News : Ranking of the best padel rackets of 2021 by Iberian padel –

News : Ranking of the best padel rackets of 2021 by Iberian padel –

The paddle boom continues to rise after many months of inactivity due to Covid-19. But now with things more controlled and little by little everything returning to normal, there are many players who wonder what are the best padel rackets of 2021. Well, at Iberian Paddle we help you clarify your ideas. We will make you a small list with several of the most influential paddle tennis rackets in so far this year. Get ready because they are the best paddle tennis rackets on the market, not suitable for the faint of heart with their numerous technologies, beautiful designs and great quality.

Right now we are going to know about the shovel collection 2021 which would be the chosen ones in this ranking:


We highlight this wonderful Middle Moon shovel first in our ranking for a simple reason. It is one of the most complete paddle rackets that exist at the moment. Only by appreciating the format it has and the wide perforation allows us to fall that we will be in front of a shovel with great control. Well, it will not be for less, because it is one of the most advanced paddle tennis rackets that exist for control but at the same time also power.

With a Spanish and first level manufacturing, we highlight that the entire blade is made of carbon fiber, is a carbon named Xtreme Carbon, of high durability, with a unique elasticity and lightness.

On the court, it will be great for players who want control or power, everyone gets it from the first moment and it is also highly recommended for players who have problems with epicondylitis.


Matías Díaz Sangiorgio is the most veteran, experienced and best positioned player in the firm’s world ranking Star Fri. This giant Spanish brand is for many years one of the main options for every player and this 2021 season could not be less.

The Star Fri Metheora Warrior 2021 It is one of the padel rackets that has given the best performance since its departure with the first Metheora in 2017. Control is the main protagonist, followed by a design and a quality at first glance sublime.

Your balance is medium, is intended for a advanced level player for its benefits, but any type of player can use it from the start, even if you have never picked up a paddle paddle and play for the first time.

On the bridge we have a novel technology of this year 2021. Is named Star balance. It is a piece with which a better balance is achieved, preventing the blade from having the balance in the head and making it difficult for us to move it.

Is a shovel with roughness in the planes and one of the best of this year. The shovels Star Fri they always offer the best to both male and female players.


The Head blades Y Head Padel they continue to advance as usual. They have us very badly accustomed to the fact that each season we see more beautiful and better paddle tennis rackets than in past editions. Although that means that they are doing things well and therefore that this continues.

Today we analyze the Official shovel of Sanyo Gutierrez. It is the Head Graphene 360 ​​Alpha Pro 2021 Black White, a new weapon with which he will try alongside Fernando Belasteguín as a partner to reach the top of the world rankings in the 2021 season.

With a completely renewed image, in black and white color design. The new Alpha Pro can be without a doubt one of the best multipurpose paddle rackets of all time that has the brand. On the track we will feel how it complements us both in defense and in attack. The balance is high, so a finisher player will get what he wants in this area.

With a composition in carbon fiber, graphene and Power Foam Rubber. It is one of the most desired paddle rackets of this 2021 season.


If a shovel must be within the ranking of the best padel rackets of 2021 it must be this. It is a paddle tennis racket manufactured neither more nor less than for the number 1 of the world JuanLebrón. This Spanish player has become, on his own merits, the most feared padel player in recent years. His shot and aggressiveness near the net stand out.

The shovel in charge of supporting it and making it grow in the 2021 season will be the Babolat TechnicalViper 2021. It is one of the most aggressive and most beautiful padel rackets on the market. It is not necessary to say much about it to know that it is one of the most Premium padel rackets from the Babolat Padel firm and on the market.

This model in question offers us a powerful game. It is one of the padel rackets of diamond shape most aggressive we can find.

In its composition, the main material consists of Carbon 12K, a extremely light and ultra resistant carbon fiber.


Last but not least, the Juan Martin Diaz, the hispanic argentinean most special and one of the best players in the history of this sport.

The Drop Shot blades They have earned a place among the best paddle tennis rackets on their own merits. The Conqueror series has had a lot to do with this and in the 2021 season we have the Drop Shot Conqueror 9.0 2021. This model is undoubtedly the most Premium model of Drop shot and the official shovel of Juan Martín Díaz.

We highlight a teardrop shape, rugosity and the Carbon Textreme in the shape of a diamond that inspires great durability and power to our blows.

On the track, we meet one of the most complete paddle rackets that exist. This format allows us to have control at the same time high power.

If your game is advanced, you like to dominate in defense or attack, the Drop Shot Conqueror 9.02021 It is an option that you should try.

With this we finalize our Ranking of the best padel rackets of 2021 by PádelIbérico. Different shovels and models, of different brands to help you clarify all your doubts about which shovel is the best for you. At our paddle tennis shop we will always give you the best personalized treatment and the best prices.

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