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Rapinoe and Lavelle shoot the USA for World Title - Sport

  • The US is football champion for the fourth time and defends its 2015 title.
  • The Americans beat the Netherlands 2-0 in the final of Lyon.
  • Megan Rapinoe by penalty and Rose Lavelle score the goals. Rapinoe also wins the golden shoe as best scorer and the golden ball as the best player of the tournament.

It was Stefanie van der Gragt who made the first mistake in this World Cup final. Van der Gragt had a long ball in mind, wanted to clear it and overlooked US striker Alex Morgan. That was on the ball before, the Dutchwoman met Morgan with her foot at chest level, Morgan went to the ground. Referee Stephanie Frappart looked at the pictures again on the screen and decided rightly on penalty.

Megan Rapinoe, the US president Donald Trump accused by tweet'She should finish the job before she criticizes him', approached, met, cheered and finished the job, if you will. In any case, she shot in the 61st minute overdue 1-0 for the United States, which were already the clear better team in this World Cup final at this time. Rose Lavelle increased to eight minutes later after a nice dribble to 2: 0. By this time at the latest, the game was decided.

Goalkeeper Sari van Veenendaal kept her team involved several times in the first half. Although the USA developed more and more pressure as the season progressed, the Niderlanders became the first team of the World Cup not to concede a goal in the first half. Rapinoe's sharp cross from the left wing led to several chances, but not to score. At 31 degrees on the pitch of the Stade de Lyon it took until the 28th Minute, before the United States earned the first big chance of the game. In falling, Julie tested Ertz van Veenendaal. With a double chance of Morgan (38./40.) Parried the 29-year-old from WFC Arsenal again strong. After a slight push from Dominique Bloodworth, Alex Morgan fell to the ground in the 37th minute in the penalty area - the video referee refrained from interfering. Morgan commented this with a shake of the head.

The USA win their fourth World Cup and defend their title of 2015. European champions Netherlands misses the first world title in the first final of their history, but this tournament is still filed as a success. The triumph of the US is more than earned. In no single game did the Americans really shake. After a 13: 0 against Thailand kick-off the team beat in the group stage Chile and Sweden. In the last sixteen against Spain, the USA won 2-1, the duels against France and England were high-class, but each ended with a deserved progress.

With six goals, 34-year-old Megan Rapinoe ends the tournament with as many goals as her team-mate Morgan and the Englishwoman Ellen White. However, because Rapinoe needed the least amount of time to score for the three players and had the best score, she won the golden shoe as the best scorer. Fifa boss Gianni Infantino (who was booed by the stadium) also gave Rapinoe the title of best player in the World Cup.

The World Cup finals in the overview

1991 In China: USA (2: 1 against Norway), Germany is in the semi-finals of the US 2: 5 and loses the game for third place 0: 4 against Sweden

1995 in Sweden: Norway (2: 0 against Germany)

1999 in the US: USA (5: 4 on penalties against China), Germany is subject to the USA in the quarter-finals 2: 3

2003 in the USA: Germany (2: 1 after Golden Goal against Sweden)

2007 in China: Germany (2: 0 against Brazil)

2011 in Germany: Japan (3-1 on penalties against the USA), Germany is subject to Japan in the quarterfinals 0: 1 n.V.

2015 in Canada: Final: USA (5: 2 against Japan), Germany is in the semi-final 0: 2 for the USA and loses the game for third place against England 0: 1 n.V.

2019 in France: Final: USA (2: 0 against the Netherlands), Germany is subject to Sweden 1: 2 in the quarterfinals

Women's World Cup

Megan Rapinoe before the World Cup final

"It's a terrible idea"

US footballer Megan Rapinoe announces herself ready for the World Cup final against the Netherlands - and complains that Fifa has put two more finals on this day.By Anna Dreher

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