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Private private: Family and second pillar - That's how the high-flyer lives

At least by winning the bronze medal at the Ski Flying World Cup 2018 in Oberstdorf has Richard Friday catapulted to the top of the ski jumping circus. The 1.73-meter man from Saxony can not be without reason proud of his performance: "The medal is terrific and extremely valuable to me," said the introverted and often so reserved athlete. But with his success in Oberstdorf, the 27-year-old is not satisfied: one Silver Medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang was the icing on the cake for the ski jumping ace.

Richard Freitag: These are the highlights of his career in ski jumping and ski flying

His first World Cup jump was completed by Richard Freitag, who first skied as a Nordic Combiner at the age of nine, in 2009, followed by the breakthrough two years later. In the season 2011/12 the Saxon won his first World Cup victory and cracked in 2012 as the first German the ski flying mark of 230 meters. Subsequently, Richard Freitag was both silver medalist in the Ski Flying World Championships in the team in 2012 and 2016, snatched team silver at the 2013 World Cup and became mixed-west champion in 2015, to name just a few of his successes.

The talent for ski jumping lies in Richard Freitag's family

The talent for Ski jumping Richard Freitag, who was born in Erlabrunn in August 1991, was practically born in the cradle. Not only ski jump legends such as Sven Hannawald or Jens Weißflog come from his birthplace, but also his own family has sporting talents: Richard Freitag's father Holger himself was a successful ski jumper and now works as an orthopedist in the Vogtland region. The skier's family also includes an older brother named Christian Freitag and a younger sister named Selina.

Richard Freitag private: Even in private life, his heart beats for winter sports

The subject of ski jumping employs Richard Freitag not only in the competitions, but also privately. Away from the jump-off, the athlete has plenty of opportunities in the privacy about his Sports After all, the 27-year-old lives in a flat share with his winter sports colleague David Welde in Oberstdorf. By the way, by the way Eric Frenzel his roommate, than that winter sportsDuo still lived in Saxon Frankenberg.

Richard Freitag is a private "speed junkie"

Should Richard Freitag for once fail to buckle the skis and ski down the hill, it must still be energetic and fast-paced for the ski jumper. In interviews, the Saxon described itself as a "speed junkie" - to experience the intoxication of speed, for example, Richard Freitag likes to swing on his motorcycle and roar through the landscape on the machine with a top speed of 250 kilometers per hour. But musically Richard Freitag has a lot on his case and loves to play guitar in his free time.

Is Richard Freitag single or does the ski jumping star have a girlfriend?

Anyone who works so hard on his athletic career as Richard Freitag has little time left for a private life. The ski jumper sticks to his private life very covered, so it is not known whether Richard Freitag currently goes through life as a single or whether the 27-year-old has a girlfriend. How the dream woman should look, of which the high-flyer has long been an accurate picture: In an interview, the mustache weary called the US actress Megan Fox as his dream wife.

Already knew? So you can live with Richard Freitag and his family

By the way: If you want to get up close to Richard Freitag off the ski jump, you can rent one of the apartments, which the ski jumper together with his brother Christian operates in Oberwiesenthal, And who knows, maybe Richard Freitag will visit his guests personally if his training and competition schedule allows it ...

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