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Reduce the waist and flatten the abdomen, is it possible?

We are not going to remind you that Christmas is approaching and it's time not to neglect regular physical activity, because it doesn't matter when you read this: it's always a good time to get there. Attention is usually paid to the abdomen on exercise tables and guided group activities, and the truth is that it is not just about looking flat and muscular: Having it toned improves health.

The muscles of the abdomen, remember, intervene in the support of the spine and internal organs, then exercising it promotes the acquisition of a correct posture while sitting and prevents backaches. And not only that, it also lowers swelling and prevents constipation.

How to flatten the abdomen

The truth is that the aesthetic part has its weight when undertaking a change in attitude, since it is the most obvious. A particularly bulky and flaccid abdomen is usually the signal that puts on alert: something to do.

That's right, but it's not just about focusing attention on a specific area, but about a much bigger, healthier goal that has positive effects in the short, medium and long term: Acquire a healthy lifestyle.

Remember the two pillars, that of food and physical exercise, and follow the advice we offer. Combine specific training to burn belly fat and eat well, is what you need to define and wear a waist. To do this, today we have the advice of Estudio LIFE, one of the best training centers. Let's go there!

Food tips

There are foods that may be behind that swelling of stomach that you are suffering: carbonated drinks, gum and candy, refined carbohydrates, hydrogenated fatty acids, refined flours and sugars and excess salt. These are the key foods to flatten abdomen and lead a healthy life:

  • Vegetables. Most diets advocate the reduction of carbohydrates, but this should not extend to legumes, so present and essential in the Mediterranean diet. They have protein and fiber, They help burn fat and repair muscle, promote digestion and satiate. In addition, contrary to the belief that they give gas, they help intestinal transit, especially if they are boiled with laurel or cumin is added.
  • Vegetables with bright colors. Although any vegetable is recommended, if it is not contraindicated for some reason, those that have bright colors are a source of vitamins A, C, folic acid, beta-carotenes, antioxidants and minerals such as potassium.

We talk about Orange, yellow, red, green and purple fruits and vegetables, such as pineapple, orange, lemon, tomato, red pepper, avocado, lettuce, broccoli, Lombard or beet, among others. Special mention deserve pineapple, papaya and citrus at the time of flattening the abdomen.

  • Fermented foods. Have live bacteria that affect the good balance of the internal flora, contribute to good digestion and help deflate the belly. The best known are yogurt, sauerkraut or pickles like pickles. If you opt for the dairy derivative, it should be skimmed and, if necessary, lactose free. An intolerance can also be behind the swelling.
  • Eggs. They are a source of quality animal proteins, and are very present in the diet of any athlete for their contribution to tissue repair and muscle mass gain.
  • Cereals. For breakfast or snacks, some oatmeal, whole grains and derivatives they satisfy without filling (depending on the amount), they are a fiber contribution that helps the good intestinal flow and avoid resorting to less recommended foods.
  • Nuts with skin. Especially stand out almonds and nuts, which like the rest of nuts have healthy vegetable fats, proteins and satiating effects. In addition, they are a strong source of energy so you can train Without planning the long shadow of hunger.
  • Extra virgin olive oil. EVOO, an acronym in which we usually see it, has widely contrasted properties. It happens like this with good fats, which are also in the fruit from which it is extracted, the olive, or in the avocado.
  • Spices. In addition to flavoring the dishes and making them more succulent, inviting us to eat healthy foods, They have many properties, such as digestive. Spicy foods, as Ramírez explains, have vasodilator effects, which causes an increase in the temperature that burns calories.
  • Water. Take it with fruits, such as citrus fruits, or in infusions. Distribute enough liquid throughout the day to help you remove excess and deflate. If you opt for tea or coffee, you will also benefit from theine and caffeine, which helps to burn fat and has anti-inflammatory properties.

It is advisable eat every three hours and balance food well, to benefit from all its nutrients. If you make five or seven meals a day should not be very copious, but light.

Best exercises to flatten the abdomen

From the above the importance of eating well emerges, because good nutrition will give you the energy you need to perform a good workout that burns fat and defines.

Regarding exercises, the Core Exercises report of the Harvard University School of Medicine revealed that The best thing to wear a flat and toned abdomen are isometric exercises, which are commonly known as irons. With them the muscles of the abdomen and back, even the buttocks, work more harmoniously, and that is more practical for day to day.

If you are not very familiar with this exercise, we remind you that it is done by placing you face down, then lift the body and hold it with the palms of your hands or forearms, as well as with the toes. The body should be well aligned, and the arms straight or at an angle of 90º, depending on whether you make high or low plates (on the palms or on the forearm).

Exercises aimed at strengthening the abdominal girdle

Harvard University itself recommends these other exercises:

  • Reverse crunch. You should lie with your back against the ground, your hands on both sides and your knees bent at your abdomen at a 90º angle, so that your feet are in the air and your ankles are on each other. Squeeze your abdominal muscles and raise your hips towards the rib cage. Hold on for a couple of seconds, slowly lower your hips to the starting position and repeat the exercise 12 to 16 times. At first, you can use your hands to gain momentum and stabilize, but as you gain strength you must depend less on them.
  • Alternate hand and foot lift. Lie on your stomach, with your arms above your head. Tighten the muscles of the abdomen and Raise your right arm and your left leg, keeping such position for about five seconds.. Lower and rest a moment, to do the same with your left arm and your right leg. Repeat the exercise about 12 times on each side, avoiding arching your back. As you take shape, you can try to raise leg and arm on the same side.
  • Bike. It's a classic and, according to Harvard, also very effective. Lie with your back against the ground and place your fingers at the neck, but without pressing. Squeeze the abs, stretch one leg in the air and flex the other to form an angle of 45º above the ground. At the same time, you must raise the opposite shoulder and bring the elbow to the opposite knee. Go slowly changing sides, to make a total of about 12 to 16 repetitions, then rest and repeat.

Do not forget to correctly synchronize the breath while you execute them. Yoga and Pilates are very complete guided activities, in which the plates and other postures appropriate for abdominal muscles are practiced, among others. From the initiation to the expert level, the strengthening will be progressive and evident.

Can you flatten your abdomen in three days?

If your swelling has to do with the intake of too many products that are not recommended, such as the ones we discussed above, to anything you change habits you will notice the results. It may be a matter of a few days, yes, but you will notice the most significant effects in the long term if you manage to maintain good manners.

Logically, it also depends on the abdominal fat you have. If it is a lot, you will need more time to remove the excess, but do not get overwhelmed: the key is to be patient and move forward even if it is very little by little, but without taking steps back.

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