News : Ralf Rangnick favors the DFB: “Would be the culmination of his career”

News : Ralf Rangnick favors the DFB: “Would be the culmination of his career”

Ralf Rangnick created very special moments at FC Schalke 04. The most defining picture was his lap of honor as coach in the arena before the Bundesliga game against FSV Mainz 05 in December 2005. The coach, who had announced his departure at the end of the season, was celebrated by the fans – shortly afterwards he was on leave. Six years later, on his second engagement, he won the DFB Cup with FC Schalke, before asking for health reasons to terminate his contract a few months later. This plays a major role with the fans in the “Royal Blue Crime about Ralf Rangnick”, as the headlines of the Funke media group headlined on Monday.

He had a first conversation with Rangnicks advisor Marc Kosicke on Monday, confirmed Schalke’s supervisory board chairman Jens Buchta of the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. This should not be the last contact. “It is now about whether and how an activity of Ralf Rangnick could be realized. You have to see: Is there a feasibility, especially of a financial nature, or not,” said Buchta.

Consultant confirms: Rangnick favors job as national coach

The 57-year-old added, however, that the last Bundesliga member was “already quite advanced” in the negotiations with two other candidates for the role of sports director. And Rangnick also apparently favors other options at the moment. “Ralf Rangnick is interested in the job of national coach. He is in his early 60s and in top shape, that would be the culmination of his career,” said consultant Kosicke in an interview with “Sport1”. The subject of Schalke is currently “still a long way off” for Rangnick.

Rangnick himself does not officially comment at the moment – at least not on Schalke. The track to Rangnick led through a group, which is supposed to consist of some influential people from business and politics and had a message from supervisory board member Stefan Gesenhues that Rangnick was basically ready to help the designated Bundesliga relegated as a sports director with the rebuilding. This news spread like wildfire, creating big headlines and excitement in the community.

Buchta refers to “parts of the commitment that are harmful to the association”

The group was “not legitimized” for such discussions, said supervisory board chief Buchta. He thinks “at least parts of the commitment are damaging to the association”. For Schalke this is “not a good story”. The unsolicited recruiting for Rangnick is a “violation of proper and statutory procedures and of the agreements that we have on the supervisory board,” raged Buchta.

The vortex could also have deterred Leipzig’s sports director Markus Krösche, who is said to have been an issue at Schalke. The 40-year-old announced on Sunday: “I am not available.”

“In retrospect, I can understand that my colleagues on the supervisory board felt taken by surprise. I’m sorry,” said Gesenhues to the newspapers of the Funke media group. He hoped that this would not have created any trenches. “I am very interested in us all coming to the same table now,” emphasized the 66-year-old, who now probably no longer has a lobby on the supervisory body.

Thousands of Schalke fans sign the petition per Rangnick

In the hopeless sporting situation of the club, the fans had long been electrified by the prominent name: tens of thousands have already supported an online petition and want the return of the former Schalke trainer Rangnick, who has already given a lot of support in Hoffenheim and Leipzig whose name was currently even traded in the search for a successor for national coach Joachim Loew.

Should there be further talks with Rangnick, that does not mean that the return of the 62-year-old to the Revierclub is perfect. Fundamental questions would have to be clarified: How can the highly indebted club finance the prominent professional or how does the trainer Dimitrios Grammozis, who has a contract until June 30, 2022, fit into the concept of the new sports directorate. Rangnick is known for the fact that he likes to have all the strings in his own hands. But that’s not that easy at Schalke.

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