News : Previous of the European selections of Chorzow: Schedules, duels, television

News : Previous of the European selections of Chorzow: Schedules, duels, television

Fernando Carro, one of the strengths of the Spanish team / EFE

A competition marked in red on the national calendar is approaching. A new opportunity to follow the Spanish National Team in an international championship against the main teams at the European level. Most of the main athletes of the old continent will be present this weekend of May 29-30 in Chorzow (Poland) to dispute the European Championship of National Teams.

One athlete chosen in each of the modalities, seven teams in total (after the withdrawal of Ukraine due to several cases of COVID the European Athletics has decided to descend directly to the Ukrainians) and the great objective of avoiding the other place of relegation to the First Division (this is the Super League, the maximum). Also obviously the athletes travel to continue filming before the Games. Some still have to look for their minimum, others have it and want to continue that preparation to reach their peak of form in Tokyo.

More sensitive casualties

Taking as a reference a great thread on Twitter by the athletics expert Gerardo Cebrián (taking into account personal marks and better records of the current course), Spain would be fighting for fifth place, while Italy, which leads all the artillery, would be the great favorites for the title ahead of Germany, Great Britain and Poland. But we’ll see how D-Day pays off and if there are still some last-minute casualties. In principle it shouldn’t, but in the current situation …

Despite the fact that, as we said, most take their first swords, Great Britain, especially in the women’s section, leaves several TOPs at home. Nor it will be at the 100 Dina Asher-Smith, nor Laura Muit at the 1500, nor Reckie at the 800 nor the Porter sisters at the 100 hurdles. Neither did McColghan in the 5,000.

In the case of the Spanish team, the most significant casualties are due to injury, case of Orlando Ortega, Husillos, Hortelano or Fátima Diame. One of the proper names of the moment, Mohamed Katir, does not travel by technical decision (Carlos Mayo will be at 5,000 and Jesús Gómez at 1,500). The best historical classification of the Spanish team with this joint format (since 2009) is fifth place in 2017. It is not unreasonable to think of matching it or even improving it.

Let’s review a bit test by test what the ‘thing’ in Chorzow can stop itself:

Samu García, with the best brand

Starting with the male section, Sergio Lopez (10.47 this course) gets rid of the great favorite Jacobs (injured), but will deal with athletes of the stature of the Portuguese Antunes (10.20) or the German Ansah-Peprah (10.25). In 200, Jesús Gómez (20.87 of personal mark achieved this season) will deal with the German Ansah (20.66) or the French Zeze (20.75); in 400 will be Samu garcia (45.00 of personal mark, this course has not been released in the distance) and will have rivals of the stature of the British Chalmers (45.98) or the Italian Re (45.76).

In 800 there will be leveling with our Mariano García (1.45.67) fighting with the British Weightman (1.45.47 this course) or the Polish Borkowski (1.45.74); in the ‘milqui’ will be the European medalist Jesús Gómez (3.35.70 this course) fucking with the polish Lewandowski (3.35.57) or the French Jimmy Gressier; Adel Mechaal is, by far, the one with the best personal record at 3,000 (7.35) and will have the British Anderson as his great rival.

Carlos Mayo, in the 5,000 (13.18 of personal mark of this course) He is very fit, but he will do with the Italian Crippa (13.02 personal brand), one of the best long distance runners on the international scene.

Carro, one of the great assets

The national record holder Fernando Carro He will be one of the favorites in his 3,000 obstacles together with the Frenchman Belhadj or the British Norman. Another of our strengths will be the Asier Martínez from Pamplona in the 110 hurdles (13.34 of personal mark, the best of this season of all the participants). Jesús Delgado (50.55) will be in the 400 hurdles and Ángel Torrero in the high jump (2.16 of his personal best, the worst of all the participants).

Isidro Leyva on pole (5.55), Eusebio Cáceres in the long jump (8.04 the other day at Gateshead), Torrijos in triple jump (16.77 this course), Tobalina in weight (19.67 this season), Lois Maikel Martínez in disk (61.87), Hundred fires in hammer (76.87) and Odei Jainaga in javelin (80.20), the other men’s tricks. Then, the relay of the 4 × 400 and the 4 × 100.

In the women’s field, we are going to review the best brands of the season of all ours in each test: in the 100, Marisa perez (11.30), at 200 Paula Sevilla (23.27 personal brand), at 400 Aauri Lorena Bokesa (51.66), at 800 Esther Guerrero placeholder image (1.59.22), at 1.500 Marta Perez (4.04.88), at 3,000 Lucia Rodriguez (9.39), at 5,000 Blanca Fernandez (15.33.39), in the 3,000 obstacles Irene Sánchez-Escribano (personal mark of 9.27.53).

In the 100 hurdles Teresa Errandonea (13.16), in the 400 hurdles Sara Gallego (57.83), in the height Claudia Conte (1.81), on the pole Ruiz de Azua (4.47), in the long jump Maria Vicente, in the triple Peleteiro (14.52), in weight Bethlehem Toimil (18.64), on disk Paula Ferrándiz (53.60), hammer Laura Redondo (70.40), in javelin Arantza Moreno (58.94) and then the 4 × 400 and 4 × 100 relays.

Schedule and television:

The competition will be offered on May 29-30 live on Teledeporte.

The competition will start on Saturday from 15: 30-19: 20 (approx) and on Sunday it will be played from 13:00 to 16:10 (approx).

Reasons schedules of ALL TESTS.

List of participants by tests.

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