 2019

Leul Gebrselassie, winner of 2018 / Valencia Marathon

Few or probably nobody knows better than him everything behind Valencia Marathon. This race, this party, which has become a worldwide reference and will live its 39th edition on December 1. Again with a poster of elite elite athletes, with record registrations and with the feeling of unstoppable growth, Juan Botella tells us about figures, goals, dreams in the 2 × 25 program of the Radio del Corredor. He is the manager of the mythical Correcaminos Sports Society, organizing club of the race.

How is this new edition of the Valencia Marathon presented?

“It is presented with great enthusiasm. In the Road Runner SD we have been working for a year that is the most difficult yet, which is to try to make it a little better than the previous year. To begin with, we already have a record, in this case of registered, we have known since last July, when they reached 25,000 seats in the marathon, the top we had set, 3,000 more than in the previous edition, to size the event properly and achieve the levels of attention and quality required ”.

What will the 2019 circuit be like? Drop us all the details.

“There is no variation in the circuit. We have maintained it. We believe it is the best possible circuit with the orography and planimetry of the city of Valencia. At least this year the improvement works in the city allow us to repeat it, it is not always possible, but we will take advantage of it to continue entrusting ourselves to this route that will lead us to do a little better than the previous year and allow runners feel comfortable with their goals. ”

“The race leaves (new) from the same place, but it turns out that the confluence receives a new name, the‘ Plaza del Marathon ’, in honor of the test. It crosses the bridge of Monteolivete and immediately goes to the maritime zone of the city. They are kilometers, these first five, where you are quite protected between buildings and that give way to about seven kilometers that may be the least sheltered area and present some complication. maybe around kilometer 10-11 there may be a little wind, but we quickly get back into town. ”

“The second half marathon is much more favorable than the first If you leave content you can trust everything to be traced in the second part because it contains very favorable and favorable areas, but also a lot of shelter from buildings. Perhaps the most committed kilometer of all is between 29 and 30 because it crosses the center of the city and those long and large streets are abandoned and something heavier can be done through that area. But right away you get into the last five kilometers, which become a ‘tourmalet’ for the encouragement of people and the most normal thing is to blow wind in favor and that an unbeatable opportunity to squeeze in that final stretch. ”

Tell us about the participants. The number of foreigners does not stop growing ...

“We can make an inventory practically that is the fija still photo’ that we have since we closed the inscriptions in July. We are talking about a race of 25,000 athletes in which approximately 19% are women, a one point rise from the previous year; the number of foreigners continues to grow and is almost 40%; There are practically 10,000 people, 12,000 if we add the 10k. Around 34% are people from outside the Valencian Community and, finally, from our community there are about 7,000. The number of local corridors is homogeneous, it remains, and what grows is the number of foreign corridors, which has a great impact on the city's tourism. Overnight, consume, eat, eat dinner, bring their families, want to share it with theirs and accompany you on that great trip. We don't stop congratulating each other because The Valencia Marathon has become the annual sporting event that generates the most impact In our city".

What would be the recommendations for those who premiere in the distance in Valencia?

“Whenever something is faced for the first time the most important thing is to be calm and be cautious and listen to those who have participated in other editions. We at the Corridor Fair have a space called 'The Corner of the Debutante', which are two talks on Friday and Saturday from 6:00 pm where the director of medical services, an athletic trainer, an expert in podiatry , they will give some clues to that premiere. But obviously the most important thing is to have prepared well, have the respect that distance deserves, face it wisely because you are starting a new adventure for your body and for him. The first is to take land and enjoy. ”

The debut of Chiki Pérez generates many expectations ...

“Chiki is living a dream 2019 in its transit from athlete from track to route. It already became the 10k in the third Spanish that drops from 28 ’on the road and in the middle marathon has had a superlative behavior. We thought he would be in a position to beat his personal 1h02 ’mark of 2018, but that 1h00: 58 is brutal, more being aware that he achieved it in full preparation for the marathon. That tells us that it projects a gigantic brand in the marathon, of course well below the Olympic minimum. But Chiki Pérez will not be alone, because with him will be Camilo Santiago, who dropped from 1h02 in the average, Lamdassem, Jaume Leiva, Iraitz Arrospide (current world champion in 50km en route), also Emilio Martín ... also girls like Marta Stephen. We have a very complete cast. I think that a marathon on Spanish soil has not generated so much expectation for a long time. ”

What goals do you set for yourself at the results level?

“The goal at the international level is to improve the two test records: 2:04:31 in men and 2:21:14 in the case of women. Get as close as possible to the top-5. It means being at 2:03 and peak and in women being around 2h18 ’. It is very ambitious because only five marathons in history have succeeded. Of course we have arguments to get excited about these goals because there are several athletes capable of running in 2h03 and several runners capable of being in 2h18’-19 ’. We will go out with the groups of hares at these rates, but also behind we do not want there to be a vacuum and that is why we have 68 men with a level less than or equal to 2h20 'and around 66 women with a lower or similar level at 2h45 ′ ”.

Describe to us everything behind organizing a test of this caliber ...

“The marathon is now very similar to a movie of these that in the 60s were blockbusters. There are many people who make it possible. I want to start with the oldest because without the people who 40 years ago in the Road Runner founded this club, we would not be here. Currently there is a fixed group of about 18 people who work all year around the Valencia Marathon. When the previous months arrive that number is increasing and It stands at about 300 people. We have a very important deployment in the City of Arts and Sciences to transform the impressive environment of this Valencian monumental complex into a goal on water. 32,000 people with their 32,000 broker bags. Our warehouse looks like a warehouse of an industrial estate ”.

“The test has a very important intervention of the local police (about 300 troops), but also of the National, of civil protection, of a fabulous deployment in terms of ambulances, the largest Red Cross deployment in Spain. There will be a group of 25 intensivists or anesthetists throughout the race and, in addition, there are 20 doctors who will be running at different rates during the test properly identified. The race has a national television coverage through Teledeporte, autonomous through A punt and international through our non-geolocated streaming. There will be athletes of many nationalities that will play minimums for national games and record brands and that will attract viewers from all over the world. ”

But the race will not only be the kick off Sunday ...

“There are 2,100 volunteers that I don't want to forget. Some of them will already be working that week on some of the important points of the test. The presentation will be Thursday afternoon at the City of Arts and Sciences (19:00). Friday opens the Fair at 9 in the morning. The schedule will be from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., we will have the press conference of the elite athletes that same day at 12:00 p.m. On Saturday we will have the ‘Mini Marathon’, where there will be 1,000 children competing in short events, the ‘Breakfast Run’ at 9 in the morning with the participation of 1,500 people, the ‘Paella Party’, a healthy meal to receive all the participants they want; and on Saturday at 9:00 pm the Corridor Fair will be closed, we will give the last touches, we will turn the city into a circuit and we will wake up at 9:30 to start the 10k and the marathon from that brand new Marathon Plaza ”.

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