News : “Quota black” Aogo, glasses-theft, confused statements: Jens Lehmann’s missteps

News : “Quota black” Aogo, glasses-theft, confused statements: Jens Lehmann’s missteps

From stealing glasses to “quota blacks”: the long list of Lehmann’s missteps

Jens Lehmann is thrown out of Hertha BSC after he describes Dennis Aogo as a “quota black”. The next chapter in a long list of missteps by the former national goalkeeper, from stealing glasses to dubious statements about homosexuality and Corona.

The apology was of no use anymore. Jens Lehmann reported via the “Bild” newspaper that he had “asked Dennis Aogo for forgiveness” over the phone for a WhatsApp statement that was said to have been “not disrespectful, but positive”. Lehmann had described Aogo as a “quota black” with a view to his Sky job and thus apparently wanted to emphasize his professional competence – which guaranteed quota.

A strange way of complimenting. Hertha BSC, where Lehmann acted as a supervisory board, terminated the contract immediately. The club “distances itself from any form of racism,” said President Werner Gegenbauer.

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Jens Lehmann is called “Mad Jens”

Jens Lehmann, now 51, was a world-class goalkeeper, in 2006 at the home World Cup he even ousted Oliver Kahn in the national team. Legendary: his mess of paper on penalties against Argentina. However, it is no coincidence that Lehmann was nicknamed “Mad Jens” even in England, where they are not squeamish with rough manners. Loosely translated: the madman.

The list of his dropouts and dubious statements is long.

Lehmann’s bizarre eyeglass theft on a fan

December 2009. Lehmann plays for Stuttgart, in Mainz he receives red because he clumsily steps on an opponent’s foot. On the way to the bus, a fan yells: “Are you still okay, Mr. Lehmann?” The keeper wordlessly grabs his glasses, walks on and only gives them back after repeated requests. In addition to the slip penalty and his header for Schalke against Dortmund in 1997 – the first Bundesliga goal from a goalkeeper out of the game – perhaps the most memorable action.

Lehmann about Enke: “Why does someone like that kill himself?”

May 2010. Almost six months earlier, in November 2009, goalkeeper colleague Robert Enke committed suicide. Depressions. In his autobiography Lehmann writes the following: “Why does someone like that kill himself? And then on my 40th birthday – did the whole thing have something to do with me in the end? But then Teresa Enke gave a moving press conference at which she got away told how long Robert had suffered from severe depression. Hardly anyone had suspected that; in any case, I had never noticed that he could be sick. “

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Lehmann advises footballers not to come out

January 2014. In a Sky talk show, Lehmann expresses his views on the topic of coming out in the Bundesliga – a few weeks after Thomas Hitzlsperger’s courageous commitment to homosexuality.

“If a player would do that, he would be stupid,” insists Lehmann. “You can’t advise people that they wouldn’t have fun playing football anymore. Nobody gained anything from it. Football is a men’s business, you don’t have to think too much about it. And you can’t control the spectators in the stadiums either. Do you have to do that to yourself as a victim? “

Lehmann would have found it “funny” if he had already known about Hitzlsperger (team-mate in Stuttgart and the national team) when he was active: “You shower together every day, you have phases when things don’t go that way … Thomas Hitzlsperger is one A player who, firstly, is very intelligent and, secondly, from his style of play, would not have given the occasion at all to think that there was something. “

Lehmann questions politicians and virologists

April 2020. Corona has been over the country for a month, the Bundesliga and public life have come to a standstill. In the Sport1 one-two, Lehmann expresses himself puzzled about the lack of protest against the restrictions, he questions politicians and virologists: “This is an extreme encroachment on our freedoms, and I am surprised that no one rebels.”

He also doesn’t understand the compulsion to play ghost games: “Why can’t 20,000 fans enter a stadium like the Allianz Arena, which can fit 70,000 people? They don’t get in each other’s way at a distance of ten meters.” In “Bild” Lehmann then adds: “If only every fourth seat is occupied, there is enough distance between each other. Anyone who violates the distance rule is thrown out and is banned from the stadium.” Apparently, he does not consider arrival and departure.

Lehmann downplays corona risk for footballers

May 2020. Lehmann downplays the Corona risk for fully trained football professionals. “As long as the symptoms are not that bad, I think players have to deal with them. That’s why I think that is not so worrying for young, healthy people with a strong immune system,” says he “beINSports” and receives a rebuke from sports medicine specialist Wilhelm Bloch: “Such statements are difficult to understand from a medical point of view.” Hertha announces that Lehmann is “certainly not speaking representative of the club”.

Lehmann compares Corona with the flu

December 2020. Still Corona, again Lehmann. On Twitter, he arouses so much anger with criticism of pandemic measures that he later removes the post – screenshots have of course been made long ago. “In 2017 we had to mourn 23,000 deaths in Germany because of an aggressive flu. Nobody noticed,” writes Lehmann. “Now we will soon be mourning the exact same death rate of 0.028% of the population.”

Lehmann stumbles over the “quota black” Aogo

May 2021. The “quota black” cause. Aogo initially reacts to Instagram: “WOW your Ernst Jens Lehmann? The message was probably not meant for me !!!” Or does it? Hardly imaginable. “An impression was made in a private message from my cell phone to Dennis Aogo,” claims the defendant before Hertha separates from him.

Yes a impression – Jens Lehmann actually does it more often.

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