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Real Madrid - Women's Team: The Bald Galactic

The name of the Spanish football league club from Madrid translates into as much as SC Hacke, and his coat of arms shows a football boot with stiletto heel. Still. Because soon CD Tacón will no longer be called CD Tacón, his emblem will no longer show a stylized shoe, but the logo of Real Madrid.

For years, Reals president Florentino Pérez was urged to found a women's team. After the attendance record in the match between Atlético Madrid and FC Barcelona last March (60,739 fans) and the rise of the Spanish national team to relevant size with many youth titles was missing only the club of the club for the new luck of Spain's women footballers.

Last season, Tacón succeeded in the fifth year of its existence, the rise in the first Spanish league. It will probably only add another year. If the statutes did not exist, Real could start immediately, but the next members' meeting in the fall must agree to the purchase of Tacón's license. Given the omnipotence of Pérez is purely a matter of form, there is no significant opposition in the club.

The first Galácticas have already been committed

The team is already training on Real's training campus in the suburb of Valdebebas. Even the first Galácticas are obliged. Among others, the Swedish World Cup third Kosovars Asllani and Sofia Jakobsson have signed, to Thaisa, who scored at the World Cup in the knockout stages for Brazil against France. For the league prelude, they debut on 8 September at FC Barcelona.

Since Monday, however, Tacón kicked with the teams of Real Betis, Athletic Bilbao and Tottenham Hotspur to the Trofeo Carranza in southern Spain Cádiz, the match against Athletic ended 0: 1. Participation alone reveals much about Spain's growing love of women's football, as the Carranza is one of the country's oldest and most popular summer tournaments - but has always been played with men's teams.

Real himself has won six times, Barça three times, Atlético ten times, Benfica and Brazilian top clubs such as Flamengo or Corinthians are in the winner's list. The fact that the 65th edition breaks down barriers on the one hand favors that Cádiz, Spain's carnival stronghold, has a progressive city government. On the other hand, is also on the budget, as City Council David Navarro, the "Marca" said: "In today's football business millions are collected for test matches outside Europe." Can not keep up with such fees Cádiz. "

Even fraud is mentioned

Keyword "Gagen": As the portal "El Confidencial" last reported several times, Tacón last season, at least 14 players have withheld their monthly salaries between 300 and 1600 euros. There is even talk of fraud because, according to the contract, they should have been registered with social security, which in reality was not done. When the players reported the grievances in the union AFE, this had initially offered the befitting legal counsel, but began to cover up and calm down, as the Spanish Football Association desired entry Real Madrid was foreseeable.

Some gamblers have even been threatened that they would not play a role in the royal future of the club should they keep their complaints alive. It is doubtful, so "El Confidencial" that Pérez would have opted for Tacón, he would have been aware of these events.

Tacón has not commented on these allegations until now, just as the authorities disappeared from the moment when the public became more and more curios about the acquisition agreement with Real. A player is said to have received at least a large part of her salary; Whether the alleged debt in the remaining players are now settled, is not known. There were no press conferences, the website was under construction, all commitments were announced only briefly via the social networks.

The "Galácticas" themselves were there more communicative, on their personal pages they celebrated themselves as players of Real Madrid, which they are not yet. "It's a great honor to be part of the biggest club in the world," Jakobsson wrote in a photograph of himself in a white camisole. Asllani also posed in flower white and wrote: "A dream to wear the most beautiful jersey in the world". She did not mean that of Tacón.

But the club is supposed to be history soon anyway - at least that's not how Pérez and his general assembly think differently. For the future, what the president said a few years ago about women's football was: "Real Madrid can not have a team that does not win, and if we do it, it has to be done well."

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