News : Preview, schedules, television International City of Valencia Grand Prix

News : Preview, schedules, television International City of Valencia Grand Prix

Esther, Carro and Fontes, stars of the Valencia GP

We face the indoor season with caution, but with tremendous enthusiasm. After a weekend of category and absolute regional controls and seeing the Palau Sant Jordi track in action again, weeks of a lot of activity arrive in which, unfortunately, the pandemic will continue to be very present. Especially in the stands, which will look mostly empty and where we will not be able to enjoy the unique atmosphere of indoor competitions. The national calendar arrives very loaded and One of the appointments marked in red on the calendar and that if nothing prevents it will be fought on the next 23rd of junior it will be the City of Valencia Grand Prix. The Luis Puig Velodrome will be the setting for what will be the first major test of the indoor track at the Spanish level. And with first-rate names as we will now review.

Stellar names

As the Valencian Athletics Federation assures, The stellar tests will be 3,000 in women and men. Esther Guerrero, Marta Pérez, Ana Lozano, Celia Antón, Maitane Melero, Lidia Campo, Cristina Espejo, Blanca Fernández, Carolina Robles, María José Pérez and Clara Viñarás, those registered in the women’s event. In the masculine, the presence of the national record holder is the most attractive: Fernando Carro, Dani Arce, Adrián Ben, Andreu Blanes, Ibrahim Charlie, Abderrahan El Khayami, Nacho Fontes, Sergio Jiménez, Pol Oriach, Nassim Hassaour and the doubt of Jesús Gómez, who still does not know if he will make 3,000 or 1,500.

In 300 they will be Óscar Husillos, Lucas Búa and Darwin Echeverría, while in 400 we will see Bernat Erta, Samu García, Julio Arenas, Nacho Sáez and Manu Guijarro. Quique Llopis, Luis Salort, Jorge Ureña and David Cisneros, in the 60 hurdles. Other proper names will be those of Cristina Lara, Carmen Marco, Aauri Bokesa, Salma Paralluelo, Modesta Moruskaite, Soli Pereira, Zoya Naumov, Patricia Sarrapio, Fátima Diame, Cristina Ferrando, Carmen Ramos, Igor Bychkov, Adrián Vallés, Marcos Ruiz, Sergio Solanas , Simón Siverio, Alexis Sastre …

In addition, there will be a streaming through the YouTube channel of the FACV.

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