News : Putin pays Russia's debt to World Athletics over the horn

News :

Putin pays Russia's debt to World Athletics over the horn

Lasitskene saw his presence in Tokyo in danger

The Russian Athletics Federation (FRA) announced this Wednesday the payment of its 6.3 million dollar debt with World Athletics (WA) in the absence of three days to be expelled, which would have prevented even neutral Russian athletes from competing in the international arena.

"The payment of the debt was made possible thanks to the support of the Ministry of Sports, which granted the FRA a subsidy for the development of athletics," the Russian federation said in a statement.

They pay within three days of the expiration of the term

The note adds that the Minister of Sports, Oleg Matitsin, sent an official letter to the WA at the end of July in which he guaranteed the payment of what was owed before the deadline expired on August 15.

"We have paid the debt in full. The federation transferred an amount of 6.31 million dollars ”, explained Yevgueni Yúrchenko, interim president of the FRA, to the RIA Nóvosti agency.

Yúrchenko, who left office in July due to non-payment of debt, although he continues to perform his duties on an interim basis, he stressed that the payment of the fine "is an important step on the path to the rehabilitation of the FRA."

For his part, Matitsin explained that the granting of financial aid to the FRA is an "unprecedented" step that responds to the "critical" situation of Russian athletics.

Neutral athletes may be in Tokyo

Russia initially had a deadline to pay off its debt until July 1, but WA President Sebastian Coe postponed the decision until the World Athletics Council meeting at the end of July.

The council gave Russia a new deadline of August 15, otherwise it would be expelled, which would safely leave neutral Russian athletes such as world high jump champions Maria Lasitskene; pole, Anzhelina Sídorova, and 110 meters hurdles, Sergey Shubenkov, without the Olympic Games. Once the debt is paid, the FRA must present a deep reform plan before the end of the month.

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