News : Preview Tour de France 2020. Route, teams, favorites, stages and tv

News :

Preview Tour de France 2020. Route, teams, favorites, stages and tv

tour de france 2020 preview and complete guide

After months of uncertainty and tense waiting we finally have here the Tour de France 2020. A totally atypical edition that will be held later than planned and under demanding health and safety measures. The 107th edition of the most important cycling event in the world will take place between August 29 and September 20 with a demanding route that on paper should clearly benefit the great climbers.

He Tour de France 2020 Whatever happens will always be remembered as the Covid - 19 edition, it is presumed to be an authentic offensive spectacle. In one of the most mountainous editions in memory and with just 36 kilometers of time trial, the runners will have to overcome more than 3,300 kilometers before putting the classic finishing touch on the Champs-Elysées in Paris. A winding route that will test the concentration and fitness of the big favorites from day one. A different year in which, as we will see later, several names are the candidates to put the reign of Ineos in check. For the first time Bernal, Carapaz, Sivakov and company do not arrive as the only favorites at the start of the gala round.

If you are looking for the best Tour de France 2020 preview and the more complete guide with route, stages, profiles, teams, television schedules, favorites list and much more information do not miss anything that comes next. The most complete analysis so you can enjoy 21 days of true dreams.

Tour de France 2020

Analysis and keys of the Tour de France 2020

The simple fact of being here is already a victory for cycling and for the organizers of one of the most important sporting events in the world. The Covid 19 pandemic has not finally been able to join the First and Second World Wars as the only elements that stopped the dispute over the French round.

Although everything indicates that we will see one of the Tour de France strangers in history it seems clear that at least we will have a yellow jersey in Paris.

Many are the issues that are still in the air and that surround the test. What will happen to the public? What will happen to the media? What if a broker tests positive for Covid-19? The truth is that the organizers of good insurance will have all these answers well tied, but it would not surprise me if the circumstances of the moment forced them to have to improvise certain topics on the fly.

Beyond all the health issue, which has us all quite saturated, it should be noted that the 2020 Tour de France presents a tremendously attractive format and conducive to great feats.

The race will be much more complicated to control and the alternatives in the race can be easily followed.

The directors will have more work than ever and the tactics of the teams will play a crucial role in the course of the race. Just 36 kilometers of time trial (the vast majority of them uphill) do not seem enough to benefit those running on the defensive.

Egan bernal tour de france 2020 "width =" 640 "height =" 427 "srcset =" france-2020.jpg 640w, 630w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px
Egan Bernal leaves Nice as current champion

Without a team time trial, without a time trial for specialists and without paving stones, everything seems to favor runners like Landa or Quintana arrive without much time lost at high mountain stages.

All this, added to the greater freshness with which runners arrive, can cause an even higher nervousness than usual. The risk of falling during the first week will be high and more than one favorite will have to deal with something unforeseen.

For the first time, Ineos arrives with doubts. Brailsford's men are growing dwarfs this season and Jumbo Visma, hand in hand with his luxury trident, seems the team called to weaken the British team for the first time on the most demanding summits.

Egan bernal I still think that today he is the best climber in the world, but we will see how the 23-year-old Colombian is capable of managing the race in a more solitary format. Geraint Thomas and Chris Froome have been against all odds outside of the gala 8. Also the march of a luxury gregarious like Wouter poels it can have great consequences in the most demanding stages.

Jumbo Visma has alternatives of sufficient quality to pose an offensive Tour de France and with innumerable tactical variants. And although everything is presumed as a dog-face duel between Jumbo Visma and Ineos The role that teams such as Movistar, Astana, Bahrain or Thibaut Pinot's Groupama FDJ can play should not be ruled out at all.

There are several teams that should take the opportunity to benefit from this excessive vigilance.

On paper everything seems to fit together to be able to enjoy a beautiful show. We will see what ends up happening and to what extent the teams decide to run or not to attack.

Route and stages in detail

Stage 1 - Saturday August 29

Stage 1 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 401 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 320w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

Nice has finally been the chosen city that will begin and end the first stage of the 2020 Tour de France. A route of just 156 kilometers that many cyclists will know first-hand and is that a good part of the peloton lives based on the Côte d'Azur.

A slightly broken first touchdown and with up to three steps over the finish line. A complicated course that will test the nerves of the directors and the skills of the runners in the final kilometers of the race. An explosive and dangerous finish that will serve to reveal the first yellow jersey of the race. Everything that is not a mass arrival and the victory of a sprinter would surprise me a lot.

Stage 2 - Sunday August 30

Stage 2 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 410

Second stage that surprisingly will also start and end in Nice. The organizers want to minimize risks and the “Nice Bubble” that will surround the Tour is a great choice to keep the situation under control.

The route of this second stage will have nothing to do with that of the first. Mountainous day with important climbs such as Col de Turini or Col de la Colmiane. Everything indicates that we will have the first change of leader and that we will see the big favorites in action for the first time.

It is unlikely that significant differences will appear, but we will begin to determine which runners are short of form. Unlike other editions, the 2020 Tour de France does not offer an option to those who want to finish polishing the point of form in the first week. Perfect stage for any of the second swords to enjoy a day of glory. I would risk something to see Thomas de Gendt in the escape of the day.

Stage 3 - Monday, August 31

Stage 3 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 393

The arrival in Sisteron should be another opportunity to see the great sprinters in action. A journey that is not at all flat and with an end constantly poking up that more than one can choke. Golden opportunity for people like Van Aert, Sagan, Van Avermaet or Trentin.

Stage 4 - Tuesday, September 1

Stage 4 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 562 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 478w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

If I tell you that this 2020 edition does not admit clueless, it is for some reason. In the fourth stage we already have the first high finish of the race. The climb to Orcieres Merlette with its not inconsiderable 7.1 kilometers at an average 6.7% gradient should be enough to see a favorite in trouble. No one is going to win the race, but more than one can lose it. A sea of ​​doubts regarding the tactics of the teams. We will see who decides to take command and with what intention.

Stage 5 - Wednesday September 2

Stage 5 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 456 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 589w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

Stage 5 is another stage for a fast man to impose his top speed. However, the arrival in slight rise it will require that whoever wants to raise their arms starts at the right moment. The big trains will have it complicated in the final part. We will begin to know the dominators of the mass arrivals.

Stage 6 - Thursday September 3

Stage 6 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 423 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 635w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

Mont Aigoual will arrive after a completely flat stage. The runners will arrive on foot from the port fresh and this can lead to more than one try your luck from afar. On paper there should not appear great differences between the men in the general, but I would not rule out that more than one will begin to seriously move the tree.

Stage 7 - Friday September 4

Stage 7 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 410

Anything that is not taking advantage of this seventh stage would be a big mistake on the part of the sprinters teams. The imminent arrival of the Pyrenees will force you to reserve energy and it can also be a good option for the flight of the day to come to fruition. Day of apparent transition before facing the first big mountain block.

Stage 8 - Saturday September 5

Stage 8 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 445 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 604w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

Classic stage of the Pyrenees with the climbs to Menté, Balès and al Peyresourde before final descent on the way to Loudenville. I would not be surprised if someone dared to try your luck going down. Men like Roglic can take advantage of their prowess on the bike. The vigilance will be high and the big teams will want to put someone in the break with the intention of controlling the race.

Stage 9 - Sunday September 6

Stage 9 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 508 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 529w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

Day quite similar to the previous one. Mountain stage without a high end that can lead to distant attacks. We can see a busy day and the top of Marie Blanque will be the last stumbling block before arriving at Lauruns. The steep slopes, the heat and the chain of efforts can take their toll on more than one.

Rest day - Monday, September 7

Stage 10 - Tuesday, September 8

Stage 10 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 432 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 622w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

After a day of well-deserved rest, the cyclists will face a completely flat and transitional day that should serve to see the riders in action again. pure sprinters. Their teams will control the race and the escape will really be very difficult to surprise. The great complication can come from the hand of the wind and the fans. Coastal area where you should be especially attentive.

Stage 11 - Wednesday September 9

Stage 11 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 354

Poitiers may be one of the last great opportunities for sprinters. The day does not have much complication and everything that is not a mass arrival it would be really surprising.

Stage 12 - Thursday September 10

Stage 12 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 365

The goal in Sarran may leave us with some surprise and that is that the end will be difficult to control and we will hardly see a massive arrival with the whole peloton. The constant up and down the end part will wear out the strength of the runners and "PuncheurYou can take advantage of it.

Stage 13 - Friday September 11

Stage 13 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 503 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 534w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

Be very careful with this stage. I am convinced that Pas de Peyrol is going to choke more than one of them and it is that without having large ports, stage number 13 is a constant wear and tear for the riders. Up to 7 scoring ports and endless steep slopes make up one of the steepest stages of this edition.

Stage 14 - Saturday September 12

Stage 14 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 442 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 608w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

The arrival in Lyon with a pre-alpine route is anticipated as ideal for a big leak. The days will begin to take its toll and controlling the race will be increasingly difficult. The start will surely be very fast and the fight to take the break of the day will be enormous.

Stage 15 - Sunday September 13

Stage 15 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 524 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 513w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

The alps arrive at the hand of the demanding finish at the Grand Colombier. 17.4 kilometers of ascent at 7.1% of average slope with a finish that should take advantage of the great climbers. Six stages from the end of the race we will begin to see clearly which candidates aspire to the final podium in Paris. Cyclists will have no excuse to use themselves to the fullest since the next day they have a rest day.

Rest day - Monday, September 14

Stage 16 - Tuesday September 15

Stage 16 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 622 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 432w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

Stage number 16, although for my taste is somewhat decaffeinated, will mean an accumulation of more effort and the end less demanding than the previous day can serve for those who have lost time in the general to dare with a Surprise attack. On paper, huge differences are not expected.

Stage 17 - Wednesday September 16

Stage 17 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 591 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 455w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

The novel arrival at Col de la Loze It will be the last high altitude of this edition. A climb that comes after the climb to La Madeleine and that more than one team will want to blow up from below. I sense that Jumbo Visma may have it marked as the key stage. Last great chance for climbers who want to get ahead of the time trialists.

Stage 18 - Thursday September 17

Stage 18 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 516 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 521w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

This stage is presumed like a real lottery. The route and the moment are perfect for prepare a distant attack, but it would not surprise me either that more than one team will opt for a more conservative role in view of the final time trial. The attitude of the teams and the ambition of directors and riders will be as or more important than energy.

Stage 19 - Friday September 18

Stage 19 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 436 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 617w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

If we were in the first week of the race I would tell you that in Champagnole we are going to see a massive arrival. Two days after finishing the Tour I would play it that a large escape arrives. Teams that have not yet raised their arms will have one of the last opportunities to assert their participation in the French round. Stage with a nervous start and with an end that should the getaway arrive should be calm for the large group

Stage 20 - Saturday September 19

Stage 20 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 468 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 574w, https: // 80w "sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

Stage 20 will serve to meet the future winner of the 2020 Tour de France. The time trial, more of a chrono climbing, to the now classic Planche des Belle Filles will be the last big effort for those who dispute the general. Men like Roglic, Dumoulin or Sivakov could wait until this penultimate day to supposedly outpace their rivals. Cyclists like Landa, Bardet, Pinot Bernal or Quintana must arrive with a certain advantage if they aspire to do something really great in the general classification. Anything other than the victory of one of the favorites would be a surprise. I know that De Gendt has the stage between his eyebrows.

Stage 21 - Sunday September 20

Stage 21 Tour France 2020 profile "width =" 640 "height =" 401 "srcset =" 2020-Perfil.jpg 640w, 320w "sizes =" ( max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px

Little more than a walk in the Champs-Élysées to honor the brave of this edition. Stage without any complications that will put the final closure to the strangest edition of the Tour de France.

Teams and entry list

Now is the time to analyze in detail the templates of the different teams who will participate in the Tour de France 2020. Lineups of 8 riders with alternatives for the different types of stage.

Teams with a structure designed exclusively for the general and teams with a clear bet for massive arrivals. Other groups will have to make a living from afar with some getaway that comes to fruition and with runners hunting stages.

As the teams confirm their gala 8 for the Tour de France, we will update the information in more detail. At the moment we already have several confirmed cyclists.

The platoon will consist of 22 teams. 18 of them belonging to the World Tour and 4 of the continental category

MOVISTAR TEAM :, Imanol Erviti, Nelson Oliveira, Carlos Verona, Alejandro Valverde, Enric Mas

The telephone set reaches the first Tour without Nairo Quintana. Quite a challenge for those of Unzué who will have to cope with an Enric Mas who for the moment has not shown his best version and with an Alejandro Valverde who will have it complicated in the toughest days.

I believe that Movistar must run to the attack and for the first time prioritize the stage wins over the results of the general classification. It is strange to think that they can aspire to something more than a Top 10. Their riders have more than enough individual quality to give joy in the form of partial wins.

An atypical Tour for Movistar that could benefit from running with less pressure. Unlike last year, few are those who expect a great result from their part so this can help them in the management of the race.

AG2R LA MONDIALE: Romain Bardet, Auréliene Paret Peintre, Mikael Cherel, Oliver Naesen, Pierre Latour

Romain Bardet will face his last Tour de France with AG2R before leaving the Lavenu structure for his new adventure together with the Sunweb team.

Alienation has been tailored to wrap the French leader in the toughest stages. In a dynamic similar to that of other years the team is likely to sacrifice the aspirations of certain riders in order to fight for the podium in Paris. Bardet already knows what it is to step on the red carpet but Bernal's definitive irruption, the consolidation of runners like Roglic or Dumoulin can make it difficult to achieve the objectives. Latour, Naesen, Vuillermoz or Gallopin could take advantage of their quality to make a good getaway.

ASTANA: Miguel Ángel López, Alexey Lutsenko, Ion Izagirre, Gorka Izagirre, Omar Fraile

Great equipment that Astana brings to this Tour de France. Miguel Angel López must be his best man in the general classification and the rest of the runners will in principle have a certain freedom to make a living on their own. With Fuglsang apparently focused on the Giro d'Italia, Superman will lead the Kazakh side for the first time in the French round. The Colombian ends his contract this season so he will have a golden opportunity to show that he really is an aspiring grand tour. With riders like Omar Fraile, the Izagirre brothers or Lutsenko it would not be surprising if Astana went home with more than one win.

BAHRAIN MCLAREN: Mikel Landa, Damiano Caruso, Pello Bilbao, Wout Poels, Dylan Teuns, Sonny Colbrelli

Mikel Landa arrives with the permission of Teuns and Poels as the great leader of the Asian team. The Alava will not have the pressure that he had in a Spanish team like Movistar and we already know that it suits the good Mikel very well.

We have always seen the best version running as an “outsider” or as a “gregarious” so this year it could be one of the great covers for the general classification. In the last return to Burgos we already saw him perform at a very good level in the mountains.

In the bedroom, the team has talented runners like Caruso, Bilbao or Mohoric. I would be surprised if he went home empty.

Mikel Landa tour de france "width =" 640 "height =" 427 "srcset =" .jpg 640w, 630w "sizes =" (max-width: 640px ) 100vw, 640px
Mikel Landa running against can benefit from the vigilance between Ineos and Jumbo Visma

BORA- HANSGROHE: Peter Sagan, Emanuel Buchmann, Lennard Kamna, Maximilian Schachmann, Daniel Oss, Lukas Postlberger,

Emanuel Buchmann was without a doubt the pleasant surprise of the last edition. The German was about to sneak onto the podium proving that there is life beyond Peter Sagan.

The Slovakian will be present again in an edition that on paper should provide him with more opportunities than in other years. The Slovakian is not enjoying his best results but his talent is capable of giving us anything. Schachman already saw in Paris Nice that he is also a rider to take into account. Very solid block and able to shine on all terrains.

CCC TEAM: Greg Van Avermeat, Matteo Trentin, Alessandro De Marchi, Ilnur Zakarin, Simon Geschke, Michael Schar, Serge Pauwels,

One of the few teams that does not bring any rider to aspire to the general. The CCC will have all its hopes pinned on stage victories. For this he brings here an extremely competitive block that can benefit from surveillance among the favorites. Classics of the first rank like Van Avermaet and specialists in numerous getaways like Pauwels, De Marchi or Geschke. Zakarin should be his best man on the mountain and Trentin should aim for some partial triumph in the more difficult arrivals.

TEAM SUNWEB: Tiesj Benoot, Cees Bol, Nicolas Roche, Jasha Sutterlin, Marc Hirschi, Soren Kragh Andersen.

I think the Sunweb comes to this Tour more aware of the arrival of Bardet than of the 2020 edition. Tiesj Benoot arrives as one of the runners who has prepared the test more concentrated, but beyond the Belgian and the opportunities of Cees Bol in the massive arrivals seems difficult to see real options of victory. Veteran Nicolas Roche may leak into a breakout while Hirschi must confirm himself as the runner who has been aiming for a long time.

TEAM INEOS: Andrey Amador, Egan Bernal, Jonathan Castroviejo, Pavel Sivakov, Michal Kwiatkowski, Dylan Van Baarle, Luke Rowe, Richard Carapaz

Ineos will have it more complicated than other years to mark collective differences. Egan Bernal arrives as the undisputed leader. Pavel Sivakov sensed that it could be one of the great surprises of the race and a possible cover for the final general. The Russian has a talent to shine on all terrains. Those of Brailsford are given work and will have to be used to the maximum if they want to maintain hegemony in Paris. Personally, I don't see the great team from other years. The entry of Richard Caparaz at the last minute raises certain doubts that the Ecuadorian will be involved in the general of the race.

TEAM UAE: Fabio Aru, Tadej Pogacar, David De la Cruz, Davide Formolo, Alexander Kristoff, Jan Polanc

One of the teams that has undoubtedly been strengthened the most for the future is Team UAE. With the permission of Jumbo Visma and Ineos they are called to do great things in the coming years. Tadej Pogacar seems to establish himself as the real alternative to Bernal / Roglic and his first Tour de France will be a great way to run without pressure. Anyone who arrives will be welcome. The rest of the team is also very competitive with riders like David De la Cruz or Fabio Aru, who could not aspire to a good general again. Also watch out for a Davide Formolo who arrives as one of the pleasant surprises after the break. The team will also have visibility in the massive arrivals from the hand of Kristoff. Extremely complete equipment.

TEAM NTT: Giacomo Nizzolo, Domenico Pozzovivo, Roman Kreuziger, Michael Valgren, Victor Campenaerts, Evald Boasson Hagen, Louis Mentjes

The Tour de France is not easy for Team NTT. Although the South African team has strengthened compared to last year, it will continue to be difficult to score victories in a meeting of the highest level. Beyond what riders like Kreuziger or Valgren can do on their own, the team will have all other expectations placed on Giacomo Nizzolo's speed. The Italian will undoubtedly give visibility to the team but it seems difficult that he can overcome the best sprinters. Without time trial or prologue, Victor Campenaerts will have it complicated. While the best times of Mentjes or Boasson Hagen seem to have passed. The pleasant surprise is to see again in action a Pozzovivo that offered a good level in Dauphiné. The Italian returns after a serious injury that nearly pushed him off the road.

LOTTO- SOUDAL: Thomas De Gendt, Tim Wellens, Caleb Ewan, Roger Kluge, John Degenkolb, Jasper De Buyst, Phillipe Gilbert, Steff Crass.

Another team that does not bring anyone for the general classification and that will entrust its luck to the massive arrivals and the consensual escapes. Ewan, with permission from Degenkolb, will be the reference arriving. The little Australian can easily score more than one win.

On the other hand. Runners like De Gendt or Wellens will surely offer spectators a good show. Combative team like few others.

JUMBO-VISMA :, Steven Kruiswijk, Wout Van Aert, Tony Martin, George Bennett, Robert Gesink, Sepp Kuss, Tom Dumoulin, Primoz Roglic

The best team in the Tour de France. There is no other qualifier to define the Jumbo Visma squad for this Tour. Roglic presents himself to the event as a great favorite, while Kruiswijk and especially Dumoulin arrive as more than interesting alternatives to generate a certain organizational chaos within Ineos.

In addition, both Dumo and Roglic benefit from the last time trial at the Planche des Belles Fillles so they can opt for a somewhat more conservative tactic.

Por si la presencia de estre trio maravilla sabia a poco, Jumbo también contará con la inestimable ayuda de Sepp Kuss, George Bennett y Robert Gesink. Tres escaladores de contrastada calidad que pueden aparecer para dinamitar la carrera en cualquier momento.

Finalmente, Wout Van Aert, que llega aquí como la sensación de la temporada, tendrá más de una opción clara de victoria en los numerosos finales complicados que presenta el recorrido. El 8 lo completa nada más y nada menos que un cuádruple campeón del mundo de contrarreloj. Tony Martin aportará la experiencia y el temple en las etapas más llanas.

roglic tour de francia favorito" width="640" height="427" srcset=" 640w, 630w" sizes="(max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px
Primoz Roglic parte por primera vez como principal favorito

GROUPAMA-FDJ: Thibaut Pinot, Valentin Madouas, David Gaudu,, Sebastien Reichenbach, Rudy Molard, Stefan Kung,

Todo apunta a que el equipo francés dejará por segundo año consecutivo a Arnaud Demaré en casa. El mejor sprinter galo se quedará fuera del 8 y es que los de Madiot siguen confiando en Pinot para una buena general.

El francés tiene calidad suficiente como para aspirar al podio y sus compañeros trabajaran para ello.  Escaladores jóvenes como Gaudu o Madouas tendrán una oportunidad de oro para dar un paso adelante en su carrera deportiva. Reichenbach aportará solidez en la montaña y Kung deberá proteger las aspiraciones del equipo en el llano.

DECEUNINCK- QUICK STEP: Julian Alaphilippe, Kasper Asgreen, Sam Bennett, Dries Devenyns, Michael Morkov, Bob Jungels

Del equipo de Lefevré te puedes esperar cualquier cosa aunque se antoja complicado que puedan tener el impacto mediático del año pasado con el amarillo de Alaphillipe.

Bennett tratará de levantar los brazos en las llegadas masivas. Para ello contará con un treno de gran calidad con Asgreen, o Morkov. La escuadra belga lo tendrá más difícil en las etapas de alta montaña. Me extrañaría muchísimo que este año se fueran de vacío para casa.

MITCHELTON-SCOTT: Adam Yates, Esteban Chaves, Mikel Nieve, Daryl Impey, Luka Mezgec,

El Mitchelton Scott presenta un equipo algo más flojo que en anteriores ocasiones. Adam Yates se presenta como la opción para la general y Esteban Chaves viene con la intención de recuperar sensaciones. Los dos parecen lejos de poder aspirar a una gran general.

Ante esta situación algo menos controlada el que puede salir beneficiado es Daryl Impey. El sudafricano puede imponer su buena punta de velocidad en algún final complicado. En lo personal me encantaría que Mikel Nieve sumará por fin un merecido triunfo de etapa.

EDUCATION FIRST: Rigoberto Urán, Teejay Van Garderen, Alberto Bettiol, Lawson Craddock, Sergio Higuita, Michael Woods, Daniel Felipe Martinez, Magnus Cort Nielsen.

Salto cualitativo importante el del Education First que de la mano del bloque colombiano puede aspirar por primera vez en mucho tiempo a cosas interesantes.

Higuita, Martinez y Urán tienen nivel para entrar en el Top 10, aunque tampoco me extrañaría que se dejarán tiempo en la primera semana con la intención de tener libertad en alguna escapada consentida. Felipe Martinez ya vimos como pescaba a rio revuleto en un complicado final en el Critérium de Dauphiné

El Education First nunca ha mostrado dotes de equipo. La sensación es de que no corren como conjunto y que cada corredor juega sus propias alternativas. Veremos como gestionan la posibilidad de hacer una buena general

Vital Concept: Pierre Rolland, Bryan Coquard, Kévin Reza, Maxime Chevalier, Sebastian Schonberberger.

Los franceses por fin tendrán la oportunidad de disputar un Tour de Francia. Rolland y Coquard vuelven a la carrera francesa dentro de un bloque que debe aspirar a los triunfos parciales.

Rolland inesperadamente dejó buenas sensaciones en la Dauphiné y conociendo al francés tampoco sería de extrañar que tuviera entre ceja y ceja el maillot a topos de mejor escalador.

Pese a ser un equipo de segunda categoría, la calidad de sus corredores no esta tan lejos de un World Tour. El pequeñito Coquard tratará de aprovechar la vigilancia entre los Sagan, Van Aert, Van Avermaet y Trentin.

TREK – SEGAFREDO: Richie Porte, Bauke Mollema, Mads Pedersen, Jasper Stuyven, Niklas Egg, Kenny Elissonde, Toms Skujins,

Aunque en Dauphiné dejó buenas sensaciones me parece que confiar las aspiraciones del equipo a un siempre inestable Richie Porte es cometer un error.

Bauke Mollema, mucho más regular, puede aspirar a un siempre apeteceible Top 10, mientras que corredorazos como Stuyven o Pedersen pueden dar un susto en cualquier etapa llana o escarpada.

COFIDIS: Guillaume Martin, Elia Viviani, Jesús Herrada, Nicolas Edet, Christophe Laporte, Fabio Sabatini

Hacia muchísimo tiempo que Cofidis no presentaba un bloque competitivo con tantas garantías. Guillaume Martin no deja de crecer año tras año y viendo su nivelazo en Dauphiné puede tener el Top 10 a tiro de piedra. Por otro lado, y aunque no lleva el mejor año, Elia Viviani será la referencia del equipo en las “volatas”. El italiano puede imponer su punta de velocidad y en caso de que no rinda al nivel esperado siempre tendrán la opción de Christophe Laporte. Jesús Herrada es un corredor habilidoso que podría dar una gran alegría al ciclismo español.

alaphillipe" width="959" height="639" srcset=" 959w, 768w, 630w, 640w, 681w" sizes="(max-width: 959px) 100vw, 959px
Alaphillipe tendrá muy complicado poder igualar el resultado del año pasado

TOTAL- DIRECT ENERGIE:, Nicolo Bonifazio, Jerome Cousin, Lilian Calmejane, Romain Sicard, Rein Taaramae, Geoffrey Soupe, Julien Simon.

Para mi uno de equipos más flojos de la presente edición. Viendo el nivel los franceses lo tendrán difícil si quieren sumar algún triunfo.

Sin opciones en la general sus aspiraciones en carrera pasan por dar visibilidad al equipo en todas las fugas y esperar que alguno de sus corredores pueda aprovecharlo. Bonifazio será el encargado de meterse en los sprints de la primera semana.

ARKEA SAMSIC: Warren Barguil, Nairo Quintana, Maxime Bouet, Diego Rosa, Dayer Quintana, Winner Annacona

Con el fichaje de Nairo Quintana el Arkea Samsic da un paso adelante como conjunto. Por primera vez estarán obligados a dejarse ver y a arropar a un gran líder para la general. Nairo, que empezó la temporada a un gran nivel, puede aprovechar la salida de Movistar Team para córrer con menos presión. Por primera vez parte como favorito de segundo nivel y la vigilancia entre Bernal y Roglic le debería beneficiar. Veremos si el colombiano es ofensivo y decide probar suerte. Anacona y Rosa estarán a su entera disposición, mientras que Barguil correrá ligeramente por libre. El ya decepcionante Nacer Bouhanni se queda de nuevo en casa.

ISRAEL START UP NATION: Dan Martin, Andre Greipel, Nils Polit, Dani Navarro, Rudy Barbier, Hugo Hofstetter, Rick Zabel

El equipo Israelí disputará el que será su primer Tour de Francia. Un equipo competitivo en todos los terrenos pero sin ningún corredor claramente favorito para las etapas.

Un equipo que probablemente ya está más pendiente de la llegada de Froome y de otros corredores de nivel en 2021 que de la carrera de este año en cuestión. Viendo el nivel del equipo en las carreras previas no parece que ciclistas como Polit, Navarro o Greipel lleguen con la mejor condición.

Favoritos y “outsiders”

Todavía no tenemos una lista de inscritos oficial de la carrera pero la mayoría de equipos ya han dado a conocer una preselección de la que saldrá su ocho de gala para disputar la carrera francesa.

El nuevo calendario World Tour 2020 concentra todas las grandes carreras en poco más de 3 meses  y esto ha obligado a los equipos a tener que reinventar la planificación de los ciclistas.

Aunque corredores como Nibali, Marc Soler o Jakob Fuglsang prefieren centrarse en el Giro de Italia, serán pocos los nombres ausentes en esta extraña edición.

A continuación, repasamos algunos de los nombres más significativos a tener en cuenta tanto para la general final como para posibles revelaciones de la carrera.

Clasificación general y outsiders

Todo apunta a un duelo cara a cara entre Primoz Roglic y Egan Bernal. No cabe ninguna duda de que por méritos propios llegan como los grandes favoritos, pero merece la pena recordar que el Tour de Francia son 3 semanas y no una clásica de un día.

Egan Bernal llega por primera vez a la carrera como el gran baluarte del equipo británico. El colombiano, a diferencia del año pasado, sale como gran favorito y todo lo que no sea repetir triunfo sería (a efectos estadísticos) un paso atrás en su carrera profesional.

Con apenas 23 años el ciclista cafetero ha demostrado tener temple y capacidad para lidiar con la presión. Tiene equipo y talento de sobras para volver a brillar en lo más alto de Paris. El futuro sigo pensando que es suyo y que independientemente del resultado de este año lo tiene todo de cara para marcar diferencias en las ediciones venideras. Bernal sigue siendo el mejor escalador del mundo y este año tendrá que demostrarlo por partida doble ante corredores que son superiores a él en la lucha contra el crono.

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Nairo Quintana no tendrá la presión de otros años

El gran hándicap de Bernal es que el año pasado tenía la contrarreloj por equipos como gran aliado frente a Pinot o Bardet. Este año lo tendrá más complicado con Roglic, Dumoulin o incluso Pogacar.

El esloveno llega en plena madurez deportiva y tras la victoria en la pasada Vuelta a España se ha situado claramente en el marco de los grandes favoritos para las vueltas de 3 semanas. El ex saltador de esquí partirá con ligera ventaja sabiéndose favorito para la contrarreloj decisiva en la Planche des Belles Filles.

El esloveno además correrá sin una presión excesiva ya que el liderato del equipo caerá ligeramente repartido junto a Tom Dumoulin y Steven Kruiswijk. El primero ya sabe lo que es ganar un Giro de Italia mientras que el segundo defiende el podio del año pasado.

Jumbo Visma viene con la intención de dinamitar la carrera y de aspirar al trono amarillo. Prueba de ello es que deja en casa a uno de los mejores sprinters del momento como Dylan Groenewegen para fortalecer el bloque en las etapas de montaña.

Más allá del acecho constante de Dumoulin, Roglic y Kruiswijk, Bernal tendrá que lidiar con otros rivales de gran entidad como Pinot, Bardet, Alaphillipe, Quintana, Landa, Rigoberto Urán, Bauke Mollema, Richie Porte, Dan Martin, Fabio Aru, Warren Barguil, Miguel Ángel López, Adam Yates, Enric Mas, Tadej Pogacar o Emanuel Buchman ente otros. Todos ellos son claros aspirantes al Top 10 y no sería ninguna sorpresa verlos en el podio parisino.

Los franceses siguen confiando en las posibilidades de Pinot, Barguil y un Bardet que puede estar más pensando en el cambio de equipo que en la propia carrera. El público galo sueña de nuevo con deleitarse con una carrera como la del año pasado en la que Alaphillipe a punto estuvo de dar la sorpresa de la temporada. Lo cierto es que se presume complicado que algún francés pueda aspirar al primer escalón de la general.

Por otro lado, tenemos a Urán, Porte, Martin, Mollema o Aru que parecen lejos de encontrar su mejor versión.

En un término intermedio encontramos a Quintana, Supermán López, Mikel Landa y Adam Yates. Tres corredores que tienen aptitudes para subir con los mejores pero que tendrían que sacar bastante diferencia antes de la decisiva contrarreloj final.

En lo que a ilusión se refiere situaría a Tadej Pogacar y a Pavel Sivakov como grandes sorpresas y alternativas reales en determinados momentos de la carrera. El esloveno ya nos mostró de lo que es capaz en la pasada Vuelta a España y el ruso no me extrañaría que terminara siendo el as en la manga de Ineos.


Como cada año el Tour de Francia servirá para ver en acción también a los hombres más rápidos del pelotón internacional. Los mejores sprinters tendrán diferentes oportunidades para levantar los brazos, aunque a diferencia de otros años, el recorrido sinuoso de la presente edición les puede mermar el número de opciones reales.

Aunque inicialmente no estaba previsto tampoco su presencia, la polémica caída del Tour de Polonia confirma las bajas de Groenewegen y Jakobsen.

Sam Bennett, Caleb Ewan, Elia Viviani y Peter Sagan son los hombres llamados a llevar la voz cantante en los sprints masivos.

Otros posibles outsiders que con algo de fortuna podrían aspirar a algún triunfo parcial son Alexander Kristoff, Cees Bol, Giacomo Nizzolo, Sonny Colbrelli, Bryan Coquard, Matteo Trentin o Jasper Stuyven. En la nómina de hombres rápidos sorprenden las bajas de Nacer Bouhanni o Arnaud Demare que sobre el papel se quedarían fuera del 8 de gala.


Creo que este Tour puede dejarnos sorpresas agradables. Más allá de la consolidación de Pogacar o Gaudu creo que Sivakov puede hacer un Tour sublime y que corredores como, Higuita, Felipe Martinez, Madouas, Sepp Kuss o Kamna pueden alegrarnos el día en las montañas.

Televisión, horarios y dónde ver el Tour de Francia 2020

Todos los que en Spain quieran ver el Tour de Francia 2020 en directo podrán hacerlo en abierto y gratuitamente a través de RTVE. Teledeporte y la 1 serán los canales de televisión oficiales en los que se podrá seguir la carrera.

Eurosport también ofrecerá una extensa cobertura televisiva en su canal de pago.

Teledeporte ofrecerá diariamente los finales de etapa en directo y dará una cobertura integra a las etapas más importantes de la presente edición. Te recomiendo que estés atento a la programación de RTVE y al streaming del Tour en su página web.

He horario de las etapas será cambiante, pero por lo general los finales están previstos entre las 3 y las 5 de la tarde. Para una información más concreta acerca del recorrido y los horarios de paso te recomiendo que visualices el libro de ruta del Tour de Francia 2020.

Consigue el maillot amarillo – Tropela LBDC

Muchos son los que aprovechan el Tour de Francia para disfrutar con los compañeros habituales de entrenamiento del Tropela.

Un videojuego que en formato manager permite alinear un equipo totalmente personalizado en base a los inscritos del Tour de Francia.

En cuanto sea posible y se conozcan con mayor exactitud los ciclistas participantes dejaré por aquí mi alineación del Tropela para el Tour de Francia 2020.

Si eres de los que verdad siente pasión por este deporte, quieres disfrutar de un Tour de Francia entretenido y te pica el gusanillo competitivo te invito a crear tu propio equipo y a participar en nuestra particular batalla por el maillot amarillo. ¡Únete a la liga “LBDC ciclismo” y demuéstranos de lo que eres capaz!

Para suscribirte basta con ir a tu perfil (parte superior derecha de la pantalla), entrar en “Mis Tropeltxos” y en el apartado “Encuentra un Tropeltxo” buscar “LBDC ciclismo"

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