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Rare Days - The Broker's Bag

I stay at home

So the song begins the rare days by Vetusta Morla, the soundtrack of our first week of confinement:

Open it, open it slowly.
Say what you see. Tell me what you see if there is something.
A spring, brief and fleeting, in your hands.

Tap refine, define a stroke.
Tune in, regroup pieces
in my collection of medals and scratches

This has been a week of continuous bad news and although we had been preceded by regrets days ago for the cancellation of a long etcetera of marathons and races, we did not imagine that we would start the week like this, confined at home and worried about the health of our people, of our elders and of the professionals who are literally leaving life in hospitals.

Many voices are raised now to tell us that from all the bad things these days, we will get something positive. But to be more realistic, I think that we have to resign ourselves to living with both at the same time, with the good and the bad, assuming that we live the weird days.

These are days in which this health crisis is hitting us all, and we have gone from being mere spectators to suffering some other consequence -and although we hope it is not at the level of health- it will practically affect us at work level (many have already been like this). Again.

In these days of ERTES, applause at 8pm, casseroles, prohibitions and uncertainty, we are going to redefine our strokes and regroup our pieces. The runners (like the rest of society) will get out of this, and we will surely add this experience to our collection of medals and scratches, of triumphs and defeats. In which place will depend on our capacity for empathy.

It is time to try to rise to the challenge and to strive to feel - when all this happens - pride in our attitude and our collective.

Obviously it is not the end of the world not being able to go running, but for many and many of us, running is therapy and a way of life, the same as for others it can become writing, traveling, or even spending evenings from bar to bar.

No, we don't want to see the police fining brokers any more. Despite the fact that by land, sea and air it is being branded as frivolous and childish to those who are having a bit of a hard time because they cannot play sports, we all know how important it is for us to go running, we understand each other by what we must take care of and support ourselves, this time motivating ourselves from a distance to give way in the form of home exercise to our neura, anxieties or concerns and being above all alert not to fall into unsupportive attitudes that sometimes, we may get to commit more for ignorance that out of selfishness.

The weird days are here to stay for quite some time, and as we will most likely pass from weird days to hard daysWe will have to learn to live with them and survive them in confinement in the best possible way.

It is very fat what comes and empathy and solidarity, will be the key to the challenge we face.

We have many more left
gifts to open.
Coins that, when turning,
discover a profile
which starts in cellophane
and ends in echo.

#I stay at home

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