News : Refeed day in definition; the magic of a good carbohydrate "chute"

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Refeed day in definition; the magic of a good carbohydrate "chute"

refeed day

If you've made it this far, chances are you've heard voices from refeed day. A concept related to the world of fitness and sports nutrition that some begin to use very effectively during periods of muscle definition. Restrictive carbohydrate diets, "low carb diets", appear to be in serious doubt regarding fat loss and real ability to lose weight in the long term.

What is a refeed day?

A refeed is a period of time in which the diet is modified and there is an increase in caloric intake. This increase comes mainly through the carbohydrates.

Although we normally associate the word refeed with a single day, a refeed can be extended for a somewhat longer period of time.

Refeed is usually used in periods of definition with the intention of recharge muscle glycogen and to stabilize the body's leptin levels. In addition, the refeed day has important psychological benefits associated with it, as it helps us to break the routine and reward the effort we are making daily to continue to the letter a hypocaloric diet quite restrictive.

Contrary to what it may seem, this carbohydrate intake does not produce a rebound effect beyond the calorie surplus temporary that it can generate. To understand each other, a refeed helps us refill the fuel tank to face the next few weeks of training and diet with guarantees. In fact, refeed and carbohydrate intake can lead to an acceleration of metabolism and promote localized fat burning through the effect of thermogenesis.

When to do a refeed?

It is difficult to indicate an exact moment in which to make a refeed. In sports and nutritional planning, this period is not usually included initially and it is customary to place it on the go and according to the needs of each specific person.

In addition, the amount of refeeds and their duration will also depend on the individual's body fat percentage and the intensity of physical exercise.

In general, the higher the intensity of the exercise and the lower the percentage of body fat, the more refeeds the athlete will need.

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Unlike cheat meal, a refeed focuses primarily on carbohydrate intake

A coach and a nutritionist can help you in planning a refeed, but it is up to you to determine the right time.

For this it will be essential that you learn to listen to your body and that you transmit all your sensations to the physical trainer. If you feel that it costs you to recover, you lose strength or you find it difficult to continue with the training routine Maybe you have found the time to refeed.

Difficulties in resting correctly at night, excessive fatigue, muscle aches or a significant decrease in your daily NEAT can be another symptom to consider when scheduling a refeed. In short, a refeed what it tries to avoid is that your body reaches the state of a metabolic grave. A concept related to the world of fitness but that also affects cyclists, runners and triathletes.

Refeed day vs Cheat Meal

It is likely that after understanding the concept of refeed the term "cheat meal" came to mind. Is a refeed the same as a cheat meal?

Although both concepts are somewhat similar and are used to "skip" the diet are not exactly the same.

A cheat meal refers to the free diet and is born with the intention of giving total and absolute freedom to those who have the pleasure of enjoying it. A cheat meal is the closest thing to “open bar” both in quantity and content. The cheat meal is commonly used to curb the craving and enjoy without regrets everyone's favorite food. In a cheat meal it is worth everything and you can eat from hamburgers to ice cream or chips.

On the other hand, we find the refeed day. A jump in the diet that appears with the intention of seek a psychological benefit, but also a physiological one.

In the refeed day what is intended is to increase the intake of carbohydrates so that fats and proteins should be, as far as possible, on the sidelines.

In a refeed you do not have permission to eat everything. Although a good dish of macaroni or rice tastes of glory, you should not, a priori, accompany it with a dessert full of cream and saturated fat. The refeed day should be used to fill the tank through the main fuel source. The carbohydrates.

In short, these are two concepts with a similar approach but which are born with totally different objectives.

Have you already scheduled your refeed day?

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