News : Record 'polygon' of 5k en route for the Ingebrigtsen brothers

News :

Record 'polygon' of 5k en route for the Ingebrigtsen brothers

Perhaps it is because right now we have the bar so low that we would have been satisfied with anything, but it was a joy to see the challenge of Jakob and Henrik Ingebrigtsen through the streets of Stavanger, in Norway. In an area of ​​polygons and with a rather sketchy performance, but the truth is that we were so eager that 13 ′ have been very enjoyable. And most importantly, both of them have achieved what they set out to do, the Norwegian National Record of 5 kilometers en route. Jakob, the youngest, entered at 13:29, while Henrik did so three seconds later (13:32). The Norwegian record had until now Sondre Moen (13:37), currently training in Kenya with the legendary coach Renato Canova.

Formula 1 Grill

For security reasons and respecting all the prevailing restrictions in the Scandinavian country in relation to the COVID-19 crisis, the distribution of the athletes has been similar to that normally experienced in a formula 1 grill. Groups of six properly placed athletes (a rotation system that could remind us of Kipchoge's INEOS1: 59 Challenge, but obviously without constant entry and exit). For both riders it was a ‘novelty’, since neither have ever participated in an official five-kilometer road race.

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